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How to Coordinate Gift Tables. Wedding Planning Guide. How to Register for your Wedding. Wedding Planning How ToThis is an exciting topic! When it comes to Coordinating Gift Tables and even your Gift Registry there are many things to consider. Will you even choose to register for gifts? If not, your guests will still bring you cards and tokens of congratulations. This is unavoidable. Therefore you should take into consideration a few key details for Coordinating.


This actual Project Block isn’t that fancy all by itself. Realistically it will probably just look like a big empty table with a linen on
it awaiting perfectly wrapped packages. There are a few guidelines and thoughts to consider with the physical pieces of the Block but most of the preparation and Assignments actually comes from the gifts themselves and Registering, then
communicating that information to guests appropriately.

How to Coordinate Gift Tables

  1. Display Needs
  2. Discussions & Decisions
  3. Registering for Gifts

Table Display

When guests arrive it is likely that they will be carrying either a gift or a card of some sort. For these Project Block Ingredients, you will need Some sort of surface to set them down on and a box for their cards. Optional: linens to dress up the surface & banners/signs to explain what the empty surface is for!
You can absolutely just rent an additional 8’ table and linen for your surface but I am really liking the trend of using a fun vintage truck bed or even a little trailer to lend a little style. I also highly recommend a gift card box that locks if you are having a wedding at a location that is open to the public. I further recommend having an attendant watching your gifts at all times.


Decide where your table has to “live” on your venue site. If it is a truck or trailer you can’t just put it anywhere. You may also consider moving your Project Block 2 {Welcome Table} closer to PB 3 instead of forcing PB3 to be next to PB2. That is the beauty of planning it all out. You can catch flow and efficiency issues this far ahead.


Ask an attendant to watch the table before the ceremony AND after! You never think wedding crashers will hit YOUR wedding, but the truth is they actually do exist. Especially if you’re getting married at a public place with non-guests wandering around and observing, have someone there to WATCH your gifts. I have heard the horror story too many times of “Hey what are you doing with the couple’s card box?” “Oh I’m taking it out to their car for them!” Said the stranger nobody knew but didn’t question his helpful response…. As he walked off with hundreds of dollars in gift cards and cash! Designate the person who will greet guests, accept gifts and then STAY there during the ceremony to keep an eye on them while everyone is watching YOU.


Groomsmen Job! Traditionally this is a great job for the groomsmen…. After the ceremony they {because they are such strapping young men} carry all of your gifts to a hotel room, vehicle trunk or secure area out of sight and not easily accessible to guests; one of those “behind the curtain” locations. You can then trust they are locked and safe the rest of the night. Ideally, you could make the person who is attending them be responsible for hauling them all to your house the next day or to wherever
you’re going to open them.
Professional Tip!
Instruct your Attendant at the ceremony to take as many pictures as he/she can of the gifts that have arrived. Why? You’ll have documentation of which card was taped to which gift or bag. Sometimes you’ll get gifts and have NO IDEA who they are from because the giver didn’t put a tag on each one. They will put one card on one of their three gifts and leave them sitting there together. In the pictures your attendant takes you’ll notice clusters of same paper or what was stacked on what as well as what might be missing. For that guest who says they never got their thank you card you can ask, “Well what did it look like?” You can look though your pictures and maybe you sent the TY card to the wrong person! I like to have a visual record, and you might too… just a professional, person tidbit to consider.

Registering for Gifts

Hooray! Yes it is officially time to start talking about this part of the wedding planning adventure, though it still may be too early to actually do it for some of you! Registering for gifts is often a piece  that couples really enjoy doing and sometimes even makes it “official” and finally feeling of the whole getting married idea coming to reality, especially if you don’t currently live together. It can be fun, overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Brides may love it and want to change their registry weekly, whereas grooms may dread it and want nothing to do with it at all. Or any combination thereof.
There is actually quite a bit to tell you about the whole Registry process but I’m going to divide it up over a few assignments (here and there) since it is an ongoing process. For the purposes of this Project Block and how it relates, I’m going to stick to the theme of guest involvement and communication which of course falls much earlier into your planning phase.
Here are just a few key points that I want you to remember and focus on. I could write up my very own detailed post about all the great Registry and ‘gift’ etiquette for weddings but instead of reinventing the wheel I’m going to send you to my trusted role-models and resources to back up these statements:
  • Gift Registry information never goes inside your formal invitation- it is only communicated by word of mouth, your wedding website or inside your bridal shower invitation.
  • A guest’s gift does not have to be proportioned to their meal price or your venue’s formality but instead aligned with their relationship to you.
  • Guests are in fact not required to bring a gift at all! You should still send them a hand written thank you note just for
    attending. You reference your guest book for this!
  • Read about these rules and guidelines and more from Emily Post {Etiquette Expert} and Fox News Magazine.  Bonus Read: The Knot’s Top 10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions.


