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First, Congratulations and THANK YOU for joining the GEG Wedding Planning Team. We’ve officially made it through Intro Week and now we’re heading into Jump Start Week which means we’re ready to make progress! We promise to make your experience fun & efficient but to do that we have to keep you on the same page as everyone else. Let’s begin Team Initiation and get you set up for success.

Team Initiation

Complete these social media connections so you don’t miss a single opportunity, public sale or inspirational posting:

  1. Subscribe to the GEG BLOG and get your Checklist
    1. This has a section of its own in the binder
  2. Download your Guest List Excel
    1. It also has its own section in the binder
  3. LIKE the Green-Eyed Girl Facebook page
  4. Follow all our Pinterest Boards
  5. Follow us on Instagram 

 Meet our Sponsors & Affiliates

We are very honored to have the relationships that we do all across the Internet. Our Affiliates and Sponsors are who make it possible for us to offer the time of the Team Experience for free. See the Full Affiliate List HERE.
We’ve spent the last year building our partnerships to offer you discounts just for being on our team, but your clicks also earn us a small commission. Those commission earnings cover the team costs so you don’t have to. Throughout the Team Experience, you’ll see them pop in some emails and even a few posts. We would very much appreciate your clicks!


Our first main Affiliate, eager to help you out is InkFarm, who is having a sale right now on printer ink! You’ll be printing a LOT in the next few days so you’ll want to stock up on printer ink at a great price!
Build your Team Binder

Head back to the Team Facebook Group page and view the Group Files. There you’ll find the inserts needed for building your Team Binder. Hooray!

This Binder once assembled will walk you through Jump Start Week and the rest of Team Initiation. The inserts tell you exactly how to build your binder, what goes in it and how to use it throughout the Team Experience.

You’ll also receive your 7 days of Homework for Jump Start Week. They’re easy and involve Pinterest 😉

  • Day 1 Homework: Finish Team Initiation and Assemble your Team Planning Binder. Print and Read each of the 8 cover sheets per tab. Print your Calendar pages, fill them out.
  • To Print your Calendar– Download below, and print as many as needed. Fill out and put in your binder at the front.
  • Next Day: Mentally gather your guest list and make a few calls for addresses, Complete the Checklists Section Assignment 1 {on the tabs}
  • Third Day: Complete the Guest List Section Assignment 1- Begin building your Guest List Management Spreadsheet {also on the tabs}
  • Fourth Day: Continue building your Guest List using Assignments 2-4
  • Fifth Day: Use Pinterest for Assignment 1 on the Project Blocks Tab
  • Sixth Day: Begin Assignment 1 for the Wedding Day Documents Tab
  • Seventh Day: Consider vendors that you still need and aim to have Assignment 1 for the Contracts & Vendors Tabs in progress. Read up on How to Hire your Wedding Vendor Dream Team

It also explains how your Planning Binder is organized into the tabbed sections and how we will use the binder to keep you together. 
Front Section: Print and put in your Calendar
  1. Checklist
  2. Team Notes
  3. Guest List
  4. Project Blocks
  5. Wedding Development
  6. Wedding Day
  7. Vendor Contracts
  8. Receipts & Everything Else!

You already have HOMEWORK!

Ready? Set. Go!
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