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Welcome to Green-Eyed Girl and The Project Block System! We’re so excited you stopped by. We would love to hear all about your wedding planning! For more details on our services, The Project Block System and the GEG Experience please follow the provided links to helpful blog posts below.

If you’re ready to BOOK NOW please email Kandice and request an Initial Consultation outlining your needs and desired Service or Add-on with your availability to meet in the next few days.

Kandice and her team have been coordinating weddings since 2007

Currently based in Stayton, Oregon

Where to begin…

One of our best attributes here at GEG is that we start everyone at the same place. Once you sign on you have access to everything we have to offer and nothing is restricted or off limits to you. Everyone receives a full Binder & Start Up Kit, Enrolls in our Project Block Training ECourse and joins the Team Wedding Opportunity Program, no matter the size of your wedding, you get all our bells and whistles!

Our Start Up Package is truly the best place to begin your planning and if you find you need more assistance you can always book an Add-On… Or, your service plan will naturally Add-on to itself… As we track every minute we spend with you. If you need more of our time, we track it and the best part… if you need less of our time, we track it too… and you get a refund!

Read all about Time Tracking, and The GEG Experience, What makes GEG Different and What we bring with us on your Wedding Day below.

At your Initial Consultation, Kandice will walk you through each service, how it is broken down into your service plan and how it can be adjusted by time to either equal more or less GEG involvement.


Start Up Package: $1,200

The Project Block System Training & ECourse Enrollment

Project Block Workbook Collaboration- 1 Hour

Coordinating Meeting Agendas- 2 Hours

Venue Photo Tour Follow Up Meeting

Timeline Suite & Vendor Teamwork

24 Hour Kandice Access- 1 Hour

Back Office Consulting- 2 Hours

Big Day Attendance- 6 Hours

Rehearsal Facilitation- 1 Hour

GEG Coordinating Binder

1 GEG Styling Assistant

Site Visit- 1 Hour

16 Hours Total Coordinator Time

*Mileage will be added to your quote estimate for venues exceeding 30 miles from GEG Headquarters

Adjust your Service Plan:

Thinking you might need a little bit more assistance? You can upgrade to any of these Add-ons which simply increase your overall Total Coordinator Time. Or, you can completely customize your own!

You can even add on Assistants to your Wedding Day Service plan.

Perfect Package Add-On

Includes everything in the Start Up with these Add-ons:

Project Block Workbook Collaboration +1 = 2 Hours

Venue Photo Tour Follow Up Meeting +1 = 2 Hours

Coordinating Meeting Agendas +3 = 5 Hours

Additional GEG Styling Assistant = 2 Total

Big Day Attendance +2 = 8 Hours

Rehearsal Facilitation +1 = 2 Hours

Site Visit +1 = 2 Hours

25 Hours Total Coordinator Time

Brings your estimate total up to $2,000

*Mileage will be added to your quote estimate for venues exceeding 30 miles from GEG Headquarters

Bliss Package Add-On

Includes everything in the Start Up + Perfect Package with these additional Add-ons:

Project Block Workbook Collaboration +1 = 3 Hours

Timeline Suite & Vendor Teamwork +1 = 2 Hours

Coordinating Meeting Agendas +2 = 7 Hours

Wedding Ceremony Planning & Script Writing

Additional GEG Styling Assistant = 3 Total

Back Office Consulting +3 = 5 Hours

Emergency Bridal Kit Access

31 Hours Total Coordinator Time

Brings your estimate total up to $2,650

*Mileage will be added to your quote estimate for venues exceeding 30 miles from GEG Headquarters

Hourly Meetings- $35

You’re are on a great track, you want to be in charge of every little detail, but just need some guidance organizing from someone with experience. A private lesson we could say. Even if you just need a time line built, a vendor connection, or a problem solving strategy… Come see us for an HOUR, get your answers and be on your way! Come back again and again by the hour or never see us again. Though we hope you do! Request an Hourly Meeting

The GEG Experience…

It is important to remember that the above Package Plans are all estimates and may not be your exact needs. Our entire purpose for existence is to make your wedding planning experience less stressful and more efficient. We do TRACK every single minute spent on your wedding planning, so if you reserve the Bliss Add-On for 7 hours of Coordinating Meetings, and we only meet 4 Hours, you’ll be refunded. You are never, ever stuck. Again, we exist to make your life easier… not worrying about if you’re getting your money’s worth. Trust us, you will!

