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How to Coordinate Interactive Guest Books. Wedding Planning Advice. Wedding Planning how-t o How to plan a wedding. How to use a guestbook. Guestbook Ideas. Unique Guest Book IdeasProject 11, the Interactive Guest Book is very different than the guestbook that belongs at Project 2.  This might clear things up: Project Block 2 is the formal guest book {or traditional one} where guests sign in for attending to which you owe them a thank you card. (That’s why there is a place for their address.) It is meant to be quick, fill in the line signature so that they can quickly move onto the ceremony and not hold things up. Project Block 11 is the fun, creative thing that guests can take their time, be thoughtful and follow any directions. The perfect place for this cool thing that guests will ‘interact with’ is actually at the reception, or during cocktail hour. This is the time when guests are actually looking for something extra and fun to do… plus they won’t be in a rush and screw it up if they’re late!

How to Coordinate Interactive Guest Books

Project Block 11 is fun, and a tad bit superfluous, but our generation has really taken them a long way. However, they shouldn’t actually replace the formal guest book {sorry folks} as there is no place to leave an address. I know, I know, you’re cutting costs by eliminating a guest book. I get it. You can nix the formal one only if you promise to hunt down all the signatures, {or whatever} from P11 and still send your Thank you cards for those who attended and didn’t necessarily leave a card/gift. Their attendance is actually enough to get a thank you card from you. You’re also double covered if you’re going a Favor for Project Block 5!
One of my favorite parts of this Project is that it is an awesome keepsake from your big day. Pictures are going to be wonderful, but this item, to walk by every day and remind you of how much everyone loves you is something special. Our generation has really done some creative things over the years too including:
Wall Art– Something that everyone signs and you hang up in your home to pass by every day
Kelsea Joann Photography
Sculpture– By this, I mean an artifact that everyone signs or writes on which is then
displayed at home. Think wine bottle, beautiful piece of wood or even guitars!
Collectives– I have seen some adorable ways of making tiny pieces assemble into works of art built up by a compilation of guests’ love: Jenga pieces, stones in a large vase, puzzle pieces, etc
Kelsea Joann Photography

Now there are so many awesome ideas out there for what to do here that I just made a Project Block 11 Pinterest Board You can look there for inspirations!

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