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Oregon Wedding Coordinators. Wedding Coordinators in Oregon. Portland Wedding Coordinators. Why hire a wedding CoordinatorIt is important to remember that all wedding coordinators are different and have a different approach to what they do. As they should since all couples are different and have different needs. If we weren’t different couples would all have to conform to one style of “help” which may not work for them.


Now before I write the rest of this post I want to clarify/disclose that I am not claiming to be the best all time coordinator on the planet… I am one of many, all of whom are great in our own way. Think of us as cookies 😉 We’re all cookies and cookies are delicious, but some are snicker doodles and some are oatmeal raisin…very different and yet both cookies, and both amazing to someone. I am just one sort of cookie 🙂 Yet to be determined!

I can tell you the ingredients that make up the Green-Eyed Girl recipe, and why our style of cookie stands out…  You decide which is the right flavor for you.

Earth & Community Conscience

Green-Eyed Girl chooses to be earth friendly and sustainable in our methods, though we do not enforce this practice on our clients. Within our own practices we try to be as minimal as possible with paper usage (printing, emailing and distributing marketing materials), we reuse as much office supply as humanly possible in the way of paper clips, ink cartridges (Rapid Refill cars could be seen in our parking lot a lot!), and of course we try to accommodate the wedding needs of each couple with design style and decorative pieces that are all reused, sustainable, upcycled or multiple uses worthy. Read about our “Keeping a GREEN Eye,” “Your Wedding & GREEN” and what it looks like to work with us.

After a Wedding, you can often catch us dropping off the catering leftovers to local shelters or delivering your centerpieces and favors to our local hospitals.

Certified & Insured

Kandice is a certified Wedding Professional from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. She has a Master’s degree in Behavior Management from the University of Oregon and utilizes her Education undergrad background every day when working with couples. She holds certifications in CPR, Emergency First Response, Epi Pen Administration, and is an Ordained Reverend (you know, just in case your Officiant doesn’t show!) Green-Eyed Girl Productions, LLC is a registered Oregon business and carries liability insurance.

Our Cargo

We bring a lot with us on the big day. GEG comes with many perks that are available to the couple with regard to efficiency and experience that you may not receive if you are having mom or maid of honor shoulder the Big Day’s schedule. Granted, mom and MOH are very, very capable people and probably have handled a wedding before in the past, but shouldn’t they be celebrating too? GEG brings a full Headquarters full of fun, tactical equipment (from staple guns & string line for the aisle chairs to band aids and mosquito repellent) We bring our Emergency Bridal Kit, a kit valued at over $350 worth of supplies. We bring a first aid kit, fabric steamer and step ladder. There are a few more things that we bring, but I’ll leave that as an exclusive detail….
See our Post for a Wedding Planner’s Cargo

A Note from Kandice…

I am personally different from other coordinators in many ways which is important to note because if hired, you should know that you’ll be spending a lot of time with me. We should have a great relationship, both friendly and professional to ensure our success.

I approach weddings with a fantastic game plan involving many little assignments which come together for one amazing learning experience. Each piece (or assignment) is broken down into comprehensive lesson plans that are easily followed. Each has obtainable goals and guided with a deadline for completion so that the next step can begin.

I am a very organized person. My house is labeled and color coded. I am a former college athlete in Volleyball from the University of Oregon. I was the head coach for Sheldon High School Volleyball from 2007-2012 (4-time coach of the year) until I resigned to have our first son. Any one of my former players can tell you that my favorite word is “efficiency.” My husband even worked that into his wedding vows… Why is my athletic background important? It tells you that I am competitive and take teamwork and accountability very seriously. I will be your wedding planning teammate, coach, inspirational speaker or whatever it is that you need from me. It is your championship game and I would love to be on your roster!

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