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The only Step by Step Wedding Planning System you need. Wedding Planning ECourse & Workbook. How to plan a weddingProject Blocks are GEG’s way of organizing your wedding visions into tangible goals with step by step progress achievements, delegation, Pinterest visions and set up instructions.

GEG Clients

As a GEG couple, you’ll be walked through the process, and your Workbook, through our Wedding Wednesday emails which begin 9 months prior to the wedding season your wedding date falls. Here is the full list of Project Blocks that we coach, though remember many have different parts such as 4A, 4B, etc. Below you’ll find the Project, the Pinterest Board and any articles we’ve written to help you with homework.

Nation Wide Clients

Did you know you can work in The Project Block System from anywhere in the world? It’s true! You don’t even have to be a GEG Bride! We offer our Project Block Workbook, complete with helpful hyperlinks as a digital download.

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The Complete List of Project Blocks

How to Coordinate your Bridal Dressing Room. How to plan your wedding morningProject 0: Bridal Dressing Room
Pinterest Board: Project Block 0
How to Coordinate your Wedding Guest Entry and Wedding Parking. Wedding Parking Strategies. How to Organize Wedding Parking. Parking Lots. Wedding PlanningProject 1: Guest Entry
Project Block Post: Guest Entry & Parking
Pinterest Board: Project Block 1
How to Coordinate your Wedding Welcome Table, Wedding Welcome Table Ideas, What goes on a Welcome Table. Wedding Planning How To Planning a WeddingProject 2: Welcome Table
Project Block 2 Assignment: Welcome Tables
Ceremony Tossers: Unique Ideas
Pinterest Board: Project Block 2
How to Coordinate Gift Tables. Wedding Planning Guide. How to Register for your Wedding. Wedding Planning How ToProject 3: Gift Table
Project Block 3 Assignment: Gift Table & Registry
Pinterest Board: Project 3
How to Coordinate your Wedding Ceremony Aisle and Structure. Wedding Planning how to How to plan your weddingProject 4: Ceremony
4C: Ceremony Script Writing
Ceremony Seating: Within the Ribbon Crowd
Project 5: Favors
Pinterest Board: Project 5
Project 6: Couple’s Retreat
Project 7: Cocktail Hour/Photobooth
Pinterest Board: Project 7
Project 8: Cocktail Hour Food
Pinterest Board: Project 8
Project 9: Cocktail Hour Signature Drink
Pinterest Board: Project 9
Project 10: Reception Seating
Pinterest Board: Project 10
Project 11: Interactive Guestbooks
Pinterest Board: Project 11
Project 12: Dinner Display/Caterer Needs
Pinterest Board: Project 12
Project 13: Cake & Dessert
Inspirations: Candy Buffets
Pinterest Board: Project 13
Project 14: Dance Floor & Music
Pinterest Board: Project 14
Project 15: Head Table
Pinterest Board: Project 15
Pinterest Board: Project 16
Project 17: Homage Displays
Pinterest Board: Project 17
Project 18: Kids’ Area
Pinterest Board: Project 18
Project 19: Staging Atmosphere- Signage
Pinterest Board: Project 19
Project 20: Staging Atmosphere- Lighting
Pinterest Board: Project 20
Project 21: Table Settings
Pinterest Board: Project 21
Project 22: Centerpieces
Pinterest Board: Project 22
Project 23: Decorative Extras
Pinterest Board: Project 23
Project 24: Grand Send Off
Project 25: Guest Exiting Systems
Pinterest Board: Project 25
Project 26: Bathrooms
Project 27: Wedding Night Suite
Project 28: Photographer Roster & Must Shoot List
Project 29: DJ &Wedding Music Play Lists
Project 30: Wedding Planning Headquarters
Project 31: Big Day Time Lines & Transitions
Project 32: Set Up Structures
Project 33: Transportation Schedules
Project 34: Rehearsal & Agendas
Project 35: Wedding Work Party
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