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How to Coordinate your Bridal Dressing Room. How to plan your wedding morningThe best place to start coordinating your wedding is at the very beginning of your Wedding Day. The Morning! You will wake up on your wedding morning and need to go somewhere first. This magical place where you will get ready and begin taking your first pictures {that will last a lifetime} is what we call your Bridal Dressing Room. Just like any other project, the Bridal Dressing Room requires ingredients, lists and proper directions to be completed successfully.

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How to Coordinate your Dressing Room

There are three main topics you want to address for coordinating the Bridal Dressing Room:

  1. Essentials– What you girls will need to be successful
  2. Necessities– What you need for your Bridal Look
  3. Memories– Prepare for the pictures you won’t want to miss and will treasure forever with your girls!

The Essentials…

All of your bridesmaids will be getting ready the morning of your wedding, so, to prepare for that you must have a few essential things handy to make that process efficient.
I suggest going to your venue’s ready room beforehand and scouting out what they provide. Here is a list of a few things you may want and/or need:
  1. Full-Length Mirror
  2. Hair Irons (flat/curl)
  3. Music system (complete with a pre-made playlist of the bride’s favorite jams)
  4. Fabric Steamer for dresses (lint rollers too!)
  5. Bottled water
  6. FOOD- enlist one of your close friends, or even an usher, groomsmen, cousin to “surprise” the bridal party with breakfast that day. Stick to a fruit tray and maybe some light weight cheese/deli options. Nothing that can spill/stain/stick in your teeth
  7. Extras: Bobby Pins, Tampons, Headache medicine, Band-Aids, floss, etc
How to Prepare for your Wedding Morning with Project Block Zero, Bridal Dressing Rooms from Green-Eyed Girl Producitons
Look at all this STUFF behind me!


The Green-Eyed Girl Emergency Bridal Kit

Here is where GEG can come in…. We bring with us our Emergency Bridal Kit, which is a monster of a tackle box that includes over $350 worth of inventory from office supplies to bobby pins.

This Kit comes with our Bliss Package Add-on or can be rented for $150 by any of our other coordinating brides.

The rental works as such so that we refund you once it is returned. Of that $150, we’ll keep $25 for the rental fee and then anything else is refunded to you if not used. We have itemized out every single cost per toothpick and how much it is valued in the kit. Once you return it we will do a thorough count and inventory. If you use nothing you will receive your full available refund of $125 back. If you use 5 bobby pins a thumbtack and a thank you card we’ll refund you $124.99 😉 (we’ll round to the closest $1 in your favor of course!)

Build your own kit! Download our Inventory List! Delegate your kit completion to bridesmaids or better yet, MOMS! They will love to put this kit together for you!

The Necessities…

After all is bought and paid for, you actually have a lot of STUFF that you are wearing on the big day! It is all very valuable and precious, too precious to be left overnight at a venue, regardless of their security. You just cannot risk loosing it. So, you need to haul it all with you the morning of. Make a list, get a pretty bag (spoil yourself for this if you must) and PACK IT the MONDAY before your wedding so you have time to remember things you forgot:

Your Project Zero Bag

You should keep everything important in one place. That place should be a “bag” that you absolutely will not forget, so I advise you make it your Wedding Dress Bag… This should be in a big garment bag from the salon where you bought it. I suggest putting everything that will go on your body AFTER the dress is on, in this bag so it is all together. From now on I will refer to this bag as your Project Zero Bag in future posts. Inside this bag put all of your:
  1. Bridal Jewelry
  2. Garter
  3. Perfume
  4. Shoe box at the bottom of the bag
  5. Veil/Headpiece around the dress hanger inside the garment bag
  6. Bridesmaid Photo List (See below)

    How to Prepare for your Wedding Morning with Project Block Zero, Bridal Dressing Rooms from Green-Eyed Girl Producitons

Other things you’ll want to bring with you that morning:

  1. The makeup your artist told you to go buy, right down to the false eyelashes (a photography must)
  2. Thank you cards- to write to those last minute people who bring you unexpected surprises that morning
  3. Any adorable things that were gifted to you over the wedding planning process that should be in pictures like “Bride” robes, sashes or this amazing white zip up my sister bought me!

