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Cake Plateaus

These items are for Green-Eyed Girl Productions coordinating clients who are already working with GEG on a wedding, party or event. All items are part of our Event Styling Inventory and are not for sale. Also, these are not public rentals. You must have hired GEG to attend your event to have access to our inventory. We will bring them with us when we arrive and we will take them with us when we go. For more details on adding this piece to your Styling Kit please visit our main website´╗┐´╗┐

Cake Plateaus:
A sturdy surface to display your cake. Each plateau can hold a large tiered, heavy cake. The diameter of the bottom cake tier should be approximately 4″ less than the plateau to fit securely and to leave enough edging on the plateau to show the embellishment and leave room for cutting. Measurements are the diameter of the surface

KIT Value: Listed per item

 Vintage Bronze Jeweled Set of three $12
6″ = $3
10″ = $4
12″ = $5

More pictures of them in action:

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