Consultant Time Tracking

We actually TRACK every single minute we spend working on your wedding and can present it to you at any time throughout the planning process so that you know and trust that you are getting your money’s worth. We know it is a big decision to hire us and we want that decision to be worth it, reduce your stress level, not add to it, and leave you feeling confident about your wedding when you leave a meeting with us.

Personal Estimate Invoices {PEI}

When we sit down together we will build you your own PEI for just the services YOU need for your wedding and delete anything you don’t. Or, months into the planning, if we never had to provide a service, we’ll deduct it from the bill. You shouldn’t worry about paying for something you didn’t get!

Or, perhaps you only need a little from us, like the Start Up Package with Day Of assistance, but there are 1-2 great things in the Bliss Add-On you want to throw in… No problem! We’re here for YOU. You can get whatever you want… and, whatever you don’t!

 Would you like to speak with former couples?

We have a whole roster of lovely former clients, brides and grooms and even parents who are willing to accept calls on our behalf from future clients. Please inquire through email and we will connect you.
What you should ask them about:

  1. Their overall experience from start to finish
  2. Meetings, Binders, Agendas & Emails
  3. Project Block Workbooks
  4. Time Lines & Set Up Schedules
  5. Billing and Service Plan Tracking


The GEG Trademarks…

There are a few systems that are unique to the GEG Style of coordinating… that our clients love so much! Let’s talk about our

  1. The Project Block System & eCourse Training
  2. Gold Stars
  3. Team Wedding Opportunity & Online Team
  4. The Reusable Wedding Program

The Project Block System

The Project Block System is the cornerstone to our Coordinating Service, and how we are helping brides all over the country organize their wedding vision into obtainable goals. Every wedding has at least 30 “Projects” which is what we call them in our world. There is an aisle, and altar, a cake, etc. GEG works a unique system in that we turn your favorite Pinterest pins into tangible, measurable and obtainable tasks by way of writing them out in “recipe” form right down to who is tearing it down after the wedding. Read all about our System HERE

If you are not yet a GEG bride you can absolutely still hire us to do a few Projects for you.
Read all about our “Just the Pretty” Service HERE

You can hire us to simply build the worksheets for you off of your pictures, compile your shopping lists, be your personal shopper, be your personal crafter, complete the project for you and even come set it up and take it down for your wedding or all of the above!

Gold Stars!

As an educator (formerly in Kindergarten) Kandice learned that rewards for exemplary behavior can go a long way. Throughout your planning process you will be given “homework” or deadlines to accomplish planning goals. If you complete assignments on time you earn a GOLD STAR!

Gold Stars are each valued at 5 POINTS on your Style Kit.  Style Kit Points are $0.25 each.

There are 10 opportunities to earn Gold Stars with each outlined deadline on your Personal Estimate Invoice while booking, such as when to mail invitations, have all of your vendor deposits in and turn in your vows for review, etc.

Individual Style Kit Points- You will also notice at the bottom of many Project Block Assignment Blog Posts that there are opportunities to earn Individual Style Kit Points by commenting, posting to our Facebook wall, sharing on social media and texting pictures of your Headquarters to your Coordinator as a progress check!

The Team Wedding Opportunity

GEG is a very teamwork driven company and we like to share the benefit. As a GEG client you not only get access to our Event Styling Inventory to use as ingredients in your recipes, but you also get automatic enrollment into our TEAM.

See how the TEAM Works HERE

Once a GEG client, you’re in the Team and that means that your coordinator is mindful of all brides’ needs throughout the year. While we are out shopping for Project Block Ingredients we will contact teammates and see if multiple brides want to share the same items, or can double up on a supply. For example, if GEG is painting signs for you, we won’t charge both brides for one can of paint full price, we’ll SPLIT the cost and save you both money! We like to think of it like baking cookies…. each bride only needs 1 Cup of sugar, so why should they each buy a full bag at full price when WE can buy one bag for everyone and only charge you for what you need to use? Plus, no excess waste or leftovers to sell later!