    How to Prepare for your Wedding Morning with Project Block Zero, Bridal Dressing Rooms from Green-Eyed Girl Producitons

  4. Picture of your groom- this will sound silly… I did this for two reasons: I was so anxious to see him I needed him there, and I felt nervous about seeing him, so with his picture there it was like he’d already seen me! Totally calmed my nerves all morning knowing he was right there. Totally silly, I know. Its a big day and whatever works!
  5. All of your personal care stuff: toothbrush, deodorant, etc. Even if you think you’re going to do all that before you leave the house to get your hair done, a lot of STUFF happens before you walk down that aisle so you may want to freshen up one more time.
  6. HOT SUMMER WEDDINGS- Baby powder to put between your legs under that green-house of a dress! Trust me… And an extra pair of shoes (store in a freezer if you can) to trade out into after the ceremony… again, trust me, you’ll want cold feet AFTER that ceremony! Or, if you are getting married at one of those beautiful outdoor rustic barn venues, you’ll want a pair of more casual shoes to walk around your reception in because A) nobody will see them, B) rustic barns and fields come with rustic floors and those fancy (probably expensive) high heels will get trashed out there. Save them and your feet by switching out.
Did I forget anything? Leave a comment below if you think of something else!How to Prepare for your Wedding Morning with Project Block Zero, Bridal Dressing Rooms from Green-Eyed Girl Producitons

The Memories…

This is my favorite part of the post… I want you to think about your wedding morning and all of the amazing people who will be there with you. Got your mental list? I bet you’re forgetting someone. Now think about all the moments you are going to experience in those fleeting few hours. Who do you want there and what should be captured? You cannot risk loosing those moments… Your assignment is two part. First a list and then a Pinterest Mission.

Building your Worksheet

{Still need Worksheets? Get them HERE}


Select the one main image style you would like for your Bridal Dressing Room memories. This may be a shot of all your bridesmaids, you getting into your dress, or even Mom seeing you for the first time. There will be a few {dozen perhaps} pictures you’ll really want. You may need to print some on the backside of this worksheet too 😉


Here is where you should list all ingredients needed to obtain the Inspiration Image(s). Check off the X boxes when you have everything you need and it is packed up into the Project. You will also want to list here any prop type items you’ll want for the pictures.

Itemize out every item that needs to go into your Project Zero Bag and X it off when it is inside the bag, packed.

Prior to Wedding:

List tasks that need to be complete before the wedding day to ensure success including:

  1. Buy your Dress, Final fittings, etc
  2. Ask relatives and special friends for Something borrowed, blue, etc
  3. Obtain Marriage License {This is Project Block 16, which we’ll discuss later}
  4. Pack your Marriage License in your Project Zero Bag

Prepare for the Memories…

  1.  Write down a list of names for everyone who is allowed entry into your room. Maybe you want someone there, and not someone else? The key though is to acknowledge on paper that you want them there so that you remember to tell them to be there. People won’t assume you want them there (or others whom you don’t want will assume they get to be there…just the way it works!)
    1. For example, It might be really important to you to have your mom see you when you first walk out and do a reveal in your wedding dress. She will need to know she is expected to be there and when. For all she knows she doesn’t have to be there until Noon for family pictures. Communication! Think about who needs to be told and then work out the photography schedule so that everyone is in the right place.

Bridesmaid Photo List

Go on Pinterest and start pinning pictures you love of the wedding party getting ready or girls only. Here is the GEG Project 0 Board if you need some inspiration. There are some really inspiring ones and hilarious ones too!Here is the Assignment for the List:

  1. Save your Top 9 Pins as Pictures in a folder on your desktop
  2. Go to print them by selecting the “wallet” size setting which will print all 9 on one sheet.
  3. Pack that in your Project Zero Bag

You’ll have it with you that morning for quick reference! No matter how great your memory is, that morning you won’t remember the poses you pinned.

