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These items are for Green-Eyed Girl Productions coordinating clients who are already working with GEG on a wedding, party or event. All items are part of our Event Styling Inventory and are not for sale. Also, these are not public rentals. You must have hired GEG to attend your event to have access to our inventory. We will bring them with us when we arrive and we will take them with us when we go. For more details on adding this piece to your Styling Kit please visit our main website´╗┐´╗┐

We LOVE Cake and Dessert here at Green-Eyed Girl! In fact two of our most popular Project Blocks are the Candy Buffet and Dessert Display! If you would like to look into hiring a Candy Buffet Project Block, see pricing for jars and scoops HERE. If you are interested in having us style your Dessert Display see all of our cake pedestals and display pieces below…

Dessert Displays:
3-Tier Galvanized
3-Tier Bronze Wire Rack (2 available)
3-Tier Brown Wire Cupcake Rack
6-Tier Acrylic Cupcake Towers (2.5 available)

Candy Dishes (see apothecary jars too!):

Milk Glass Collection
Milk Glass Plate
Milk Glass Compote Set (4)
Milk Glass Hobnail Cups (2)
Milk Glass Iris Bowl
Milk Glass Hobnail Votive Cups Set (4)
Milk Glass Candy Pedestal

Candy Pedestal Bowls
Blush Candy Pedestal
Cut Glass Candy Pedestal
Cut Glass Frosted Candy Pedestal
Cut Glass Frosted Candy Goblet

Vintage Display Accents (extra security deposit)
Vintage Sundae Cups Blush Set (3)
Vintage Sundae Cups Clear Set (7)
Vintage Sundae Cups Green Set (6)
Vintage Depression Glass Sorbet Cups Pink (2)

Just for fun…
White Hobnail ceramic bowls (4)
Ferris Wheel Display (4 Cup)
Mini Trifle Dish Set (4)
Single Cupcake Pedestals Set (6)
4 Mini White Butterfly Dishes
Orange Butterfly
Silver Pineapple

Cake Plateaus…
6″ Vintage Bronze Jeweled
10″ Vintage Bronze Jeweled
12″ Vintage Bronze Jeweled

Cake Pedestals…
    Small <10″ Surface (8″ Cake):
Mini Covered Pedestal 8″
Shamrock Basket Weave Cake Pedestal 9.75″
Tree Stump with Bird Cake Pedestal 9.75″
Green Glass Cake Plate 10″
Bone White Cake Pedestal 10″
Antique Etched Harp Gold Rim Cake Pedestal 10″

   Large >11″ Surface (10″ Cake):
Modern White 10.5″ Cake Pedestal
Modern Black 10.5″ Cake Pedestal (3 matching)
Tall White Square 11″ Cake Pedestal
Green Glass Flower Etched Footed Cake Plate 11″
Antique Etched Glass Cake Pedestal 11″
Shamrock Ivory Ceramic Cake Pedestal 11″
Silver Opal Cake Pedestal 11.5″ (2 matching)
Purple Diamond Cut Glass Cake Plate 12″
Yellow Rustic Wire Cake Pedestal 12″
White Ruffle Cake Pedestal 12.5″
Bone White Cake Pedestal 12″
Green Ivory Butterfly Cake Pedestal 12″
Milky White Opaque Cake Pedestal 12.5″ (5 matching)

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