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4 Reasons to have a weddign program. Why do you need a wedding Program. How to write a wedding program. Wedding Programs. How to write a wedding program. Wedding Program ideas. My most favorite Wedding Program ever was written like a college syllabus because they were two teachers. Let’s start with that because I thought it was the most clever and original idea ever!

4 Reasons to have a Wedding Program

The Wedding Program is a fantastic way to highlight your personality as a couple and even something you two have in common. You can make it funny, witty, or even functional for your guests. But, most importantly, the Wedding Program informs your guests with information they want or need.

Ceremony Information

If your ceremony is long or contains passages with page numbers it would be very helpful for guests to have that information in their hands. This way they can follow along and know what to expect, especially if there is kneeling or prayers they need to recite. Often, the Wedding Program is a place to share the wedding vows written by the couple. Outdoor ceremonies make it difficult to hear your vows, even through the speakers, so sharing them in writing is always appreciated.

Wedding Party Information

The Wedding Program is the perfect place to write out the names of your wedding party and the processional order. Guests like to know who is coming down the aisle and their relation to the couple. I’ve even seen a wedding program that further explained how they met each friend in their wedding party!


Think your guests might be sitting awhile? If you have early birds, or kids in your audience who have trouble waiting, the wedding program can save you! Just like at a restaurant a little wedding cake to decorate on the back of your wedding program might prevent a tantrum. You can also put a little True/False Trivia on there for the adults.

Serve as a Fan

We all know summer weddings get hot. If you’re going to make a Wedding Program you may as well put it on a stick so guests can use it like a fan. Which they will without the stick anyway. So I guess I should say, If you’re going to give your guests a ceremony fan, you may as well make it a Wedding Program too!

Let’s be honest

Wedding Programs are a super cute thing to add to your wedding ceremony, but they aren’t necessary if the budget is tight. Your guests will survive without all these benefits. But, if you do have room in your budget to splurge on a convenient paper production, I highly encourage you to head on over to Etsy!

Be sure to Register for Ebates first before you purchase to get your Cash Back!

Wedding Programs are what we call a Sub-Project for Project Block 2, Welcome Tables in The Project Block System and Training ECourse. They are considered Supplementary instead of mandatory and are a completely optional wedding detail.

But again, head on over to Etsy to shop for some pretty adorable paper products!


**Image Photo Credit Kelsea Joann Photography
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