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DIY Repurposed Cake stand from vintage furniture end table How to Make a cake stand

You know those times when you’re walking through Goodwill and you just see something that can be made into something better? Or perhaps it is one of those times when you’re planning an event and simply need one special thing to make your idea complete. In my case I was planning a dessert/candy buffet for an upcoming Seuss themed event and needed some elevation on the right hand side. I was out of crates and wanted some color, but I didn’t want to place any of my glass displays up that high… Anyway, a trusty trip to Goodwill did the trick, per usual!
I found this great little end table for $3.99, yep that’s right. I then snagged a trusty can of spray paint $4.97 and Ta-da! Here is my before project picture…
I actually had a few items to turn blue!
I first sprayed the surface and all sides then let it dry. I then turned it upside down to cover all exposed brown. Then for a third time after drying I went over the surface again and all uneven first rounds. Be sure to use a paint brush to smooth out bubbles a drips!
Finally I took some coarse sandpaper and roughed it all up to give it that vintage look. I’m quite happy with it and plan to use it a few times this summer! All for under $10!
Then here is my little beauty in action at the event!
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