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How to Coordinate your Wedding Night Suite. How to plan your wedding night. Where to stay on your wedding night.The sun has finally set on your wedding day, you’ve either made your grand exit or you’ve shut down your own dance floor. You rock! You did it! I bet you’re tired…. It was a really long, awesome day! Where to next? You do need to sleep and recover from such an awesome day. Tomorrow you’ll be a Newlywed for the first full day of your life, where will you wake up for it?
This Project Block covers the Wedding Night Suite for the Newlyweds. {That’s YOU!} We’ll talk about some options and how to prepare for the next morning.


Many hotels have a Bridal Suite or even a Honeymoon Suite {because let’s face it, when the wedding is over you’re technically on your Honeymoon!} You can often rent these rooms for the Night before your wedding and GET READY there with all your girls on the wedding day, and then bring yourselves back to that room for the night of the wedding.
Best Option: I would consider the above option the best… reserving a room to get ready in and then coming back to it.

Your P27 Suitcase

You will actually have TWO Suitcases {at least} for your wedding day. The first is your Project Zero Bag. Review that HERE for essentials at the beginning of your Big Day. You will then have a second {and separate} bag for the end of the day which is your P27 Suitcase.
You’ll need to pack for the day AND the night. Items you need during the day may be a little different than those you want on your wedding night {if you know what I’m saying *wink* *wink*} If you are staying in a new location from where you got ready 2 bags are essential, but I recommend this system regardless just to keep you more organized and eliminate crossover.
But let’s get back to your options….

Step 1: Determine where you will stay and how you will get there

1. Hotel
2. Bed & Breakfast/Rented House
3. On-Site- This could be a combination of either above.

For how you will get there refer to Project Block 24

When determining, configure your multiple needs for the reservation:
  • Can you get ready there earlier in the day?
  • Is it a great place to do hair and makeup?
  • Is it close to the venue for a quick drive at the end of the night?
  • Or do you want an upscale escape not seen or touched prior to your newlywed arrival?
The decisions are all equally beneficially and ultimately unique to your preferences and style. None are better than the others, some just provide more conveniences while others provide more opportunities for romance 😉

Step 2: Make your reservation and prepare for arrival

If you are checking in earlier in the day for pre-wedding prep, or perhaps even staying there the night before, still pack 2 bags. Pack a Wedding Day Bag and a Wedding Night Bag.
Get your bag to this room!
Either have someone check-in for you earlier in the day, grab your keys and drop off your bags, or pre-pack your bags in your getaway vehicle. I recommend the first option. If you’re not seeing the room prior to your Newlywed arrival, have someone drop off and pick up keys for you. Have your spouse-to-be give send a bag with you too so it is there when you both arrive too!
Make sure you GET the keys before you leave your wedding venue!
Also, have your P24 Liaison call the hotel or reservation location when you leave so they know you’re coming. Nothing more awkward than a bride and groom standing in the lobby waiting for their key!

What to pack in this bag…

So there are a few things you’ll want to bring… {aside from the newlywed duds…}
  1. Makeup Remover: You’ll want an Eye Makeup REMOVER to get off those fake lashes… trust me! Soap and water in a hotel room will not do the trick. Honestly, after being a bride and a bridesmaid several times I have to say that the Mary Kay Remover is awesome for fake lashes! I’m not even a consultant… but I know someone who is! 😉
  2. Hair Detangles: You’ll want a good hairbrush to un-rat any intensive teasing from your awesome updo. In addition to the brush, you’re going to want a super awesome shampoo to get out all that hairspray and a conditioner for the shower… take a shower, you’ll want to after an awesome party!
  3. Dress Bags: You’ll have your dress to deal with! And I’m willing to bet your dress bag is still in your getting ready room… assuming you’re not in the same room and you didn’t change before you left. Buy a quick, cheap garment bag and toss it in your P27 Suitcase weeks ahead of schedule for your transition back to your real dress bag and just to keep it safe in the car.
  4. Empty Bags: Speaking or things you’ll have with you, make sure you BOTH leave extra room in your P27 Suitcase or even include an additional empty one to pack and bring home the clothes you’re wearing into the room!
  5. Everything Else: I’m sure you know how to pack a bag…. Remember your pajamas {ha ha!} your shower kit and toothbrush, and an outfit for the next morning.

Step 3: The Next Morning Game Plan

If you were dropped off by a shuttle or limo then you’re going to be stuck there in the morning. You need your own set of wheel. Someone needs to either come pick you up or leave a vehicle there for you with the keys to it.
Breakfast- If you’re at a hotel or bed & breakfast you’re set, order in! But if you’re at another location you’ll want to prepare for that a bit {nothing fancy, just something, you can fancy-eat later} Many times this is why your caterer will pack you up some of your wedding food. Dinner for breakfast! Or maybe a cupcake!
Honeymoon departure- Sometimes the couple leaves straight from this room for their honeymoon. A few more steps have to come into play if this is the case for you! You’ll need to bring your honeymoon luggage too which might include your passports, any tickets, etc. I’m not going to get too in depth here on that.

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