We understand that you are on a budget and want to do everything in our power to lessen the expenses. To do that, there is no better way than TEAMWORK and two is always better than one!

If you are not a GEG bride (yet) you can still join the team and get the benefits! There is a private TEAM Facebook page that our couples are all invited to join and exchange ideas, purchases and shopping adventures throughout the year! Kandice also uses this page to communicate to all couples about Project Block Ingredients and Social Friday Shopping.

The Reusable Wedding Program

We cannot say it enough…. being Green saves you GREEN! The easiest way to save money is to recycle, reduce and reuse. We facilitate that within our Wedding TEAM throughout the year. Prior to your wedding/Event you will need to buy ingredients for projects and after your wedding you will likely want to sell them… what better market than our own TEAM?!If I have couples who are getting married months apart they can buy/sell their items to each other and both gain! One receives a discount and the other recovers expenses. I am right in the middle of you all so exchanges of items are easy! Part of this program also include our help selling your items online in Facebook groups or even in some of our consignment shop locations.

We’re here to help you save money, make money and recover expenses. See what we’re selling right now online  for our former clients HERE!

We also manage a Reusable Wedding Store which is located inside The Shabby Chic Bride Consignment Shop in Salem, OR.

Here are a few more details about GEG:

  1. What makes us Different
  2. What we bring with us on your Big Day

The Jump Start Package…

Did you know that we offer an entirely DIGITAL Planning Package? You can work in the GEG System from near or far with absolutely no strings attached! Our Jump Start Package can be delivered to you as a 5-File Organizer or 45 Page digital eBook with printable worksheets and interactive hyperlinks to our blog posts!

You’ll receive 
The Wedding Planning Guide & Monthly Checklist
The Project Block Workbook {0-15}
The 7-Day GET GOING Guide
and a full suite of 6 coordinating worksheets including our 4 Clipboard Worksheets!

Learn more about the Jump Start Package HERE

 All Digital Coordination with GEG

We offer several online options for coordinating your Big Day with absolutely not strings attached! Choose from many options below…

7-Day Get Going System: Complete DIGITAL Wedding Planning Coordinating Package, Project Block Workbook & Worksheets, Planning a Wedding

Wedding Planning Jumpstart Package: Completely Printed Wedding Coordinating File Organizer, Green-Eyed Girl Productions, Start Up Kit

DIGITAL Wedding Planning Jumpstart Package: Complete Wedding Coordinating 7-Day Get Going System, Project Block Workbook & 6 Worksheets

Project Block Workbook Vol 1 & Wedding Planning Guide- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD: Plan your Wedding to the last detail Coordinating Template

Wedding Planning Guide & Monthly Checklist- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD: Get a start on your planning Checklist links through to Blog Posts

Jumpstart Suite- GEG's 6 Wedding Coordinator Big Day Worksheets- 4 Clipboard + Ceremony Structure & Reception Basic Order Digital File PDF

Clipboard Suite- GEG's 4 Wedding Coordinator Big Day Worksheets- Wedding Roster {2 pgs}, Delegation, Who Is Involved - Digital File PDF

Within the Ribbon- Wedding Ceremony Seating Card, Guest Management, Family Organizing, Usher System

Kid's Wedding Activity Kit Doodle Pages- Digital File PDF: Cake Decorate, Getaway Car, Golf Cart, Bouquet Toss 4 Coloring page designs

Venue Contract Review: Questions to Ask Worksheet- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD, Vendor Interview Questions, Hiring your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Roster Worksheet: GEG's Wedding Planning Templates- Digital File PDF Coordinating, Organizing

Wedding DJ's: Questions to Ask Worksheet- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD, Vendor Interview Questions, Hiring your Wedding Vendors

Delegation Worksheet: GEG's Wedding Planning Templates- Digital File PDF, Coordinating, Organizing

Wedding Music Playlist Worksheet: GEG's Wedding Planning Templates- Digital File PDF, Coordinating, Organizer, DJ Document

How to Hire your Wedding Vendor Dream Team Interview EBook- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD

Wedding Caterers: Questions to Ask Worksheet- Digital File PDF DOWNLOAD, Vendor Interview Questions, Hiring your Wedding Vendors


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