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DidOnline Wedding Registries. Online Registry Reviews. Where to Register for a wedding. Registering for a honeymoon. Honeymoon wedding registry. Honeymoon wedding registries. How to register for cash. Wedding Cash gift registry. you know that you can now start a wedding registry across the whole internet? The Wedding Registry process has come a long, long way. I could tell you all the hundreds of individual stores that all have Wedding Registries, but I’m going to stick to my Top 5 online registries instead. Online Wedding Registries are the new way to go because they increase efficiency and versatility for guests. Why not make gift giving easier? 😉

Online Wedding Registries

Your guests are on the go more and more these days. A link is much faster for them than running into a store. They’ll appreciate the ease of use and the “always open” convenience you’re providing. I suggest choosing 3 places for a Wedding Registry that have a low, medium and high price range. Your guests will choose to shop at a store they can afford, or they’ll purchase many smaller gifts to build up a bigger gift basket {these are my favorites} so you’ll want to have a wide price range available.

Online Wedding Registries you can start today:

Amazon- Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Who doesn’t love Amazon? Amazon is a great place to register for items big or small, but also a little more fun. You can find items on Amazon that you can’t find in stores because stores stock seasonally. But, with Amazon, you can buy lawn furniture all year round.

Blueprint Registry-Create a FREE Honeymoon Registry & More

This own has to be my new favorite. Blue Print Registry gives you options to register for your Honeymoon and even a Room by Room for your house. They have a Group Gift feature where guests can contribute to a larger item like a new dining room table or even on your honeymoon. Bonus, they have a place for guests to leave a simple cash gift.

Etsy- Create an Etsy Wedding Registry

Are you a small shop supporter or perhaps have your new home pretty much established? Etsy is the perfect out-of-the-box wedding registry if you’re going beyond pots & pans. A beautiful handmade sign or even a clever coffee cup can be the most original and unique gift!

My Registry- Create a wedding registry at

My Registry has really done something brilliant with the Internet… They have made it possible to merge all of your other major store registries into ONE. I’m sure you thought when you clicked on this post that you would be seeing a list of your favorite stores including Pottery Barn, Macy’s and the like. But, My Registry has found a “One Ring to Rule Them All” approach that ties them all together into one accessible online registry. So yes, those stores that we all love are perfect places to register, but using My Registry is the best kept little secret for efficiency.

Target- Create a Target Wedding Registry

No Wedding Registry list would be complete without Target! I know this is an Online Registry list but Target deserves a major shoutout because they still have the best store to online assimilation or your registry that I have experienced. There is no lag time between when you make changes to your registry online or in the store. For my own wedding, I registered at 3 places and both had issues with their online/storefront connection that caused double gifting and confusion for my guests. Target knows what they’re doing and I enjoyed the online interface for their registry the most of all my in-person stores! #targetforthewin #cantputshoesonyourregistrythough

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