If you are planning your Wedding right now for next year, this is the perfect opportunity for you to register for The Project Block System & The GEG TEAM Experience!  The Project Block System is our worldwide, online Wedding Planning Class for Brides that we offer through Teachable. Thousands of Brides have planned their own weddings at their own pace using The Project Block System

We are now offering an Exclusive Online Facebook Accountability Group known as The GEG Team Experience.

What is The Project Block System?

Join thousands of Brides who have taken our online Wedding Planning Class known as The Project Block System. You can register for this Ecourse any time of the year and go at your own pace, utilizing our Project Block Workbook. But, we’re offering the Members Only GEG Team Experience Membership and giving you a 35-Week, Accountability Support System plus weekly coordinator access! 

The MEMBERSHIP is given when enrolled in the $200 Teachable ECourse. As soon as you do that you’re eligible for the GEG TEAM Experience Facebook Group. You cannot benefit from the Team Experience unless you’re enrolled in The Project Block System ECourse on Teachable.

What is the GEG TEAM Experience?

Join an exclusive, closed group of Brides on Facebook all taking The Project Block System ECourse at the same time.

The Team Opens and begins a 25 Week, comprehensive Wedding Planning Experience.

Kandice runs the group and gives you full access to Wedding Coordinator questions every Wednesday. She’ll answer comments on all posts and walks you through the whole week. 

Paid Team Members have Exclusive Access to:

  • Ask a Wedding Planner Wednesdays- a Live Chat with Kandice
  • Exclusive Discounts on all GEG Services & Products
  • A Community of other brides all working on the same thing at the same time
  • No Spam! All posts will come directly from GEG and be immediately relevant to the week’s subject. No vendors sharing their own pages or resale decoration posts. Only pure coordinating advice. 


With our amazing Affiliates and Sponsors, we put together one incredible prize package with beauty products, cosmetics, bride gifts, TOMS Shoes and much more to one lucky bride who does all of her GEG TEAM Experience homework and earns the most Team Points.

Our lucky winner was Lindsay Welsh!


Team Schedule- Coordinating Content

Every week we’ll be working through Project Blocks together. You’ll be given an assignment through a blog post and then participate in the Facebook Team if you have any questions. Throughout the week Kandice will provide resources, links and inspirational articles to help you through each coordinating piece.

Themed Posts

  • Wednesdays- Ask a Wedding Planner Wednesday 7:00am-8:00am- Live chat with Kandice!
  • Vendor Spotlights- Tuesdays/Thursdays

Join our Inspired Coordination Facebook Group to stay in the know 😉

Weekly Content & Schedule

Intro Week

We’ll get everyone caught up, enrolled in the I’m Engaged ECourse {Free!} and fully connected with Green-Eyed Girl. We’ll talk about setting yourself up for wedding planning success and even offer some ways to begin saving money right away!

Jump Start Week

We dive right in with Vendor Interviews and hiring your Dream Team. We’ll cover The Project Block System and begin building your Guest List Spreadsheet.

Project Block 0- Bridal Dressing Rooms

Buying your dress! Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Hair & Makeup

Project Block 1- Guest Entries

Save the Dates, Invitations. Shuttles & Parking

Project Block 2 – Welcome Tables

Programs, Styling Rental Companies & Sentimental Details

Project Block 3 – Gift Tables & Registries

All you need to know about Wedding Registries

Project Block 4 Ceremony Structure

How to build a ceremony aisle, altar and even assign pew seats. Also, getting that special friend ordained.

Project Block 4 – Ceremony Writing

How to write your ceremony script, vows & choose music.

Project Block 5- Favors

How to budget favors and say thank you to guests. Inspirations & affordable options

Project Block 6- Couple transitions

Everything that happens between your ceremony and reception for the couple. This is when you’ll be signing the marriage certificate, taking newlywed pictures or even some family pictures. How will you fit it all together?

Project Block 7- Cocktail Hour

Your guests are waiting for you! What can they do while they wait?

Project Block 8- Cocktail Hour Appetizers

All matters of deliciousness while your guests wait for you to enter your reception. Also the importance of a Water Station.

Project Block 9- The Bar

Everything you need to know for a well-spirited festivity

Project Block 10- Reception Seating

How to calculate your chair count and assign seating. This includes reserving family tables and escort seating systems.

Project Block 11- Interactive Guestbooks

Are you planning to have a keepsake your guests will sign, bigger than a guest book? A bench, fingerprint art perhaps? These are all Project 11.

Project Block 12- Catering

From menu signs to vegan options, we’re breaking down your catering menu.

Project Block 13- Wedding Cake & Desserts

This might be our favorite week of all! Bring on the cake!

Project Block 14- Dancefloors

First, if we have to rent a dance floor we’ll cover that, but more importantly what will happen on your dance floor: First Dance, Parent dances and everything in between.

Project Block 15- Toasts & Speeches

Sweetheart Table or Head Table, you’ll need somewhere to sit and listen to your family’s kind words. Who will speak and how will you “earn your sip” when they’re done?

Project Block 16- Marriage Licenses

You’ve got to go get it at the courthouse, do you know what to take with you?

Project Block 17- Homage Displays

You may have some special people to honor on your big day and there are so many beautiful ways to do that!

Project Block 18- Lawn Games & Entertainment

Bring on the fun! These activities might range from cocktail hour to after dinner fun and can be anything from lawn games to pool tables to a full miniature golf course. We’ll also cover Kid’s Activity Stations here.

Project Block 19- Behavioral Signage

There are so many things you’ll need to say to guests with a sign, and yet so many more you’ll want to but shouldn’t. We’ll help you navigate teh two!

Project Block 20- Lighting & Candles

Hanging a bunch of lights from the ceiling? Have a centerpiece full of floating candles? These projects take much longer than you think!

Project Block 21- Table Settings

Linens, Overlays & Napkins oh my! Which table gets this size? How do I order linens? Everything you need to know about dressing your tables and even how to break them down.

Project Block 22- Centerpieces

Earth-Friendly to Elaborate there are so many options. Who is putting them together for you or can you do it yourself?

Project Block 23- Decorative Extras

Have anything you’ve bought that you want your coordiantor to “just put anywhere” for decoration? These are 23’s and if not properly prepared for can cause some minor issues or be forgotten all together.

Project Block 24- Grand Send Off

Sparklers, Vintage Cars and leftover cupcakes! More importantly, Who’s driving?

Project Block 25- Guest Exiting

Shuttles, Taxis, and Flashlights in fields.

Project Block 26- Restrooms

Are you renting or are you servicing? We’ve been to a venue who shut off the water at a certain time. Have you read your contracts?

Project Block 27- Wedding Night Suite

Those wedding dresses are going to come off eventually, where will you be when it does and will you have your dress bag? Or, how will you get those fake eyelashes off?

Project Block 28- Photography Must Shoot Lists

Family Efficiency is key for a successful timeline. We’ve got the perfect strategy to keep the pictures flowing.

Project Block 29- DJ Must Play Lists

Make sure you and your DJ are on the same page with the songs, announcements and transitions.

Project Block 30- Headquarters

Where the magic happens, behind the curtain. Headquarters is the focal point of your whole wedding and how you can solve problems quickly. We’ll teach you how to set it up.


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