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Free Fridays-
This week’s FREE FRIDAY planning
assistance is geared towards resources and where you can find some great stuff
for those project blocks I just told you to start last week. I realize this
post is actually coming to you on a Saturday… I got held up tracking down a
Items of Interest in this Post:
Accordion Lanterns
Lantern Lights
Accordion Lanterns are those ones that
open up like a fan and have ridges as opposed to the traditional Chinese paper
lanterns that pop open and are held taught with a bracket. They were
surprisingly harder to find than I thought! I first when through Tradesy
(formally which is one of my favorite resources, being a
reusable source and all, and they didn’t have much posted. I don’t know if it
is because these lanterns are a new trend so nobody really has them yet to resell
them, or people just don’t want to get rid of them?
A standard internet search didn’t
produce much result either when looking for “Accordion Lanterns.” Only one main
source was discovered: Luna Bazaar. I
found this to be fortunate because I have actually used them in the past to
find ice blue paper lanterns for a party we did in 2009 as well as the lantern
lighting. (This is why I decided to add the lighting into the post)
Luna Bazaar has a great assortment of
colors in the accordion lanterns with a price that is reasonable, $4.50 for a
12” lantern. They only have the one size option. If you buy more than 23 of the
same color you get each for $3.95. However, as you all know we’re on a tight
budget these days, so I wanted to did a little deeper to find something,
anything really that might be cheaper…
Enter Oriental Trading Company… Here
they call them “Balloon Lanterns” but they have a small collection. If you are
looking for multi colors, gold or silver you are set though!
Their Multi
Colored Assortment
comes with 2 each of 6 colors (Dozen) for $15. This is a
10” lantern for $1.25 each.
Shindigz is another source that I have
used for themed parties, including a western themed booster club auction, so I
looked there too. They actually carry Martha Stewarts collection, but only in 3
colors, blue, green, purple. They then have a smaller set of a bright blue and
a bronze gold. Their sets are of 6 lanterns in a color spectrum theme that are
different sizes for $14.99.  You will receive three 11.5 inch
diameter lanterns and three 8 inch diameter lanterns. This breaks down to about $2.50 per
lantern but with different sizes and more color options.
That leaves us with these results:
Luna Bazaar– $4.50 each Best Selection of
Colors, Highest Price, 12”
Shindigz– $14.99 for 6, in only 3 colors, 11.5”
& 8”
Oriental Trading– $15 for 12. Best price per
but fewest color selection, only multi set of 12. (Amazon
actually has these for cheaper too)
actually has a listing for each of these available which you can then compare
side by side
*I did check other sources which didn’t prove to
offer a better source than any of the mentioned above. They either produced the
same prices or more expensive. I looked at:, Craigslist, Ebay,
and Google search for Accordion Lanterns and Balloon Lanterns, Yahoo, Biz,
Price Machine, Shop411 and Bing.
I hope this is helpful to you and you can
locate the accordion lanterns of your dreams! It does make me wonder where the
lanterns in these wedding pictures came from and what they are doing now! If
only brides knew of resell sites like Tradesy so that the next bride could
utilize them and the previous bride could recoup some wedding expenses. It’s a
great thing to recycle your wedding! Still keep an eye out on Tradesy,
they might pop up!
Lantern Lighting- So many people come into our
shop and ask, “how do you get the light in them?” so we think this merits a
blog post…
Luna Bazaar is a resource that I used
previously exactly for this. They have an LED
battery light
that you suspend in the lantern and click on. It lasts about
24 hours so if you are setting up the night before you can click them all on
before you hang them, just beware that some may burn out before your wedding
reception does.
Back in the day (2009) when I ordered mine they
only had the one color option, LED White. Now they have more colors of light,
so you could put a pink light in a white lantern. They even have them now with
more bulbs to light up bigger lanterns. Shop their listings
Like before, they are the highest price option though. However you can
trust that the quality is high too.
Shindigz also provides a pretty hefty
LED light
source that is battery operated for lanterns. It is $4.99 and
hangs on the actual metal bracket that pops open the lantern, so you can’t
adjust the suspension inside.
Oriental Trading did not have any lights pop up
on their website. 
(another of my favorite resources) also had an LED light source similar to the
Shindigz one, but for only $4.50. SOC even has a remote
control system
which looks cool if you are a venue owner and want to run
your venue lanterns!
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