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Cupcake Tower

These items are for Green-Eyed Girl Productions coordinating clients who are already working with GEG on a wedding, party or event. All items are part of our Event Styling Inventory and are not for sale. Also, these are not public rentals. You must have hired GEG to attend your event to have access to our inventory. We will bring them with us when we arrive and we will take them with us when we go. For more details on adding this piece to your Styling Kit please visit our main website

6- Tier Acrylic Cupcake Display:
This display is great for any party, event or wedding. Each tier is clear acrylic in varied sized connected with hollow acrylic tubes. Fill tubes with rocks, snow, sprinkles, marbles and more. Tiers and connections can crack easily if too much pressure is applied during assembly. Delivered in crate disassembled.  Display your cupcakes, candy, cookies, favors or place cards!
KIT Value: $10 (for 6 tiers and tubing)

 Tiers and tubing can be connected to shape any size tower. 6-Tier towers can hold approximately 4 dozen regular sized cupcakes
 Tiers can also be separated to form multiple display surfaces
We have two fully functioning 6-Tier towers, but we also have one that now has 3 cracked plates. You can certainly use the remaining plates and tubing  for the damaged tower at a discounted point ratio.

Action Shots:
Here are three tiers on top of a milky glass cake pedestal holding 24 cupcakes

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