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Down a long country road on a family farm from the groom’s childhood, this feisty couple made sparks fly! Maria, full of organized poise and Rob with his exciting, spontaneous ideas made this wedding an energetic and fun filled day! Maria a Nurse and Rob a Fire Fighter… Makes sense 😉  I very much enjoyed working with Maria on Sunday mornings down at Tolly’s in Oakland where we would meet half-way for planning, her in Roseburg and I in Creswell. Every morning she would have her homework done and pen out ready for more! I think we had the most efficient meetings all summer, sticking exactly to our agendas, crossing off every little thing, in order and her earning our coveted Gold Stars every minute! GEG spent 13 hours down in Roseburg on July 11, putting together the intricate and detailed Projects Blocks that Maria had planned. All of which were captured beautifully be Sheridan with Epic Images Photography. See all here!



Green-Eyed Girl works what we call a Project Block System, where we organize pieces of the wedding into manageable, creative lists. This wedding had many amazing projects that we built together, starting from when guests arrived, going right up until they left! Guests were greeted by Project 1: Welcome Signs. Which Maria had written on a vintage pane window. 

They were then led to this Project 2: Gift Table made from a cable spool where they left messages on a vintage type-writer, set down their gifts and put cards in a mailbox.

Sheridan made them this amazing portrait of their Engagement Session to display and brought this great little Fire Truck for effect!

Then on to a Well Wishes Tree to leave inspirational, humorous and sentimental quotes for the couples that will eventually turn into a permanent keepsake for Rob & Maria to cherish forever! This is a great example of Project 11: Interactive Guest Books, or an alternate way for guests to communicate their love and congratulations. To style this area Maria rented GEG’s linen screen, and Manzanita Tree. I had made this ribbon banner on a whim before knowing Maria’s full plan, which blended in perfectly with the colors and soft, romantic feel of the wedding. Order more banners like this one here.

We finished it off with pieces of lace, doilies and strands of beads. 
Guests wrote on tags that Maria made.


Quite an inspiring idea she had… Maria decided to offer guests a cookie bar for favors! They were allowed to grab a few before the ceremony and then kept coming back all night. It went over extremely well and in fact GEG bought this Cookie banner she made afterwards so we can use it in the future. Thanks Maria!



 Love this picture Sheridan caught!!
Then on to the guest book table where guests flipped through a gorgeous photobook of engagement and relationship pictures to get to know both sides of the couple. Rob & Maria decided on an Unplugged Wedding. If you have not heard of this before, I refer you to another one of my favorite blogs, Offbeat Bride to reference 🙂


 Sign for the ceremony seating, this too came home with GEG afterwards 🙂
A Sweetheart Table for two awaited them after the ceremony. My husband built this backdrop after Maria had shown me a Pinterest Picture in one of our style meetings. She rented it from us using many of her hard earned Gold Stars! Natalie, a GEG Coordinating assistant put the backdrop together (little did she know the images from this wedding would inspire three other brides to do it this way throughout the summer! She had it down pretty fast by September!) Maria made the burlap banner and Mr. & Mrs. chair signs, which also came home with us! Boy… that crafty Maria! We were able to reuse many pieces of her wedding throughout the summer they were so beautiful and well done!


A favorite story…. One common thing that ALWAYS happens is that the bride and groom never get to eat because guests (who love them, and we love guests) are constantly coming up to the couple and talking to them while they’re eating! Dear guests of future weddings, please allow the couple time to eat! They have been taking pictures all day and are starving! They will see you during table tours when their mouths aren’t full 🙂
Anyway, so my job sort of becomes one of a “puppy guarding” situation when the couple hasn’t eaten in 15+ minutes and their food is getting cold. So I am standing there in front of Maria and Rob TRYING to block them so they can eat and these guys just keep approaching the table to shake Rob’s hand… You could probably tell as a guest that I was getting a little frustrated when finally, one of the wives of these men put it into perspective for me with the most sincere and sweetest little smile…

She said, “These guys run into burning buildings…. your little utility belt doesn’t scare them.” 
“I’m actually surprised they haven’t just picked you up and moved you yet”

I went right over to the caterer, asked him to box up a plate for them for later and went on my way 🙂

Probably the most advanced Kid’s Table I have ever seen! Very well made and set up by the family

Delicious catering provided by Rolling Thunder BBQ of Roseburg


Rob the Fire Fighter and Maria the Nurse atop an amazing cake made by the Maid of Honor and bride’s sister, Margarita. 

And a fitting sparkler send off for the evening…. 


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Venue: Private Home
Wedding Coordination Green-Eyed Girl Productions
Florist Maria Herself
DJ & Rentals Destination Events
Cake Maid Of Honor- Margarita Wong

Bonus Features: 
My wedding day hair, which lasted ALL 13 hours done by 
Judy Seiffert with Wedding Hair by Judy
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