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How to Coordinate your Wedding Centerpieces. Wedding Planning. DIY Wedding Centerpieces. Centerpiece Ideas. How to Make Wedding Centerpieces. Centerpiece Planning.Choosing your wedding centerpieces can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from and so many styles that could easily fit your theme. If you have chosen your centerpieces, you’re ahead of the game. If you haven’t yet, this will be a great place to start!
This Project Block is not so much about designing, styling and choosing a centerpiece so much as it is about the logistics involved. Whatever your “Project 22” looks like, we’ll want it to pass these few procedural tests first!
  1. Visibility
  2. Duality
  3. Assembly
As you think about your centerpieces I want you to consider these three qualities. Consider these your 3-Point Checklist. To complete this Project Block, no matter the style you choose, all should have these three factors decided and planned.


How are your guests seated? Round tables with a centerpiece in the middle or long tables with horizontal centerpieces stretched the length of the table? Either way, you’ll want to consider the visibility of your guests and their eye-line to each other. As they sit, you’ll want them to have conversations and mingle over cake. They cannot succeed here if a bushy centerpiece is blocking their view across the table. Go above or below guests’ line of site. Cautions: Long, banquet tables where guests climb in with a bench seat might not be ideal {bumpy} for tall, top-heavy centerpieces. You’ll also want to consider the level of the floor for anything tall! Outdoor venues with wobbly tables might not be the best idea for a tall centerpiece. Low, wide bottom arrangements work best and are safer outdoors with uneven ground and potential wind hazards.


Can your centerpiece serve any other secondary purpose? In the grand scheme of your tablescape, what else needs to be present? Can you multipurpose an expense somewhere by building it into your design? By planning for multiple purposed, you’re not only saving on spending extra money but also de-cluttering your table! Let’s think, what else “needs” to be on the table that you could build into your centerpiece to multitask and save some money?
  • Pieces of your Aisle Markers {Project 4}
  • Favors {Project 5}
  • Appetizers {Project 8}
  • Table Numbers {Project 10}
  • Mini interactive guest books to sign {Project 11}
  • Homage Display {Project 17}
  • Gifts to give away or wedding keepsakes
  • Get creative!
The more purposes you can serve with the expense of the centerpiece the more money you’ll save in the long run. Doubling a Project together gives you the whole “two birds with one stone” advantage when it comes to your budget!


Your centerpiece may be a BUILD or a PLACEMENT. What that means for assembly is you are either arranging a collection of things together in one place, or you are placing a singular, fully assembled vase {and nothing else} in the middle of the table.
Kelsea Joann Photography
The question to ask is, “What pieces do you need to assemble your whole centerpiece completely?”
If your Florist is actually dropping off vases of flowers that are simply placed in the middle of each table, AWESOME. However, there is usually a few more pieces like a mirror tile, doily, confetti, anything really. Decide on the “Sandwich” of the PLACEMENT and write that order in your Wedding Day Set Up Section of your Project Block Work Book {Confetti | Mirror Tile | Centerpiece}
If your Florist is dropping off PIECES that someone then needs to build in the middle of your table for completion, I want you to write out that “Sandwich” too, but also, take a picture of your impromptu centerpiece at home. Use stand-in props {as close as you can get} to set up your exact idea.
The more complex you build the more important it is to have the picture!
If your centerpiece is a combination of mason jars, candles, wood rounds and flowers your set up crew will want to know that the jars go on top of the books, not next to them. Make sense?


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Post Image Credit(s) Kelsea Joann Photography ~ Ann Nunn Photography ~Green-Eyed Girl Event Team

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