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Hello there Reseller! Thank you for participating in this year’s I’m Engaged Launch Party, Wedding Resale Event. The Resale Event is developed under the same principles as the Green-Eyed Girl trademark, Reusable Wedding Program and a Recycled Wedding. As a bride yourself, you bought many awesome wedding items which you probably still have. Please don’t throw any away! {Seems ridiculous right?! But I’ve seen dumpsters full of tulle in my day! So wasteful.} Instead, help recycle it and pass it along to the next generation of brides. Better yet, get a little money back!

How to TAG your items for the Wedding Resale Event

The Reusable Wedding Program and Store {back when it was open in Creswell} would buy and sell pre-loved, recycled and reusable wedding decorations and linens. We would buy items from brides at an 80% discount from their store receipt and then sell to new brides for no more than 50% the retail value. New brides knew they were getting an awesome deal and loved buying pre-loved supplies because, #GREEN.

The Wedding Resale Event is part of our I’m Engaged Launch Party as sort of the ONE-DAY Reusable Wedding Store open house. We’re eliminating the parking lot exchanges, the Facebook meet-ups who no show and the awkward “I only have $24, sorry” for a $40 agreed upon sale. Plus, we’re going to have a LOT of newly engaged brides shopping at one time! Wouldn’t you like to off load {recycle} all of your wedding in one weekend?

So here’s the deal…

The Resale Event is a consignment sale.

You register for your Vendor Number {only 60 available} and then you get your Resale Tags. We run all items through one register and total your sales based on YOUR specific vendor number. We then take a 15% consignment before writing your payout check.

How to TAG your items for the Wedding Resale Event

Why 15% Consignment?

This consignment fee pays our team for the weekend. {barely} We will receive all of your items Friday night before the sale and display them all pretty in styled sections, organize them into easily shop-able island: Table Runners, Napkins, Burlap, etc so that shoppers have an easy, efficient shopping experience to buy your stuff. No digging or wondering if there is more somewhere because we will be working the sale all day to keep it clean and smooth, better increasing the odds of sales for you.

So let’s talk about TAGS

To get your Tags you must first purchase your VENDOR NUMBER {Do so HERE} you will then receive an instant download contract. This contract, among other things, requires you to sign your understanding that it is a consignment sale, your items will be sold for you and you owe us the 15%. The contract also states rules about the limitations on items you can sell: Not your leftover wine or any animals, etc {?} Also it covers all the other SELLER DETAILS listed HERE


You must MAIL IN a hard copy of your signed contract before you can get your tags. It is that important. When we receive your signed contract {PO Box 805, Stayton, OR 97383} you will get an email with your Vendor Tag PDF file and Inventory List. From there you can print as many tags as you need.

Tagging Etiquette

Your contract is in, you just got your Tags in an email. Print them on a thick card stock please. The public will tear regular paper tags right off in their shopping haste. Not you of course… just the public… you know, those other people…


Affixing Tags

Tags can be connected to your items in many ways. Most often you’ll see tags taped on, but some items get tricky.

  • Hard items- Tape Tags securely
  • Fabric Items- Pin using safety pins
  • Bundled Hard items- Tie String and then pin tag
  • Bundled Small Items- Plastic Baggie and put tag INSIDE


Although is rarely happens, the “public” {not you of course} has been known to try and switch tags on items. We will do our best to ensure that people do not do this by roaming around, but we cannot be liable for detached tags presale. So, make sure your tags STICK. And, place them on the front face of the item so shoppers don’t have to flip or hunt.


The best practice for selling large amounts of the same small thing is to bundle it. Put it all in a baggie and put a lump sum on the tag. Make sure you describe how many are in the bag and if there are any broken. Shoppers will want to inspect bags for damages which they will only be allowed to do at the checkout line. They will not be able to remove items from the bundles and buy them individually.


You can do this with project supplies like ribbon, favor bags, tea light candles and even napkins or table runners and chair covers. You surely don’t want to tag each one when you have hundreds! Also, if a delicate item needs to be protected, like a veil, put it in a baggie.



How should you price your items? The answer is simple… used. The brides shopping are looking for deals and your item probably won’t sell if you’re trying to recoup your whole investment or worse… more than you actually paid… definitely a no-no.

Golden Resale Rule: 50% the Retail Value

Yes, I know it may sting a little but that’s the expectation. You can fudge a little if the item looks brand new and is still in the box. You can also price new, unused items at the price you bought them for, such as linens still in the original packaging and decorations {tulle, ribbon, etc} still in their original packaging and uncut. There is a blank space under the green price square where you can write in the original retail value or any other note.


Please fill out as much detail as you can on your tags, about your item including damages and words like: clean, works, new, etc. We will cross check descriptions to make sure that the tag actually describes your item before it is sold {remember the public might change tags}


Sizes are very important for linens, overlays, table runners, and any fabric pieces {remember you can’t sell clothing/dresses in the Resale Event, all must go through The Shabby Chic Bride} Bonus: Affix your tag in the same place as the linen’s tag!

Vendor #

You Vendor # {assigned to you alone, in the email, after mailing in your contract} is the only way for us to credit you for the sale of your item. Therefore, it MUST BE on every single tag. This may be the most crucial thing about the sale.

Item #

When you drop off all of your items for display {The Friday Before} you must also include your Inventory List. This list is a complete record of all the items you’re bringing to the Resale Event. We will keep this in a file at the check out desk and as your items sell we will mark them as sold. We will also be writing receipts for buyers and removing all of your tags as the items sells. WE’LL REMOVE and keep the tags! You will get them back at the end so you know what sold. The inventory list is needed to “balance” your account. At the end of the sale we will use it to go fetch all of your unsold items off of their displays. They will not all be in one place as we’ll style them pretty throughout the event. Your sold tags and your unsold inventory list should all add up at your payout. So it is important to do it correctly before drop off.

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Okay I’m running into too many words… I think you get it. It is a consignment sale just like many others 😉

Ready to sell your stuff? Get Registered and Buy your Vendor # HERE

Feel free to email me with any questions! Kandice- [email protected]




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