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Eco-Friendly Wedding Centerpiece Ideas. Green Wedding Ideas.As you well know, at Green-Eyed Girl Productions we put a premium on not only being resourceful for the sake of budget, but also as eco-conscious as possible. Our friends over at Modernize have offered us some suggestions and inspirations for your wedding centerpieces that fir both goals! We are very grateful to have them with us on the blog today!

Eco-friendly Wedding Centerpieces

By: Katie Comer
If you are a bride and groom preparing for your special day, wedding centerpieces can be a fun way to share your creative talents with your guests. If you are planning the perfect green wedding, eco-friendly centerpieces can bring your dream wedding to life. And the best eco-friendly wedding centerpieces can be repurposed—recyclable or biodegradable—after your wedding. Being friendly to the environment—something we at Modernize are
very serious about—can also be cost-effective when planning a wedding on a budget.

Paper Book Flowers



These paper flowers are perfect for a bride and groom who enjoy reading. Take pages out of your favorite books to create a beautiful centerpiece. This is a fun date night leading up to your wedding day. If you don’t have the extra time to spare, then you can always use Etsy.

A Sweet, Edible Arrangement

Everyone loves a snack after dancing the night away! You can use fruits and vegetables to create the perfect garden themed wedding. Use apples in the fall to create an orchard effect, or leafy greens for a rustic garden feel. Guests can enjoy these arrangements as a wedding favor, or you can even compost the remaining leftovers.



One of the most popular eco-friendly centerpieces are succulents. Whether you are using them alone, or adding them to flowers, these beautiful plants bring life to your centerpieces. They’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. There are so many types of succulents that it isn’t hard to find the perfect match to fit your wedding style.

Grow Your Own Garden


Store bought flowers are overpriced and usually contain pesticides and chemicals. To be cost-effective and friendly to the environment, grow your own! Use potted flowers or create a flower garden in your backyard. Make sure to plant your desired flower selection in the appropriate season to ensure your flowers are perfect on your special day.


One of my favorite wedding centerpieces are photos of the bride and groom. Number your tables by having photos of the bride and groom at that age. On table one have baby photos, or for table 16 have photos of the bride and groom getting their driver’s licenses. Guest will enjoy the photos at their tables, and the bride and groom can create an album using these photos after the wedding.

Sand Centerpieces


If a beach or destination wedding is your dream, then a sand and seashell centerpiece is ideal. Collect seashells together while walking on the beach a few days before your wedding. Take sand and add the seashells on top, or collect driftwood for a more rustic touch. After the wedding, put the sand and seashells in a glass bowl to create a centerpiece for a bathroom at home.

A wedding should be a reflection of the bride and groom, and so should your centerpieces.
Have fun together while creating new ideas to bring your dream wedding to fruition, while being friendly to the environment.

For more Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspirations visit our wedding treasury list on Etsy HERE
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