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Welcome to our collection of vintage finds, handmade decorations and petite rentals that you can reserve as Project Block Ingredients for your special day!
Let us help you make your event unique, styled and designed to fit your theme…

We do Styling! 
You may not need Wedding Coordinating from us for your Big Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help! Green-Eyed Girl can serve you by simply bringing out some gorgeous supplies from our inventory, setting them up and then walking away. Done! We’ll either pick them up after or you can bring them back. Easy Peasy!
*We are not a public rental company however and must be hired for the styling service. We must set them up at your venue. See below

What does a Wedding Stylist do?
You may be wondering if you really need a theme or a defined “style” and the truth is…. there’s more to it than that! Your Welcome Table for example is the first potential area for styling. It is the first message your guests receive when they arrive and conveys how the wedding day will “feel” as well as how they should behave. It is important. You might not need to rent items to pull this off, and you don’t have to get fancy with it, but it does have to be done to some degree. By hiring a stylist you are bringing someone onto your team who can use your ingredients to say that right message. A stylist will know how to place items in the correct place with the correct proportions and sentiments to inform guests what they can expect to get out of the wedding day experience you’re providing them. For example: mixing mercury glass and burlap sends one message while hay bales and polka dots say another. You can read more about how your Style conveys messages HERE for Project Block 2 {Welcome Tables}.

We can also come and style your events and parties! Need to decorate but don’t know how to pull it together or simply don’t have the time? We do! I have had clients tell me that, “there was so much going on and somehow it wasn’t overwhelming but made me feel good when I saw it!” Yes, that is exactly what we do! We have education in interior design techniques that make a room “feel” right or can even make the outside “feel” like a room. We can concentrate areas of decorative bliss and control stimulation of the eye as it views your party. Crazy right? But super cool!

How do I hire GEG to Style?
We run our system based on Project Blocks which are designated areas that exist around your wedding. Every wedding has them, we just give them that name: Project 2 is your Welcome Table, Project 4 is your Aisle and Altar, Project 13 is your Cake and so on.See the full list HERE.
See how pricing works HERE 

We will schedule a meeting, preferably at your site and walk through the areas you want done. We’ll talk about your pins and visions and pull from our inventory what will work the best. What we don’t have we’ll outsource from one of our amazing Wedding Professional Peers! *See below!


See our inventory here…
Staging Furniture: Tables & Chairs

Cake & Dessert Display

Decorative Accents

Rustic Themed Inventory– Lanterns, Burlap, Vintage


Our inventory grows every day and after every event! We are also constantly tracking down the perfect piece that makes your event special so if you don’t see it…. we just don’t have it YET!

*The above items are for Green-Eyed Girl Productions Coordinating clients who are already working with GEG on a wedding, party or event. All items are part of our Event Styling rental collection and are not for sale. These are not public rentals. GEG must be attending your event for you to have access to them. We will bring them with us, set them up and take them down.

A Wedding Community TEAM

I am completely aware that I don’t have all the awesome ingredients needed to complete your Pinterest Dream… and that’s okay. But I might know who does! I completely support the Wedding Community that I am a part of and embrace the TEAM dynamic when it comes to following through with a bride. It may take a combination of us stylists to achieve your goals! We can either co-op and I can bring the items you’ve rented from them with me or you can hire us all separately to come out to your venue and style our own areas. It will be a happy reunion of my peers! Doesn’t matter to me! In fact, I’m going to tell you who to hire because I love what they have and I love how they run their business.

Danner & Soli

Danner & Soli is where you need to go! Shirleen has warehouses upon warehouses of wedding decoration glory. She and I have collaborated on several events together just to show off her amazing inventory. She is also the proud owner of the former GEG Rental inventory 😉


*To purchase any vintage themed decorations visit our Etsy Store The Vintage Event!
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