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How to Coordinate Ceremony Altars, Wedding Planning Guide. Wedding Planning how To How to write a wedding ceremonyOnce that aisle is built somehow everyone walks up it, down it, through it. Then, your Wedding Party is standing up there; you approach the aisle {with or without an escort} and are finally hand in hand with your spouse to be…at your Ceremony Altar. And, even though you won’t remember walking up the aisle {it will be a blur the next day} we should decide how you actually get there and who goes with you! At your Ceremony Altar, you will be surrounded by your wedding party and family, in a very special order…

How to Coordinate Ceremony Altars

Traditionally the bride stands on the left and the groom on the right which actually stems from the old days of “marriage by capture”, when the groom needed to leave his right hand (his sword holding hand) free in case he should need to defend his bride from others who may try to steal her. [Source]

 Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

When I order couples for the processional, and this is totally my preference, I send the couple that will stand farthest from the bride and groom first. This way when they make it to the altar and part ways they are not passed over by the next approaching couple.
I think, visually, as a guest, it is more aesthetic to watch the wedding party file in closer to the altar. But again, this is just my preference and the order by which you line

up your wedding party {closest to you and farthest} is entirely your prerogative. How they walk down the aisle could truly be alphabetical if you wanted so long as they ended up standing in the correct spot. Some couples prefer to align the wedding party by relation to the bride or groom while others simply base it on height for the picture. There is no hard fast rule. The order in which they walk is called your Processional.

Processionals- Read Everything you need to know HERE 

Ring Bearers & Flower Girls

Children should be based on age or maturity. Can they stand there the entire duration without being disruptive or distracting? I once {as a guest} watched a flower girl drop her

remaining petals into an altar vase with a pillar candle one by one, as snicker every time they erupted into a HUGE flame the entire ceremony! I can’t imagine what all of their ceremony pictures must look like! I would have designated a spot/seat for the flower girl to sit with her parents or guardians instead of at the altar where only the guests can catch their misbehaviors.



Couple’s Transition

Once you are Newlyweds and walk up that aisle, where do you go next? Here is where I like to build in another Project…
Project 6 Couple’s Transition, which we’ll discuss in more depth in a later post. For now, the important thing to focus on is where you go once you’re out of the aisle.


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Happy Planning!

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