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Congratulations on your engagement! Now begs the question, Do you hire a Wedding Coordinator? Perhaps you have read through The Project Block System and you want to organize your Wedding Day vision effectively and efficiently. You’re ready to take the next step and look into hiring GEG to be there on your wedding day. Awesomeness! The next step is determining how involved we want to get…and what you get after hiring GEG.


Ask yourself these questions:

Do you know all of your Projects and just want to hand them over to us on your Wedding Day for setup?
{We come in, we pretty, we go, we come back, we breakdown}
Do you need help organizing your Projects PRIOR to your wedding and want to join our TEAM?
{collecting ingredients prior to the wedding, planning where they will go and how everything fits together, GEG is there on your Big Day}
How we can help…
Just the Pretty or Team Coordination

Just the Pretty

You don’t have to coordinate with GEG for us to come style something for you! You can utilize our Event Styling Inventory of cute, vintage goodness for specific areas of your wedding. By hiring GEG, we come in, we set it up, then you bring all the ingredients back to us the next day! Or, we can always arrange delivery and pick up 🙂

How to Hire

You have the idea, the picture you want it to look like and ALL items needed to put it together using your Project Block Workbook {which you buy and download HERE} We have one meeting with you where we coach you on the GEG Project Block System. You complete your Workbook, hand it over to us and then we show up on your Big Day, set it up accordingly, and disappear 🙂
Service fees include:

*Please note that we do not climb up ladders over 4′ tall and we will not hang any drapery due to liability 

Join our Coordination TEAM!

Sign up for a full Wedding Coordination package with us! We’d love to not only help you style your Wedding, but be there to help out all day too! When hiring GEG for full coordination assistance, packages begin 15+ months before your Wedding Date to 1 month prior.

How to Hire

All of our Team clients begin in the same place, with our Start Up Package

  • Send Kandice an Email with your Wedding Details
  • We will schedule an Initial Consultation {Free!}
  • We will go over your wedding needs and determine your potential Add-ons
  • You will be given a contract to review, sign and give a 45% down payment

Once your first payment is in you’re on the TEAM!

What’s next…

START UP KIT: You’ll receive your Binder and Initiation Homework in the mail along with a Welcome Email full of digital worksheets and pure wedding awesome bliss. You’ll receive your first round of assignments too!

EMAILS: Once enrolled on the TEAM you will begin receiving emails from Kandice every Wednesday about your Project Blocks. The first two weeks are “Initiation” where you get serious about organizing and set up shop before that inevitable Wedding Monster takes over your house! You will be walked through each Project from 0 to 35 and receive some opportunities to earn $ off of your rental Style Kit! These emails are exclusive and you can only receive them if you are enrolled on the TEAM. You will receive a complimentary Project Block Workbook Excel spreadsheet that is more comprehensive than the Download Workbook.

MEETINGS: You and Kandice will meet monthly or weekly {based on your add-on services} to progressively work you through our Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist. {Get your FREE Checklist by subscribing to this blog!}

INGREDIENTS & TEAM PAGE: Every week Kandice goes out hunting for ingredients so you don’t have to! She spends her time combing the Facebook Resale groups for your needs as well as Craigslist, Tradesy and Ebay! Fridays at GEG are dedicated to Project Blocks entirely! When you join the TEAM you’ll be invited to join our Facebook Group Team Page which runs from March to October. As a TEAM Member it is important to be available for communication in case she needs to text you a picture to confirm a purchase!

WEDDING DAY ATTENDANCE: We’ll be there! Read up on everything we bring with us to make your Big Day efficient and perfect HERE. As well as What makes us Different HERE.

Available Resources…

TWO: Or better described as the Team Wedding Opportunity- GEG is a very teamwork driven company and we like to share the benefit. While we are out shopping for Project Block Ingredients we will contact teammates and see if multiple brides want to share the same items, or can double up on a supply. For example, if GEG is painting signs for you, we won’t charge both brides for one can of paint full price, we’ll SPLIT the cost and save you both money! If you both need 1 Cup of sugar why should you EACH have to buy a 4 Cup bag? WE will buy the one 4 Cup bag and 4 brides could each use 1 Cup at 1/4 the price!

{Bonus: Kandice watches sales and uses apps, coupons, wholesalers and her affiliations to never pay full price for anything, so imagine how much smaller your 1/4 will be too!}

We understand that you are on a budget and want to do everything in our power to lessen the expenses. To do that, there is no better way than TEAMWORK and two is always better than one! If you are not a GEG bride (yet) you can still join the team and get the benefits!

More ways to get help…

Hourly Help: You can also meet with Kandice for a 1-Hour planning meeting just to ask questions and get on track. You’ll receive our Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist as our gift to you!
Go for it on your Own! We offer a completely Digital Wedding Planning Package that you can work through independently. It comes complete with a Project Block Workbook and our 7-Day Get Going Guide to Jumpstart your Planning and Checklist! We’ve also included a whole bunch of PDF Worksheets! Check it out HERE

What Brides are saying…

“This packet of information is invaluable! So getting it for this price is a steal!! I thought I had everything planned to a “T”, but of course, it was all in my head. This workbook let me put it all on paper so everyone else knew what I was imagining and planning. I printed everything from my PDF, popped it into a binder, and now I take it everywhere I go. Everything is in one place, and I no longer have to worry about which notebook I wrote something in. Highly recommend it to every bride…even the ones who think they have it handled ;)” -Tiffany 2016 Bride
“Very helpful. Thank you for helping organize this messy bride!” – Emily 2016 Bride

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