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How to Coordinate Wedding Music Playlists. How to Plan your Wedding Music. Wedding DJ Playlists. Wedding Songs. Reception Playlists. Wedding Reception Playlists. Ceremony Music Playlists. In 10 easy steps, this Project Block on Wedding Music Playlists will walk you through finalizing those decisions regarding the DJ and Reception Entertainment. You may remember back to Project Block 14 where we discussed Traditional Dances and even Speeches, as well as Project Block 4D where we talked about Processional, Ceremony & Recessional Music. We are now going to combine all of our decisions into one comprehensive Worksheet so that the DJ can have it all in one place {Unless they already have a worksheet for you in their files} and so that if your cousin is running the Ipod there are no mistakes…

How to Coordinate your Wedding Music Playlists

Download the Wedding Playlists Worksheet from your Team Email, or download it on Etsy HERE. Complete each section with the song title and who will be the “Honorary” who walks to or is involved in that song.

Step 1: Prelude Music

These are the songs that will play before your wedding begins while guests are arriving. You’re A+ guests {you know who they are} will begin arriving up to 30 minutes prior to the START TIME you listed on your Invitations.
With regard to the Start Time you actually put on your invitation, that is the ideal time for your first Grand Entrance, not your Bridal Entrance and not when guests should show up. However, they could… {you also know who those people will be!} It is important to remain calm and be flexible if you are steadily approaching your Start Time listed on the invitation and not all guests are there yet.
Guests should expect to arrive 15 minutes prior to the listed Start Time on the invitation. But not all will. You just wait for most guests to arrive and go when they’re here. We certainly don’t want guests walking in during your vows or especially driving up through your ceremony.
Back on point: Make your Prelude Music Playlist about 15 minutes. Select a few songs, or let your DJ decide. DJ’s are great at this! But just let him or her know you don’t have anything they should be playing so they don’t feel like they missed something. It’s better to communicate, even when you have no plan.

Step 2: Silence Cue

When all guests {the majority} have arrived and you’re ready to begin the ceremony the DJ can cut off the music giving a SILENCE CUE which alerts guests to a change. At this time, you may have the Officiant walk up and give an announcement, or the presence of him or her, at the altar is usually enough to settle guests.

Step 3: Processional

Grand Entrance: The first song to play after the silence is the FIRST song of your ceremony and brings in the first group of Honoraries. Perhaps you have a Groom’s song that he enters on. Perhaps Moms are being escorted first followed by the Officiant and Groomsmen. Whoever is entering your Grand Entrance should be listed in the order in the Honorary Section.
Wedding Party: Sometimes Bridesmaids come down on their own, or even with Groomsmen. They may get their own song, or I’ve been to weddings where they EACH got a special song. You will have their order listed elsewhere, the DJ doesn’t need it for the song. He or she may want to know how many people though and if there are children coming next. Children are considered part of the wedding party and would come down to this same song group/section.
Bridal Entrance: Once children {or the last wedding party couple} have settled, Moms will stand and turn up the aisle to cue the DJ for your entrance song. You can enter to whichever romantic, iconic song you like. Just write it in here and make SURE the DJ has your version. This one is a big deal!

Step 4: Pronouncement

After you “Kiss the Bride!” your Officiant will pronounce you for the first time. {If you choose so} Write in your exact wording here so that everyone is proclaimed exactly how they expect.

Step 5: Recessional

This is the last, celebratory song to be played in your Ceremony as you Newlyweds walk back up the aisle. Your Wedding Party will follow up and the first hour of Married Life begins! This song can be fun and a bit more upbeat.

Step 6: Cocktail Hour Mix

While you’re in your Project Block 6 Retreat your guests will be transitioning into Cocktail Hour. I think it’s best to let the DJ guide this one especially since you truly have no idea how long it could be. Most are 45 minutes to even 60, and no, you do not want to be making this list by yourself listing out up to 30+ songs. I suggest maybe giving your DJ a theme to work with if you really have a strong opinion. Suggestions include 1990’s Rock, Oldies, Beach Boys, or even an instrumental Jazz mix.
Write your mix theme in on the worksheet. I highly recommend you leave this to your DJ because they are GOOD at it! They will be able to feel the mood and play songs they determine to be a good mood mixer. In fact, they’re professionals at this! 😉 If you do in fact have to list every song, such as if you are doing the Ipod Mix, group about 60 Minutes of themed music and put it on shuffle. This is an extensive task and you truly have better things to spend your time on, especially when there are professionals who are highly qualified to take it on for you.

Step 7: Introduction

You will likely be introduced back into your cocktail hour, this time by the DJ. Write in your exact preferred wording here.

Step 8: Traditional Songs

Write in the song titles for the classic three. You may then opt to do an Anniversary Dance, chose a song. There is then a blank space for any other dance happening in this block of time.

Step 9: Speaking Order

List those who are speaking by name. You may also want to indicate for the DJ if they are giving toasts of speeches. There may be some microphone fiddling for volume if they start to cry and talk softer 😉 Decide how you want to do an Open Microphone segment or perhaps none at all. You two will then give a Thank you Toast back to all of your guests. Refer to Project Block 15 for that Assignment 😉

Step 10: Reception Highlights

These last three songs are somewhat optional, in that you don’t really have to make a firm choice on them. Again, DJ’s are really good at this. You may select a song you want playing for the garter toss just to avoid anything you might think inappropriate or beyond your comfort level.
And then you’re done! Hand your list over to your DJ, or use this worksheet to organize your thoughts so that you can better fill out the DJ’s provided form.

Final Thoughts: Do Not Play Lists

If there are any songs that you strongly don’t wish to hear at your reception {YMCA, Chicken Dance, etc} I recommend you make a Do Not Play List agreement with your DJ. You may want to print out a list for your coordinator to keep on hand in case the DJ coming to your wedding is not, in fact, the one you have been planning with. Notes may get lost so your wedding coordinator can help you by asking the DJ to switch the song, subtly.
I highly recommend this strategy as opposed to a big printed DO NOT PLAY sign you hand the DJ on the wedding day with such threats as, “If I hear these you’re not getting paid” because that is just not nice. Nobody wants to be threatened, and the Bride definitely should not be saying those things on her wedding day 🙂 Okay team? #endrant #keepitclassy
Good luck Team!

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