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Congratulations! You just got engaged! Already feeling overwhelmed? Started your wedding planning and it seems like there is just so much to do that you don’t know where to start? We understand. And we have a solution. The Wedding Planning Jumpstart Package. Green-Eyed Girl has several options to get you going in the right direction.

 Green-Eyed Girl offers a Wedding Planning Jumpstart Package

with absolutely no strings attached!

The Package includes:

  1. Our Wedding Planning Guide & Monthly Checklist
  2. All 6 Graphic Organizer Worksheets including our 4 Clipboard Worksheets
  3. Our Project Block Workbook with 15 Project Worksheets!
  4. A trendy white Accordion Pocket Organizer and instructions on how to use each pocket to stay organized, complete with planning assignments
  5. But most importantly the Jumpstart Package includes our “7-Day Get Going” kick start guide that has a whole week of “this is exactly what you need to do right now” assignments that will get you back on track and breathing easier.

The Wedding Planning Jumpstart Package is only $25 get it today on Etsy HERE and if you decide to upgrade with GEG into a Coordination Package then the $25 goes towards your planning budget! You can also return your package organizer after your wedding to receive a Recycle Credit after your wedding. {Local couples only} Our GEG Recycle Credits can be used towards any future planning with GEG. …Think baby shower, or little sis’s big day!

It gets better…We’re now offering an entirely DIGITAL version of our Jumpstart Package! You’ll receive every worksheet and document as a PDF Digital Download {full of hyperlinks to helpful blog posts}. You’ll organize everything in your own binder or system of your choice!



Our 7 Day Get-Going Guide contains 7 Flyers you actually HANG up in your house and work off of on that day! You can symbolically toss them as you progress! How FUN!



Project Blocks are our cornerstone in the Organizing System that makes GEG so great for so many clients! We break down every details for 15 Projects and include a space for your to attach a 4″x6″ image that exactly communicates your set up vision. You can hand over your 15 page wedding “cookbook” to your set up crew know everything will be set up exactly as you have instructed!


Next we’ve included our Wedding Planning Guide and Monthly Checklist. Mark items off your to-do list as you need in chronological order for your planning needs! The DIGITAL Checklist is available for FREE if you SUBSCRIBE to the BLOG! Or you can get it on Etsy HERE. Use the digital document to link through to our blog post about each Project Block!
You’ll also receive the ENTIRE 6 Page Jumpstart Worksheet Suite! This includes all 4 Clipboard Worksheets and our Ceremony Structure Worksheet and Reception Basic Order Worksheet used to build your Big Day Time Line.

You may also want to purchase our Jumpstart Disk and our Vendor Interview book! There are no strings attached. This package is designed for you to use independently and not as part of hiring us. Though we sure hope that you do! If you just want the Jumpstart, great and we wish you the best of luck and a beautiful wedding day!


Find separate, helpful, PDF Downloads &
on Etsy too!
You may consider….
GEG’s Vendor Interview Book $15– Know the right questions (or ALL the questions) to ask your potential wedding vendors before you hire them, including a wedding coordinator! Read more about hiring those wedding professionals HERE


Happy Wedding Planning!
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