Good Luck!

 Building your Worksheet

{Still need Worksheets? Get them HERE}


There is no specific image needed for this Project Block. But, you can select an image that best represents any styled pictures you want your photographer to snag. If you are not planning to take any pictures during this project you can leave the image blank.


Here is where you should list all styling furniture, cute card boxes, and even little signs.

Prior to Wedding:

Assignment 1

Talk about what will happen to your gifts from being dropped off by a guest to being opened by you. Who will be watching them? Where will they be safely stored? Who will move them there? If you have a secluded venue where only wedding guests are going to be present you aren’t in the clear… unfortunately I myself have witnessed a ‘plus-one’ trying to make off with a wrapped gift claiming he brought it and was going to take it to their house. We would like to be able to trust everyone but…. Sadly we must take precautions.

Assignment 2

Using  your Wedding Gift Registry Worksheet, {GEG Clients in your Wedding Wednesday Email, Not a GEG Client? Find it HERE for download on Etsy!} read the instructions and take a tour through your belongings. Discuss and decide on 2-3 places where you would like to register. When you do go to these places and talk to them about registering they will give you a bunch of fun stuff to read through too. Some even offer incentive programs and give you FREE stuff for registering for certain things!

You can START/OPEN your registries and should, but you don’t have to add anything to them yet. Get the code/ID/address and then go revisit the store online. Once you have your stores and your registries you’ll be able to organize a game plan. Too often do I see couples standing in a store with their little laser guns and have NO CLUE what they need or where to start. If you’re cramming this in on a Sunday night and you’re not prepared BEFORE you walk through the door… I’ll bet you come home with a plan to go back later when you’re more prepared and you’ll have wasted a trip! Take the time to get it together and prepare.

Here are a few {TaDa!}

Create a wedding registry with!

List tasks that need to be complete before the wedding day to ensure success including:

  1. Registering for Gifts
  2. Putting your links on your Wedding Website
  3. NOT putting Registry Information in your formal Invitations but communicating it word of mouth
  4. Decorating any banners
  5. Scheduling Bridal Showers {Hoooray!}

Staging Materials:

From your Ingredients list write in the specific items used for the styling factor of this Project, the table, etc. This way the person setting it up for you {Person in Charge} will know what it is supposed to look like in the pictures.

Wedding Day Set Up:

  • Check off when the Project is Done, Packed and Ready to Go
  • Check off when this Project is loaded into a Big Day vehicle
  • Assign the Person who is setting it up for you {if different than the Person in Charge}
  • Name your Person in Charge. He or she will then take over the Worksheet and check off the remaining Wedding Day Set Up boxes as they are completed.

GEG Team Member Assignment

If you are currently on the GEG Wedding Coordinating Team here is your Assignment this week. If you would like to join our Team, learn all about the Wedding Planning Process with GEG HERE!

Team Members; please respond to your Wedding Wednesday Email with the following:

  1. Tell me where you’re registering
  2. Tell me your Card Box and Security Plan
  3. Who will be transitioning your Gift Table to a secure location after the ceremony
  4. Who will be taking gifts home for you and in which vehicle

Style Kit Point: Send me the link to your Wedding Website page about your Registry Information

Previous Assignment: Project Block 2: Welcome Tables

Next Assignment: Project Block 4: Ceremony Structures

The Project Block System…

Hi there! I’m Kandice, owner of Green-Eyed Girl Productions and engineer of The Project Block System. Welcome to our Blog! If you’re just popping in on this Project Block you’re in for a nice surprise!

There are actually 35 Project Blocks that will help you plan, coordinate and style your wedding efficiently! Each has a Worksheet and each has a blog post.

Project Blocks are how we break down your wedding into manageable assignments that you can work through and finish one at a time.

We build a tangible Workbook of Wedding Worksheet “recipes” that can easily be communicated on the Big Day.We teach you how to organize at home for easy wedding day transportation and set up. We walk you through packing it all up and communicating clear instructions to your Set Up Crew. You can literally hand over your wedding in the form of a Project Block Workbook.

You can plan, style, and pull together {aka Coordinate} your entire wedding on your own using The Project Block System and Workbook from anywhere in the world!

Begin building your Wedding one Project Block at a time HERE

Happy Planning!

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