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How to Hire a Wedding DJ. Hiring a Wedding DJ. Questions to ask a wedding DJ. How to hire a DJ. Wedding DJA Wedding DJ is really the life of the party, or potentially the lack thereof, but let’s hope not. Let’s make sure that you hire the most awesome DJ that is perfect for your wedding and style. This may be easier said than done considering that like all the best wedding vendors, they book up early!


How to Hire an Awesome Wedding DJ

Hands down {or in the air!} the best Wedding DJs are those who have the most experience. An experienced Wedding DJ, who has done a lot of weddings will already know how things are supposed to flow, the natural order of a reception, and exactly what to say when they are needed to MCee. The trick to finding this magical #unicorn Wedding DJ might be a bit easier than you think…

Step 1 | Ask for Referrals

I bet you know someone who recently planned, had or attended a wedding, perhaps even three. Reach out to them and ask them what they thought of the music and/or the feel of the party. Did they enjoy themselves or did they feel like there were lulls and a lot of song changes? Ask about the personality of the DJ and if they interacted with the crowd.

Step 2 | Schedule some Interviews

You always, always want to interview and meet, face to face with your Wedding DJ. I know this might sound excessive as some companies work as a group of DJs, and they do not know who will be scheduled to work your wedding until much closer. {I know a lot of these companies who work with a group} You can request a specific DJ from within that group if you know the referral or pay a little extra to get their top person.

Step 3 | Having the Interviews

We’ve put together a great list of questions for you to use while interviewing vendors, a whole book in fact! Snag it HERE, or buy only the list of questions for your DJ Interviews. A few key points to cover include

Asking about their Music Library

Most DJs, especially the awesome ones, will have every song that is popular and even classic. But do check to see if they have the correct version {aucoustic, guitar, piano, etc} that you want to be played. Their system should be well-organized and digital so they can look up and play songs quickly and easily, as well as make playlists for smooth transitions.

Asking about Equipment

Your top of the line DJ will have top of the line equipment. Remember that you get what you pay for and a less experienced, affordable DJ may be using old or cheaper equipment. Ask about the quality and condition of the equipment that they will be using. You may want to ask how old it is and if they have back up equipment ready. Also, remember to ask about a microphone for speeches, those are coming up on the next Project Block 🙂

Ask about their Personality

Sounds a little funny doesn’t it? But what I mean is ask them how interactive they are with the guests. Are they running the microphone the whole reception calling people up to the dancefloor? Or, are they quiet and let the quests control the overall flow and party mood? Some couples want a loud, energetic Wedding DJ while other want him/her to go completely unnoticed while the music plays. This is ultimately your deciding factor in the person you hire. It would be fantastic to find that #unicorn {again} DJ who can artfully do both when needed!

Review the Contract

Contracts are the key to a successful wedding experience. You must get everything on paper to ensure you’re going to receive what you’re paying for. An awesome Wedding DJ will have a contract for you to sign. Be sure to read it thoroughly and make sure that it covers or includes all of your concerns and specifications. If you like what you’ve heard in your interview, snag that DJ while he/she is there! If you don’t they might book before you’re out the door!

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