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Green-Eyed Girl Productions is proud to offer the following ECourses to work you through your Wedding Planning Experience

I'm Engaged ECourse- A Free Email Course on what to do the first two weeks you're engaged, from Green-Eyed Girl ProductionsI’m Engaged ECourse

This is a FREE ECourse that walks couples through their first two weeks as an engaged couple. You go at your own pace, clicking through Video Lectures with Free Wedding Planning Wall Charts and Organizers. We’ll guide you through assignments including:

How to Make Your Wedding Guest Spreadsheet and Family Talks to have about your Wedding Planning. Read More…

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The Project Block System Training ECourse

Green-Eyed Girl Productions has been helping brides coordinate, organize and delegate their wedding all over the world through our innovative System. We have organized your entire wedding planning experience into specific assignments which we call Project Blocks. There are Projects 0-30 which take you through specific Coordinating Assignments. Each teaches you how to achieve your goals and style each area.

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What Brides are Saying

What Brides are saying about The Project Block System ECourse Training and Workbook. Wedding Planning Done Right

Who can use this System?

Busy Brides all over the world! The Project Block System is now used in 12 states and 4 countries. If you are able to be online, you are able to use this System!

  • Goal-oriented Brides who dedicate themselves to homework
  • Brides who know every detail of their wedding and want to do it alone
  • Motivated Brides looking for a place to start and directions to follow
  • DIY Brides
  • Mother’s of the Bride and her friends
  • All Brides who have a printer and an email address

Sound like what You want?

What are you waiting for? Can you imagine how much easier it will be to have your Wedding Planning broken down step by step?!


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