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Plan your Wedding like a Pro! I've collected all of my best Wedding Planning Resources and Wedding Planner Tips for you in one place. If you're planning a Wedding on your own and on a budget, these tools will make your life so much easier and efficient. Wedding Planning with The Project Block System just got easier and more efficient. Wedding Planning Guide

Hi Team! This is the dedicated page for all the Wedding Planning Resources or Products I mention in my Wedding Planning Workshops. Here is where you’ll find all my best tools for Planning Your Wedding with ease and efficiency.

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Wedding Site Visits | Workshop Resources

In this workshop, you’ll see me using my Samsung Tablet a LOT. it is one of my most favorite tools as a Wedding Planning. Next, you’ll see some of my favorite headphones which you’ll use almost every day while planning your wedding online and listening to videos or more workshops. You’ll also be staring at a screen for hours on end which is why I included the Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses, which I also happen to be wearing while I type. While Planning your Wedding, set your Project Block Timers so you’re not in front of that screen too long, causing you to burn-out.

I’m also rocking my Wifey Sweatshirt at this very moment! 😉

Do take the GEG Vendor Interview Workbook with you on your Site Visit so that you know you’re asking all the right questions about your Venue and Contract. Print off your Venue Photo Tour Walkthrough Worksheet and have it in a dry-erase envelope. You can also use these envelopes to draw your site visit visions on if you do not have a Samsung Tablet.

Here is the direct link to my Amazon Affiliate Store List so that it is easier to add to cart on your mobile. If you do purchase anything through my link I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. #thankyou 😉

Samsung Tablet
Beats Headphones
Wifey Sweatshirt
Computer Screen Eyeglasses
Project Block Timer
Dry Erase Pockets- XL
Vendor Interview Book
Dry Erase Pocket Set

Moving into your Venue | Workshop Resources

You’re going to need a whole lot of packaging tape to wrap up all your Project Blocks before Moving in Day! You also want clear Project Block NUMBERS on all of your big items that won’t fit inside a bag or a tote.

Stack of Post-Its
Packaging Tape for Projects
Project Block Packing Bags
Bridal Magazine Subscription

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