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How to Coordinate Wedding Cake. Wedding Planning. How to plan for wedding cake. Wedding Cake Ideas. Unique Wedding Cakes. Wedding Planning AdviceWhat a delightful Project this is! I’m pretty sure the second thing everyone does after getting engaged {dress is first} is go run to test Wedding cake! I know I did. However, this Project doesn’t include any tasting {sad face} but more so the logistics.

Why do we even have cake?

The tradition is ancient and has many symbolisms and histories. Some believed the higher the cake, the higher the social status, some were built of piled sweets and the couple was challenged to lean over the pile and successfully complete a kiss to prove their dedication. It was once called the “Bride’s Pie” and she had to eat it herself. The cake is meant to symbolize and represent the future of the couple and the tradition of it not only stuck but evolved in many different cultures. Most commonly as we know it, the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.[Source] So yes, if you don’t have an actual, traditional wedding cake to cut at your wedding you may hear some grousing from the older generations.

How to Coordinate your Wedding Cake

I have seen many couples do many different things when it comes to cake including pies, cinnamon rolls piled high and of course cupcakes. Cost is an unavoidable factor and should be addressed in your budget.
A cake is usually priced by the serving anywhere from $1.50 to $5.00 per piece.
Cupcakes can range from $0.50 to $2.75 each. The key to coordinating your Wedding Cake or dessert is ordering enough for everyone, that is within your budget and then communicating to each guest how much they get to eat.

Your Budget for Cake

Using your Budget Calculator Excel Spreadsheet, page 2-3 of the Guest List Excel, you should be able to see what your budget allows for spending.

  • On Sheet 3 of your Excel, refer to the section “Option 2: You have a set budget….”
  • Enter your total budget in the GREEN Cell {A20}
  • Your Guest List total should have auto-calculated from Sheet one in cell E20
  • Cell H22 should reveal to you the cost per person for cake, which is your budget. You may be able to order a three-tier cake at $5 each slice, or perhaps you should start exploring cupcakes?
Now maybe you’re already past this step and have your cake nailed down.
Here are the logistics I want you to remember and use to build your Project 13

Final Discussions about Cake

  1. Identify the actual desserts and how many people they feed
    1.  Wedding cake, Cutting Cake, Groom’s cake, cupcakes, desserts, etc
  2. Identify WHO they are coming from. Is auntie dropping off some of her
    famous cake pops? Or are you picking them up on the wedding day from a bakery across town?
  3. Mark an X in the obtained column when you have it nailed down with contract
    and deposit in.
See our Vendors we Love page if you’re still looking to order desserts!


Final Decisions about Cake

Now HERE IS THE BIG ONE: You also need to display your cake and desserts, which is often forgotten. Let’s talk about Dessert Table Displays for a minute…

You probably aren’t going to set the cake on the ground {of course not} so it likely needs a table, or a piece of furniture, then cake plates, a knife, the works. You may want a styled look, and vintage look or a whole ornate display that serves as a focal point for your reception. {See the Pinterest Board to know what I mean}
Depending on what you’re serving, tall cake to tons of cupcakes, you may need crates and towers. Are you also adding in candy throughout, enter the need for jars and scoops.
{Side Note} I actually rent a lot of Project 13 Materials to my local couples. Visit the Blog’s Styling Inventory for Desserts and tell me what you need to add to your Style Kit if we’re coordinating your wedding day: Cake & Dessert Displays {be sure you know the diameter of your bottom cake tier!

Coordinator Experience Warning:

If you are doing cupcakes, you’ll want to keep them put away until AFTER dinner. If they are set up {and near} the food when people go through the buffet line people will grab them then. This happened at my wedding. Then, when we went to cut the cake {which was surrounded by the cupcakes} the tables were empty. Furthermore. If you only buy one cupcake per person {standard} you’ll need to put a sign up that says, “ONE PER PERSON” as not only did our guests take them with dinner, they also took 2-3 each.
I also have very few pictures of the grand 16’ table set up I planned because it was devoured 4 hours earlier than intended. So I am hypersensitive to people approaching dessert tables before the couple cuts their cake… you’re welcome 😉 If one person sneaks off with a cupcake and any guest sees it…. Free for all.. because they saw so-and-so eating one… trust me. This happens a LOT. Make the sign.
*Don’t forget a Cake Knife & Server! Register for a pretty one or it is a GREAT thing to borrow from your grandparents! They LOVE the tradition behind it!

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Post Image Credit(s) ~Green-Eyed Girl Event Team

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