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It is that time of year again when Sheldon Volleyball hosts our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night Fundraiser Match! Both school programs will be working hard for the next few weeks to collect donations, auction items, pledge sponsors and promote the match so that they can wear their pink jerseys with pride on 
October 15th, 2015 

2014 SUCCESS…..

We officially met our goal for 2014 and actually surpassed it! The goal was set at $6,000 to honor our sixth year of fundraising and we pulled in an amazing $6,611.50!!! All in one evening of volleyball! 
We want to give a special thank you to our heavy hitters who donated the big ticket items into our Auction: Eugene Emeralds, Edgewater Home Furnishings, American Mattress and Valley River Inn. We would also like to acknowledge our top contributors on auction night: The Feola, Spellman, O’Leary & Christofferson families. THANK YOU to all! We could not have done it with out you!!!

In the past 6 years, Sheldon Volleyball has now raised $22,770.50 for Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you all who have made that possible!

Pictures from this year’s auction…

  See you at the next fundraiser!




We do this fundraiser as a way to give back to our community but also
to raise awareness in young women as we are a sport of many. The funds that we
have raised in the past 5 years have not only given hope to many fighters and
survivors but have also changed the lives of all those involved. I still
remember our first match 5 years ago when we only made $276 on a raffle for 3
fleece blankets the Varsity tied together. Last season we crushed our goal of $5,500
by raising an astounding $7,363.25 for the cause. This season is our 6th
year and we have set our goal at $6,000. To achieve such goals we will need
your help!
It is important to point out how important the visiting school is to
this fundraiser night. Sheldon Volleyball can’t do it alone and we have only
been so successful because of the contributions and effort made by both teams.
We rely on the visiting parents to donate auction items, BID at the auction and
help us promote the game simply to get more people in the door. And it sounds
How you can contribute:
The main event for our fundraiser is the Auction (of course the
volleyball game too) where you parents, spectators, teachers and even community
members bid on the donated items. We also sell t-shirts, wristbands and
cupcakes, a percentage of the concessions will go to the cause, we collect
direct donations, BOTH Liberos from each school will be sponsored per dig they
achieve during the match so sign up for pledges when you get there!
All moneys are deposited into an account in the school office for
SHELDON VOLLEYBALL BCAN. Then when the account is full, Sheldon Volleyball will
write one BIG check to the American Cancer Society on behalf of BOTH Sheldon and Thurston
Volleyball programs which we then present to a representative. We really want
to emphasize that the moneys are donated on behalf of BOTH volleyball programs
and no moneys are kept by Sheldon Volleyball. Every penny is donated in that
BIG check!
You can of course write your check directly to the American Cancer
Society if you like and dedicate the memo to: Sheldon Volleyball Fundraiser
Match. We will include the check with our donation it will just not be part of
the BIG check total.
How can you help us or
an item for the Auction!
We need as many as we can get big or small,
preferably $10 minimum
Donate a financial contribution to the Sheldon
Volleyball School Account towards the BIG check
Send in a check for the American Cancer Society
that we will deliver with our BIG Check
Sponsor a Theme Basket for $50 that we will put
together for you: Spa, Wine, Movie Night, etc
Sponsor the Awareness Game itself and help us
make it a larger more advertised event by contributing any marketing on your media
Sponsoring any of our evening fundraisers at the
game by purchasing the materials:
We auction off tie fleece blankets that the
teams make, you could sponsor the fabric
We sell wristbands; you could sponsor their
original purchase
We provide pink ribbons to anyone at the door
who would like one, especially survivors
The players toss pink candy to the crowd, send
us a bag
The players get to wear pink T-shirt jerseys
just for that night, sponsor them!
The players would love to come and give a
presentation at your business to promote the event, let them!
We are open to suggestions!
Any and all contributions made on behalf of the Awareness Match,
Sheldon Volleyball or Thurston Volleyball should be sent to:

High School
Cancer Awareness Night
Cathy Nelson
OR 97401
Donations are tax deductable and we will gladly provide you with the
tax ID number once we have received your donation.
We also NEED your help that
On the actual night of the match we will need a lot of volunteers. We
need people to guard the tables during warm-ups, answer questions about the
auction, supervise the tables (for theft) during the games, move the tables
when they close, retrieve won items and clean up when the match is over.

Shifts: We’ll need anywhere from 5-10 people per shift. Some
responsibilities overlap so just let her know when you want to volunteer and
we’ll give you a job. JV parents typically volunteer during the Varsity Match
and Varsity parents volunteer during the JV matches. The Auction happens in the MAIN GYM and our JV2 team plays upstairs so you won’t be able to see that match
if you are working the earlier shifts.

In 2013 BOTH schools gathered outside of the American Cancer Society Office on Coburg road to hand over our giant pink check!
My original letter from when we first started….
 Last Year: Cash’s first Fundraiser at only 10 Weeks old
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