Best Tools for Planning your Wedding

Plan your Wedding like a Pro! I’ve collected all of my best Wedding Planning Resources and Wedding Planner Tips for you in one place. If you’re planning a Wedding on your own and on a budget, these tools will make your life so much easier and efficient. Wedding Planning with The Project Block System just got easier and more efficient.

Wedding Processionals. How to make a wedding Processional. Who Walks with who in a wedding. How to write a wedding ceremony.

Wedding Processionals | Everything you need to know

Wedding Processionals are the order by which your Officiant, Family, Honored Guests, Groom, Wedding Party and Bride enter the aisle and approach the altar.  The Wedding Processional is the order that your Wedding Coordinator will line you up in for rehearsal. Your Wedding Recessional is then how everyone will leave after the ceremony. Wedding Processionals There…

Everything you need to know about your Wedding Registry. How to Register for Wedding Gifts. Wedding Registries. How to start a Wedding Registry. What to know about wedding registries.

Everything you need to know about your Wedding Registry

Hooray! Yes, it is officially time to start talking about this part of the wedding planning adventure, though it still may be too early to actually do it. Your Wedding Registry is often a piece of the planning couples enjoy doing. Sometimes it even makes it “official” and you finally feel the whole getting married idea coming…