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Congratulations! You’re engaged! I bet your head is spinning with all the people and plans you hope to include in your special day! It is time to start putting names to paper {or spreadsheet} and building your Wedding Guest List. How big will your wedding be? How expensive? All these answers and more are truly contingent on your Wedding Guest List, the head count and the numbers involved. Did you know that the best way to control your budget is to control your Guest List? It is…

We recommend you make your Guest List in an Excel Spreadsheet. With the ability to sort and calculate there really is no better method. In fact, we prefer it so much, we’re going to give you a FREE one and walk you through building it.

How to Make Your Wedding Guest List Excell Spreadsheet. Free Download

How to Make Your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

Click the link to the shareable file, and use the downward arrow icon to download it.  It should then open as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on your computer. If you are a MAC user… well, find a PC or a comparable version for MAC, but I don’t think our equations will still work.

When you open it you will  see three Sheets. Now, this looks very confusing at first but we’ll walk you through it and you’ll be organized in no time! If you have no experience with Microsoft Excel you will want to have a one on one walk through to understand the keying terms.

Our spreadsheet has a lot of correlating links that already connect the 3 Sheets:

  1. Your Guest list
  2. Estimated/Actual Expenses
  3. Budget Breakdown

Many of the cells are also locked, and un-editable to you for the integrity of the formulas. If for some reason you need to edit a cell, simply send me an email and I’ll help you through it.

Assignment 1A: Getting Started

On Sheet 1, replace everything that we have coded in GREEN with your own personal information. Insert as many rows as you need to allow for all your guests. Once you have replaced the sample information with your own, highlight the cell and turn the text color to black.

How to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and Assignments

Guest Names

Start on Sheet 1. Enter all of your potential guests, everyone you would ever hope to invite if you had an infinite budget, {some will be put on the B-list in case A-listers decline} using this format of the columns:

  • RSVP Tracking # {leave alone for now}
  • Last Name
  • First Name(s)
  • Guest Name in this format, “& John Smith” it will be important for the label mail merge when we do invitations
  • Mailing Address
  • City, State
  • Zip Code
  • How many people are invited per this row
  • How many people have RSVPed per this row
  • Wedding Side: Bride or Groom
  • Relation to the couple: Family, Friends, Work, etc Make them precise
  • Kids- if this party includes any children under 10 years old
    1. All kids must already be included in the Column G count!
  • List- Which List for priority invite this guest is on: A, B, C or D {we’ll cover all of this more later}
  • SENT- is a column dedicated to you checking their invitation off after it’s been mailed
  • Bridal Shower Invites- You can use this same list to mail merge your Bridal Shower invitations

 How to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and AssignmentsHow to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and AssignmentsHow to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and Assignments

Assignment 1B: Cost Calculator

One of the most surprising things you discover is exactly how much each individual guest will cost you on your wedding day… this will really become frustrating when people don’t show after accepting the invite!

There will be some expenses that you will know an exact price per person, such as individual things you buy or chairs rented and pieces of cake. But then there are large expenses that cover the whole wedding and need to be broken down.

How to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and Assignments

Making Estimated Calculations

Jump to Sheet 3 and replace all the GREEN numbers with your own. Fill in Cells B3:B7 in with your information if you know it. The key cell here is D2 which is locked. Cell D2 is the total number of guests who have been “Invited” meaning they may or may not attend. Remember this is an estimate.

How to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and Assignments

Assignment 1C: The Budget

Your new information auto adjusts rows on Sheet 2. Now remember that since nobody has RSVPed your numbers are REALLY low. You can certainly plug in “pretend” numbers to see your expenses if everyone were to RSVP.

How to Make your Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet. Tutorial and Assignments

Sheet 2– As you establish vendors replace the GREEN values with your own. When you have a FINAL, ACTUAL payment replace all the PURPLE cells {please do not delete any formulas in Column B, you won’t get them back!}

  • Don’t change any cells that are filled in RED, as those are auto calculating for you!
  • Your values will continue to change as people RSVP.
  • You should be able to leave Sheet 3 alone for awhile.
  • Keep updating Sheet 1 and Sheets 2 & 3 will catch up.
  • As you make purchases for the wedding record them on Sheet 2 so you are accurately tracking all expenses.
    • Insert or delete rows as needed, and update the equations for the auto calculations.

Do you have the hang of it yet? Now that you’re up and running you can continue to add guests, play with numbers and keep adjusting your RSVPs when they come in. That part is crucial. This is a working spreadsheet and should be referenced often.

Best of luck tracking and organizing! You can still use the first Sheet of the Guest List even if the budget calculations are a bit much. You’ll still be glad you had them on a Spreadsheet!

The Next Assignments…20160914_134209

We do have 3 more Wedding Guest List Assignments to help walk you through it if you wish to elaborate.

  • Bookkeeping on Sheet 2 and other purchases all your fun Project Block Ingredients = Assignment 2
  • Tracking your RSVPs and saving some money = Assignment 3
  • Addressing your Invitations “Properly” by combing through prefixes, guests, children and how to address outer envelopes = Assignment 4

Sound like assignments you might want to follow through with?

Download your next Assignments on Etsy

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