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Wedding Planning is much more fun when you have a great team behind you. The GEG TEAM Experience is built around that very concept.

Wedding Planning is much more fun when you have a great team behind you. The GEG TEAM Experience is built around that very concept. Perhaps you’re already a student in our Teachable School. You might even be enrolled in the Award Winning ECourse, The Project Block System. But, did you know that the overall GEG Experience could get even better for you? It can. As a student enrolled in the Teachable Ecourse, you’re invited to be a member of our Facebook Team as well.

What is the GEG TEAM Experience

We’ve taken that TEAM concept of multiple people working together to achieve a common goal and applied it to wedding planning. You, of course, have your own Wedding Team, but we have another one you’ll want to join.

As a student in The Project Block System ECourse, you’re free to work through it at your own pace and email me questions whenever you need to. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could reach out to an entire group, or TEAM of people all working on the same topics and speaking Project Block Language at the same time? That’s exactly what I’m offering.

Come Plan your Wedding with me! My name is Kandice KElso and I wrote, The Project Block System ECourse. It teaches Brides how to plan your own wedding from start to finish at your own pace. You get Wedding Planning Videos with me and so much more free stuff. Want even more? I take my brides through a 30 Week Team Experience on Facebook for even more Wedding Freebies!

Project Block Language

Watch this video of a story I tell about Aunt Chris. This wedding and this story are what inspired me to take the final leap and create my ECourse for the world to use. Everyone should be able to talk this clearly about a Wedding. Every bride should have this much confidence in her Wedding Team on her big day. I want to give all of you the excellence and ease that this bride of mine had.

A 30-Week Structured GEG Team Experience

In this Facebook Group, we will all be speaking Project Block Language. You’ll be immersed in a Team atmosphere with a group of like-minded brides, and myself. Throughout the Experience I’ll be guiding you through that Teachable Ecourse {the one you could take all alone and still be fine} with accountability and access to instant resources.

What the next Weeks look like:

Routines are my favorite if you hadn’t guessed. So is consistency. Here is the weekly structure that we’ll utilize.

The first Weeks inside the Team is all about getting started and building your Team Binder {hooray!}
Inside the Teachable ECourse for The Project Block System, you’ll get to download and print our Project Block Workbook. These are the pages you’ll use throughout the whole class and take with you to your wedding. The Project Block Workbook is your ECourse Textbook and Assignment Worksheets. 

It is a 72-page document that includes a worksheet for each of the 30 Project Blocks and several pages of bonus material, checklists and organizers. We spend the 40 weeks going over one Project Block Worksheet per week until you finish it. This is where the Team becomes so helpful. 

Inside the Team on Facebook you can:

  1. Ask questions about the assignments
  2. Ask questions about completing the worksheets
  3. Find out which pieces you can skip bc they don’t happen at your wedding {receiving lines, bouquet toss, etc} 
  4. Ask other Brides what they are doing and get ideas
  5. Ask Kandice {me} specific wedding planning questions about the Project Block content. 

Once you have all of your Project Block Worksheets complete, I teach you how to use them on your wedding day for speedy, efficient and calm wedding day set up. 

Facebook Team Posting Structure:

On Fridays, I will post a main post for the Project Block we’re focusing on that week. Your job will be to read that post, follow through all my provided readings, and then go into the Teachable Ecourse to complete that specific Project Block Assignment, on your own time. 

Think of it as me lecturing, you studying the content and doing the reading all weekend, and then turning in your assignment at the beginning of the week. Occasionally there are quizzes and extra credit too!

*There is NOT a lot of reading, so don’t let that scare you. I will highlight which information is inspirational/optional to read and which posts are key for being successful. 

The Reading/Assignment workload should only take you 2 hours a week MAX. In fact, the ECourse and entire System is designed to make sure you’re not spending too much time on any one Project Block. We encourage quick decision making because you are given so much information that you won’t have to spend your own time researching. 

Come Plan your Wedding with me! My name is Kandice KElso and I wrote, The Project Block System ECourse. It teaches Brides how to plan your own wedding from start to finish at your own pace. You get Wedding Planning Videos with me and so much more free stuff. Want even more? I take my brides through a 30 Week Team Experience on Facebook for even more Wedding Freebies! 
How to Plan a Wedding. Wedding Planning Binder, Wedding Planner Book.

Thursday Nights: Progress Checklist

I’ll post a preview letting you know what is coming throughout the week.

Fridays: The Project Block Assignment Post Day

I will post an Assignment for the Project Block of the Week. You will login to your Teachable Ecourse, read up on the Project. Do the assignment and then come back here to leave your answers for Team Points {more on those later, the more you participate, the more you earn!} You will have 6 days to do this assignment, or at least until the next Project Block drops.

Weekends: Reading Day

I will post supplementary reading for the Project Block of the week. This reading is entirely optional and a bonus. It will help you through completing your assignment though, so if you’re struggling with a Project, the Supp Posts will really benefit you.

Wednesdays: Ask a Wedding Planner Wednesdays

Today is the day where you get to ask questions. I’ll post and you can comment on it with your questions about that week’s Project Block, or any question you’re having. Sometimes I’ll leave a prompt for you to answer too.

This is a great day to get support from the group. I’ll ask about what you’re working on and give you feedback or help you through completing the Project Block Assignments before the weekend hits.

Mon-Tue: On your Own!

There are no posts in the group these days. I also never delete posts until the end, so if you’re gone a week or get sick/behind, you can just jump in and catch up at any time. I will track all comments for Team Points throughout the full Experience, so you won’t miss an opportunity.

Join the GEG TEAM Experience

Convinced yet? Learn even more about the GEG TEAM Experience, or continue on your own through the Teachable ECourse. Either way, you’ll still have a fantastic Wedding Planning Experience. The GEG Team Experience is included with your $200 Paid Project Block Ecourse Enrollment. It is exclusive to Project Block System Brides and you must be enrolled in the Ecourse to join.

Join the Public Facebook Group

If you only want inspirational and supplementary info while you’re taking The Project Block System ECourse on Teachable, I have a group for you too! The Inspired Coordination Facebook Group is where you’ll want to be for extra reading. Fun Fact: That group runs alongside the Team Experience on Facebook so we’re sharing inspirational posts that correlate to the Project Block the Team is covering each week. #yourewelcome 😉

Join The GEG Team Experience!

Award-Winning Online Wedding Planning with Green-Eyed Girl Productions:

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Hi there! I’m Kandice, Owner of Green-Eyed Girl Productions and engineer of The Project Block System. Thank you so much for stopping in on this blog post! Join hundreds of Bride who have worked through The Project Block System while planning their Wedding. Our Team Experience is now FREE to everyone planning a wedding during this chaotic and confusing time.


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