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Your family and friends will do just about anything to make you feel special on your wedding day. Whether it’s traveling across the country or answering late night calls, it’s important to thank them with a special token of gratitude. However, all too often I see personalized wedding favors still remaining at the end of the night. Couples spend far too much of their budget on permanently personalized trinkets that are fun, but not useful if leftover. Unfortunately, and quickly, they become wedding waste.

As you may have noticed in our Project Block 5 post regarding favors, the Green-Eyed Girl way is to promote spending trends that are sustainable, reusable and earth friendly. Why spend money on excessive trinkets that you will have no way to benefit from after the wedding day? Instead, give guests an awesome and unique, usable favor that is personalized with an easily removed, gorgeous tag, that is affordable and recyclable…

I recently checked out an inspirational interactive created by Wedding Paper Divas which showcases unique wedding favors that can be beautifully tagged and personalized, with paper…

From DIY whiskey bottle favors to personalized potted succulents, the interactive covers the most unique wedding favor ideas for you to share with your guests on the big day. Simply browse through each category, including sweet or savory foods, to find personalized trinkets and the perfect keepsakes that your guests will cherish forever. These are some of my favorites:


Personal Touch

Moscow mules are all the rage right now and everyone knows that the copper cups are key when serving these refreshing drinks. That’s why we love the idea of creating personalized Moscow mule cups for all of your guests to bring home and add to their collection!


Signature Spirit

Because no one throws out a perfectly good bottle of whiskey. Create your own concoction for all of your guests to try by adding your own oranges and spicy cinnamon.


Special Treats

Share campfire favorites with all of your guests by preparing your own s’mores treats! You can even hold a late night bonfire outside so your guests can enjoy the perfect nightcap treat.


Secret Recipes

Share your secret chocolate recipe in a personalized box with all of your guests. It will save on costs and they will be calling you for the recipe for weeks to come!



Infuse your own olive oil for a special treat your guests can enjoy with their friends after the big day.



Make your favors meaningful. Instead of sharing a physical gift at the end of the night, donate to your favorite cause on behalf of all of your guests. They’re guaranteed to appreciate your contribution.

Find these ideas and more at Wedding Paper Divas

Special THANK YOU to Co-Author Julissa for supporting this post

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