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Wedding Websites and why you need one. Appy Couple. RSVPify. How to track your rsvps Wedding Websites available. Free Wedding Websites. What goes on your Wedding Website. Wedding planning and the Internet go hand and hand so it makes sense that Wedding Websites are a thing. They’ve been around for a long time now and have evolved into a very useful tool for communicating with your guests.

What is a Wedding Website

Wedding Websites are comparative to a small blog that is exclusive to your wedding. This is your own little piece of Internet real estate that holds a ton of information you wouldn’t otherwise share with guests. The part about it is that it has specific pages and interfaces that don’t exist on other platforms like Facebook or social media. Wedding Websites are specifically designed to communicate wedding relevant information.

Why you want one

As a wedding planner, it is my duty to tell you that your wedding should stay off of social media for a bazillion different etiquette reasons. But mostly to avoid the whole world of your friend group asking for you when to expect their invitation… A wedding website protects you just a little too because there is a password to access the information. You want your guests to get all the information they need, but you also want to control who sees it. That’s why you want one.

What a wedding website can do

Online RSVPs for Any Event
As for those special interfaces I mentioned, wedding websites have a designated space for guests to RSVP. Yep, it’s true. They even have a website that is just for the RSVP process if you want so you do not need to design an entire website. It’s called RSVPify.

They’ve also managed to integrate those numbers with seating charts and expected budget figures. You can also send guests directly to your hotel room blocks and a Google Maps driving directions link to access while they’re on their way there. You can also tell guests what they should wear if there are any special details they need such as, “rubber boots to walk through the field” or “blanket to sit on hay bales.”

The best part about wedding websites is that they can share information with your guests that aren’t appropriate to put in your formal invitations, such as your wedding registry links. This information should never appear in your invitations and is traditionally provided via word of mouth by the bridal shower hosts and parents or maid of honor. However, with the turning of the times, word-of-mouth strategy has changed and gone digital, but the etiquette has not. Read all about my Top Etiquette Quirks… 

Start your Wedding Website today with Appy Couple

Appy Couple Wedding Website and App

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