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3 Reasons to keep your wedding receipts. Wedding Receipt organizing. Wedding Budget. Wedding Receipt Organizing. How to Budget a wedding. Cheap Wedding Tips. How to save money on your wedding. shoestring budget wedding. How to make money after your wedding. Wedding Resell. Wedding Budget tips. Weddings are already expensive, but it’s often the little things that add up and knock you for a loop. You’ll buy multiple little items, craft supplies and even bottled water for the rehearsal that I guarantee you did not budget for. This chunk of supplies alone, your Project Block Ingredients can easily mount to thousands of dollars if you don’t keep a handle on it. The best and easiest way to do that is by keeping your all your little receipts.

3 Reasons to keep your Wedding Receipts

The main reason is to track where you’re spending and how expensive a Project Block is truly becoming. Favors, for example, tend to run away with your money. Organizing helps you catch over spending and eliminate it!

Returning Unused Items

You’ll probably over-prepare for decorating… just toss that one more roll of ribbon in the cart at Michael’s… and then afterward you’ll be stuck with it. Make sure you note when your receipts EXPIRE so you know when you can return things. If you can, try not to buy the “just in case” stuff until 50 days before your wedding as most stores have a 60 day return policy. This way you’ll have 10 days after your wedding to return things! PS: All “Decorative Extras” are P25 😉

Reselling Online or through our

Many brides will want to buy pre-loved items for their weddings after yours, such as through online websites like Tradesy. Knowing how much you paid for something will greatly help this process. You’ll easily be able to look back and reference the receipt since you probably won’t remember. Even if the item is NOT USED, but pre-owned you should sell it for only 50%. It really isn’t likely that you’ll get your retail price back and it is sort of a no-no to try. Under no circumstance should you ever try to sell something for MORE than you paid for it from the store! Same goes for DIY… just because you made it, doesn’t make it boutique price worthy. Sorry ladies.

Here is a $20 credit to open a new account with Tradesy if you want to buy something used too! 

Awareness before Purchase

If you’re diligent with your receipt tracking, you’ll know how much you’ve already spent. This information might help you decide if that extra roll of ribbon in your cart is actually necessary to toss in, or if you can make due with something you might already have. Knowing how big your supplies expense is might also encourage you to look for more supplies at the Dollar Tree vs. and major Craft Store to save some pennies. Those pennies sure do add up!

Receipt Organizing

Read How to Organize your Wedding Receipts HERE

Also, Sheet 2 of our Guest List Spreadsheet is all about bookkeeping and tracking your expenses. Read about that and get a FREE Spreadsheet download HERE.

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