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Are you ready to start planning your wedding with ease and efficiency?
Welcome to GEG and The Project Block System!  Here we go…

What is The Project Block System

The System is a combination of our Project Block Worksheets and The Project Block Training ECourse that teach you how to map out the design, style and set up of your own wedding from start to finish. We begin with The Bridal Dressing room and end at Headquarters which is set up the night before the wedding. Each coordinated piece of your wedding is broken down into what we call Projects. The Training ECourse guides you through each Project with an email once a week {30+ Weeks} working you through how to coordinate it all on your own from calling vendors, to styling the final vision.gounelle

There are 30 Projects

Or they could be called Assignments. We begin the Bridal Dressing Rooms, or the “start” of your wedding day and work as your day progresses from there. The Bridal Dressing Room is known as Project Block 0 because it happens before guests arrive. Project Block 1 is the beginning of the Wedding Day for guests and is your “Guest Entry.” Project 2 is then the Welcome Table which also covers the coordination of Programs, etc.

What are Project Blocks

Project Blocks are all those things in your event that just need to “happen” like you want or need them to. Every event has Project Blocks, you just may not call them that…. since it is a GEG term. All weddings have an aisle {Project 4} a cake table {Project 13} and even a rehearsal {Project 34}. Each usually has a Welcome Table {Project 2} and a Dessert Display {Project 13} These are things and areas of your event that all need time and attention to detail.

Wedding Planning made easy with The Complete PRoject Block Workbook from GEG. Plan your Wedding Step by Step with worksheets and tutorialsThe Project Block Workbook

One of the great systems that we have set up here at GEG is the way in which we make all of your ideas, pins, magazine page tear-outs and visions actually come to life on your special day.

We group your “pictures” into Project Blocks and we then create a recipe for building that picture right down to who is buying the white paint and who is breaking it down after the event.

Projects often include assignments like Ordering Invitations {Project 1} or Writing your Vows {Project 4} and Applying for your Marriage License {Project 16}.

See the full Project Block List HERE

How to Style your Wedding using the Project Block System Workbook from Green-Eyed Girl Productions. Wedding Planning WorksheetsThe Project Block Workbook is our collection of 30 Worksheets that you print off and assemble into a comprehensive wedding vision that you then hand over to your Setup Crew, Venue Coordinator or even Wedding Coordinator.

Your entire Wedding vision is clearly communicated to your Team so that you can relax and get your hair done. They literally walk around your venue and set up your wedding by the individual worksheet recipes.

How do you know how to complete the Worksheets?…

 The Project Block Training ECourse

We have built an ECourse, which is an automated Email Series that walks you through one Project Block at a time.

We teach you how to plan out buying and packing up each styling ingredient.

In the emails, we teach you about organizing your wedding at home so that it travels and transfers easily to your venue.

You’ll begin buying Wedding “stuff” almost immediately and it will begin to fill your house! We teach you to pack everything up at home in your Headquarters {we’ll teach you about this too} and move it all to your venue by section so that there are no big piles of decoration glory to sort through once your crew arrives. Your event design moves around your venue in organized pieces, completely contained and understandable to any helper. You can relax, prep your pretty self in peace knowing that all anyone has to do is unload each box at the right place on your site map… if they can bake a cake, they can set up your event!

Wedding Planning ECourses. The Project Block System. How to plan your wedding by yourself. DIY Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning
We teach you to Coordinate all your own details.

There are obviously many, many more pieces to a wedding than just what it looks like. In the Emails, you are given Assignments to complete before the next email arrives. The Assignments teach you to coordinate the Project and what “happens there” beyond what it looks like. At your Altar {Project 4} not only will it have the Wisteria Garland {the pretty recipe} but you will also need to write vows, get your uncle ordained, decide your Processional order, etc.

The Emails walk you through all of those little, coordinated decisions, beyond the pretty. 

Wedding Planning From your Phone with the Project Block ECourse from Green-Eyed Girl Productions. Wedding Coordinating classesThere are several versions of the Ecourse

Depending on how far away your wedding is, you can take the ECourse at a faster or more relaxed pace.

There is an 8 Month Version, sending you 1 Email once a week.

The 6 Month Version sends you an Email once every 5 days

Or, if your wedding is quickly approaching, you can take the 4 Month ECourse which sends you an Email every 3 Days. It is assumed that you will have many of your Projects already completed if you are within this time frame. Your main goal will be to transfer everything to the worksheets and make sure you covered everything 😉

The best part is, you can do it all from your Smart Phone.

Print out the Worksheets, open and read the Emails on your phone, link over to the blog posts and complete your Assignments right on your couch.

What Brides are Saying

What Brides are saying about The Project Block System ECourse Training and Workbook. Wedding Planning Done Right

Who can use this System?

Busy Brides all over the world! The Project Block System is now used in 12 states and 4 countries. If you are able to be online, you are able to use this System!

  • Goal oriented Brides who dedicate themselves to homework
  • Brides who know every detail of their wedding and want to do it alone
  • Motivated Brides looking for a place to start and directions to follow
  • DIY Brides
  • Mother’s of the Bride and her friends
  • All Brides who have a printer and an email address
**The Project Block System & Workbook are Copyright protected and are for personal use only

Sound like You?

What are you waiting for? Can you imagine how much easier it will be to have your Wedding Planning broken down step by step?! You can absolutely use The Project Block Workbook alone and not take the ECourse, but they’re just so much better together 😉
Take the I’m Engaged ECourse {free!} also, which will walk you through hiring Vendors, your Guest List and so much more. Enroll Now!
Then, Become a GEG Affiliate and earn 50% on every Workbook you refer!

Doesn’t sound like you?

Going at it alone might not be for you. Perhaps you want someone there to walk you through each assignment and help you plan. Someone who can do your styling or even complete your worksheets for you? We can do that! In fact, that is exactly what we do! As Coordinators, we meet with you and help you with your assignments. You still take the ECourse, but we follow up with you and then we set everything up on your Big Day. We would love to help you through The Project Block System and your wedding!

Inquire about Hiring GEG HERE

Wedding Planning just got easier. Learn to plan your wedding without missing a single detail by using The Project Block System with Green-Eyed Girl Productions. Make Wedding Worksheets, use checklists and complete weekly assignments!

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