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How to coordinate your wedding Dancefloor. Everything you need to know about Wedding Dance floors. Wedding DancesNow, this might sound like an easy Project… yes, we’ve got a dance floor, done! Not exactly. This Project is going to cover everything on or near the dancefloor including the transition from Dinner to Party.








How to Get a Dancefloor

We all know we need one. A dancefloor is a must for any good reception. The question then becomes, How do you get one? If your venue already has one, you’re off the hook for this part of the Project Block. But, if you’re getting married at a private home, or even a more rustic venue, this Project Block can easily become overwhelming if you leave it to the last minute.

Renting a Dancefloor

This is definitely the way to go if you can, and if you can afford it. Most DJ Companies offer a dance floor rental in addition to their services. But if not, you should be able to rent one from the same place you’re renting your tables and chairs. I do recommend that you, in fact, rent one from a legit company who has a contract and liability insurance because if there is going to be an accident at your wedding, it will be on the dance floor 🙁

Refer to our Oregon Wedding Vendors page for both DJ’s/Bands and Dancefloor rentals

What all you’ll need

Most Dancefloors also require a sub-floor as well as a trim/edge so that there is a gradual angle to the real floor and not a lip to trip over. You’ll want them to deliver it the night before and pick it up the day after.

Additional Ingredients for success, a wet mop. Most rental places will not clean the dancefloor after it is delivered. Or, even if they do, people may walk over it before the wedding. Make sure you have a wet mop handy to run over it right before guests begin arriving.

Your Dancefloor should be 20 x 20 per 100 people

Increase or decrease proportionately from there, or estimate 4 sq ft per person.

Building a Dancefloor

Now, this can get tricky, but it is sometimes necessary. You’ll want to consult a contractor for your own liability. All injuries sustained on a dance floor will trickle back to whoever owns it, so if you build it, you own it. Just another reason to reserve that Wedding Liability Insurance!

The place you decide to build you dancefloor will need to be very level, and you’ll want to confirm with your property owner first because there will most assuredly be some minor digging while under construction.

Instead of me telling you how to build a dancefloor, I’m going to send you in the direction of some of my Pinterest Friends who already wrote great, informative Blog Posts about it!

READ: How to Build a Dancefloor with 6 Sheets of Plywood

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