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Leah Joseph Photography

What an incredible day to be a part of! The first time I met Jake and Amanda was an impromptu initial consultation outside a Market of Choice parking lot… I happened to be in town meeting with another couple and our schedules just overlapped perfectly. I was totally unprepared to explain to her the GEG ways but had a Jumpstart Package on hand, which she left with…. I guess that was enough because she called and booked right away! How lucky was I?!? They had so many ideas and personal touches in this wedding that I don’t even know where to start! Not only that, but apparently Amanda and I had a lot in common and shared quite a few wedding projects between our two weddings that we didn’t even know before the big day! Again, how lucky was I to enlist such an amazing bride? Please enjoy the pictures I managed to take with my cell phone of this amazing wedding and see professional pictures on the photographer’s website: Leah Joseph Photography

Also: Please enjoy this amazing Vimeo by Northwest Film Co. for Jake & Amanda!

Leah Joseph Photography

Perfect country setting provided by Rita Campbell, and Oak Knoll Acres, right here in Creswell. Quite the little hidden treasure as she does not actively market to the wedding community! Luckily she was available in September! We set up the entrance to the barn with a welcome table to the left and an event schedule chalk board (made by Amanda) at the front doors.
Guests signed a wood slab guest book, dropped off cards, gifts and enjoyed pictures and customs signs made be BEAN
Amanda & Jake went with the succulent favors, which symbolize an enduring love. A reminder to guests that the vows they witnessed today will withstand the test of time, through good times and bad, and will always weather the storm… beautiful. 

Clementine’s Beverage Cart (the world’s most adorable beverage cart, not to mention the two ladies running it!) provided refreshments to guests both before and after the ceremony. They even bring this adorable patio set up complete with umbrella! Bonnie, from Patton’s Country Gardens contributed this large but perfectly appropriate chalk board door that we all thought to be just fitting!

We used our rustic ladders (which just happened to fit the color scheme) to create a double display. First we used the levels to display photographs and tributes to loved ones who have passed. An Homage display that all guests, and the wedding party would walk by as they made their way to the aisle. Between Bonnie, Amanda & Myself I have never seen so many blue mason jars in one place as at this wedding! 
After the ceremony, while guests made their way to the beverage cart, my girls hung up escort cards that would direct them to their assigned reception tables. 

Oak Knoll provided this incredible arch to use as a focal point for your ceremony, as well as these great handcrafted benches! BEAN provided the A & J sign we hung and GEG brought along this aisle sign, chalkboard and a few white chairs from our styling inventory
Awesome addition to the long Project Block list was the popcorn bar. A favorite treat of the couple, they wanted it to be shared with guests post ceremony. While children colored, guests mingled around cocktail tables listening to the amazing Bailee Jordyn sing and family pictures were taken, you could see everyone with a bag full of delicious air popped popcorn! 

Post ceremony we ran out and grabbed the table used for their Tree Planting Ceremony and turned it into their Sweetheart Table inside the barn. We styled it with vintage romantic novels and Amanda provided these great LOVE mugs for the centerpiece along with their Mr & Mrs. Williams champagne flutes. Signs again by BEAN!

We utilized long tables downstairs to accommodate the provided benches as well as round tables upstairs. Amanda had been collecting all of these great vintage salt and pepper shakers!
I customized our Done For You (DFY) Kid’s Place Setting Activity book for the play area and we made jars with crayons. Kids could color on the butcher paper covered tables with stencils, free hand or use the books, along with bubbles and a few toys. 
If you watch the video above you’ll catch their amazing sparkler send off into the night!

See more from their Wedding Vendor Dream Team:
Wedding Coordination- Green-Eyed Girl Productions
Venue- Oak Knoll Acres, Creswell, OR
Photographer- Leah Joseph Photography
Videographer- Northwest Film Co.
Caterer- Philyaw’s Cookout & Catering

Musician: Bailee Jordyn
DJ/Music- Destination Events

Florist- Patton’s Country Gardens & Bonnie Helsel
Tables & Chairs- Destination Events
Signage- BEAN
Bartenders- Clementine’s Beverage Cart

Succulent Favors: Millie Kelso & Millie’s Olde Farmhouse Mercantile

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