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Wedding Coordination

One of our best attributes here at GEG is that we start everyone at the same place. Once you sign on you have access to everything we have to offer and nothing is restricted or off limits to you. Everyone receives a full Binder & Start-Up Kit, Enrolls in our Project Block Training ECourse, and joins the Facebook Group, no matter the size of your wedding, you get all our bells and whistles!

The Team Experience Email Series

My GEG Team Experience used to be a Facebook Group. However, the group went at one pace and didn’t accommodate yearly wedding dates, only summer. So, I turned the whole experience into a 25 Week Email Series that you can now take on schedule with your own wedding planning.

How it Works

  • There are 4 seasonal Email Series to enroll in all based on your wedding season.
  • They each run for 25 weeks and end right before your wedding.
  • For Example: If your Wedding is in the Fall, you’ll want to join the FALL WEDDING Series. It starts in March and ends in August. Emails will be sent out on Sundays automatically for 25 Weeks.
  • Just like the Team Experience, you receive accountability assignments, links, and checklists as you work through The Project Block Ecourse.

This new version of the Experience will still be totally FREE to you, just as the Facebook Group was.
You will still need to be Enrolled in The Project Block System ECourse to get the most out of the Experience.

  • No more Facebook Group Team Experience (But, I still run the Inspired Coordination group)
  • No more Team Schedule that doesn’t align with your Wedding Date
  • No more waiting for scheduled posts
  • No more Team Points to earn or track
  • No more Facebook notifications or the need to log in and check the group chats

NEW– Lots more discounts were added throughout the emails.
NEW– This is my favorite part: Unlike the Team Experience where you could comment on my posts or wait for Ask a Wedding Planner Wednesday, you NOW get to reply to emails and I’m right here!

If you are a student enrolled in my ECourse, I’ll respond to emails and assist in your wedding planning for the entire 25 weeks you’re in a series. How cool is that!? I can’t wait to meet you and talk all about your wedding.

Here are the new Email Series and their Launch Dates. Each Series will be closed and you’ll be in a waiting room until they launch.

Join the waiting rooms right now to secure your spot:

Team Experience 18 Week Series | SUMMER WEDDING
Launch Email: January                    Last Email: June
Wedding Date: June, July, August
Summer Email Series Sign Up 
Team Experience 20 Week Series | FALL WEDDING
Launch Email: March      Last Email: August
Wedding Date: September, October, November
Fall Email Series Sign Up 
Team Experience 20 Week Series | WINTER WEDDING
Launch Email: June          Last Email: November
Wedding Date: December, January, February, March
Winter Email Series Sign Up 
Team Experience 20 Week Series | SPRING WEDDING
Launch Email: October                   Last Email: February
Wedding Date: March, April, May
Spring Email Series Sign Up

The GEG Trademarks…

There are a few systems that are unique to the GEG Style of coordinating… that our clients love so much! Let’s talk about The Project Block System & eCourse Training.

The Project Block System

The Project Block System is the cornerstone of my Coordinating Service, and how I am helping brides all over the WORLD organize their wedding vision into obtainable goals. Every wedding has at least 30 “Projects” which is what we call them in our world. There is an aisle, an altar, a cake, etc. GEG works as a unique system in that we turn your favorite Pinterest pins into tangible, measurable, and obtainable tasks by way of writing them out in “recipe” form right down to who is tearing it down after the wedding. Read all about our System HERE

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