Communicate with your Photographer

For courtesy and efficiency sake, make sure you inform your photographer that you have a Bridesmaid Photo List you want to try. Be clear that you aren’t imposing on their creativity, since after all, that is why you hired him/her, and that we are never asking them to copy some else’s work. They have creative license to use your inspirations. Show them the list prior and let them expand on it. The more information you provide them with for your wedding photography vision the better! Efficient Teamwork is key!

Bonus RoundKandice-amp-Billy502

Okay, so it is really a three-part assignment…. There are some emotional shots you’re going to want too. Be sure you communicate to those people what you want them to do for the sake of the picture. For example, of everyone in my dressing room I wanted to ensure it was my sister who put on my veil because I borrowed it from her. I also wanted the photographer to be clicking away because I knew we would undoubtedly catch these gems which are some of my all-time favorite wedding pictures! Doesn’t Kelsea’s makeup look stunning? Must be her beautiful face! 😉

Staging Materials:

From your Ingredients list write in the specific {big} items {usually rentals & furniture} used for the styling factor of this Project, the table, linen, rustic doors, etc. This way the person setting it up for you {Person in Charge} will know what it is supposed to look like in the pictures.

Wedding Day Set Up:

This Project Block Worksheet has a special box at the bottom for “Where to Find It” on your wedding day. This box will tell your Person in Charge exactly where it is {within your Project Zero Bag} should you forget to give it to the Officiant prior to the wedding. Will it be in your Binder? Will it be inside a duffel bag, or on top of the nightstand in the hotel room? Choose a place where it will be for easy access.

  • Check off when the Project is Done, Packed and Ready to Go
  • Check off when this Project is loaded into a Big Day vehicle
  • Assign the Person who is setting it up for you {if different than the Person in Charge}
  • Name your Person in Charge. He or she will then take over the Worksheet and check off the remaining Wedding Day Set Up boxes as they are completed.

GEG Team Member Assignment

If you are currently on the GEG Wedding Coordinating Team here is your Assignment this week. If you would like to join our Team, learn all about the Wedding Planning Process with GEG HERE!

Team Members; please respond to your Wedding Wednesday Email with the following:

  1. Take a picture of your printed out list and TEXT it too me for {1 SK point} or post it to the GEG Facebook page saying, “Bridesmaid Photo List is Packed!” for {2 SK points}
  2. Leave a COMMENT BELOW saying what you’re packing that isn’t mentioned above! {1 SK point}

Next Assignment: Project Block 1: How to Coordinate Guest Entry

The Project Block System…

Hi there! I’m Kandice, owner of Green-Eyed Girl Productions and engineer of The Project Block System. Welcome to our Blog! If you’re just popping in on this Project Block you’re in for a nice surprise!

Welcome to Project Block Zero! This is the very beginning of your Project Block System! Are you ready to get started? As we have mentioned many times throughout the blog, we label these wedding ideas and visions, or those Pinterest concepts that all brides desire as “Project Blocks” to help you organize them into a tangible goal. See our full definition HERE.

The Bridal Dressing Room is designated a Project Zero because unlike all of your other projects, which are numbered in order of how guests encounter them, this project is never seen by guests and happens before the wedding.

How it Works

There are actually 35 Project Blocks that will help you plan, coordinate and style your wedding efficiently! Each has a Worksheet and each has a blog post.

Project Blocks are how we break down your wedding into manageable assignments that you can work through and finish one at a time.

We build a tangible Workbook of Wedding Worksheet “recipes” that can easily be communicated on the Big Day.We teach you how to organize at home for easy wedding day transportation and set up. We walk you through packing it all up and communicating clear instructions to your Set Up Crew. You can literally hand over your wedding in the form of a Project Block Workbook.

You can plan, style, and pull together {aka Coordinate} your entire wedding on your own using The Project Block System and Workbook from anywhere in the world!

Begin building your Wedding one Project Block at a time HERE

Happy Planning!

Post Image Credit(s) Kelsea Joann Photography ~ Roman StudiosAnn Nunn Photography ~Green-Eyed Girl Event Team

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