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Hidden away near Spencer Butte is this gorgeous private home with a canopy of trees covering a meadow of handmade benches, delicate ferns and much, much love. Nancy & Wendell invited me to be a part of their special day, June 7th, 2014 and I couldn’t be more grateful. Being brought on board with just over a month to go, we didn’t have much to do but organize the amazing ideas and inspirations they had dreamed of for the 20 years leading up to the Big Day! Surrounded by friends, family and larger than life smiles, here are a few details from their Forest Fairy tale…
Captured beautifully by Carolina  Reese Photography, see more!









The stage is set… this is the scene that will later house the many guests, speeches and laughter that I will always remember…. one of which even made me tear up a bit!
Watch for my Summer 2014 Awards post coming soon!
Below are a few pictures I took, which is why they are blurry. No negative reflection on Carolina please! πŸ˜‰

As you may have noticed, Green-Eyed Girl works what we call a Project Block System, where we organize pieces of the wedding into manageable, creative lists. Below are some of the Projects that we did with Nancy and Wendell.

Project 2: Welcome Table and Project 5: Favors

Nancy and Wendell have this amazingly fun personality that they wanted to share with their guests, as well as add a little preparation since we are in Oregon. The framed sign reads, “After 20 years, Come Rain or Shine, our love will last until the end of time.” Not only beautiful and totally true for this couple but a creative way to offer guests sunglasses and umbrellas!

Another piece of their Welcome Table was a framed sign for an Unplugged Wedding. If you have not heard of this before, I refer you to another one of my favorite blogs, Offbeat Bride to reference πŸ™‚

Project 24: Tablescapes

How will table numbers be displayed, napkins folded, and places set?
Beautifully done here by Carte Blanche Caterers!


We displayed a history and the Handfasting cords on their sweetheart table for the reception so guests could catch up on any details that they missed in the ceremony.

Project 4: Ceremony

One of my most absolute FAVORITE pieces of the wedding puzzle is talking with couples about what their ceremony will actually LOOK like. What props are used, what colors are going to be in their pictures and what do you really want guests to see you do together. Who is involved and how can we bring YOU into it. Nancy did some research and settled on one of the most beautiful of unity ceremonies, then took it a little bit farther and handmade all of her own cords!


Handfasting is a Celtic tradition where couples symbolically “Tie the Knot”
It is an actual physical act of binding the couple’s hands together with a length of cloth, a cord, string, or whatever might be available. The couple faces each other and clasps hands, right hand to the right hand, left to left, making a figure eight, the infinity symbol. For a Celtic style handfasting, during the repeating of the vows, the cord is wrapped three times around the couple’s hands. Another more complex wrapping of the cord actually forms the infinity symbol with the cord wrapping across both if the couple’s hands, one side looping under one of the couple’s hands, the other side looping under the other one of the couple’s hands, then both ends tying in a knot on top of the clasped hands.

Handfasting Cords: Traditionally these are made in sets of three to represent specific meaning to the couple. Each then has a ceremonious tying that reads the same.
Nancy & Wendell chose 6 cords to represent Honor, Strength, Sharing of Burden, Sharing of Dreams, Sharing and Easing of Pain, Love, and Loyalty.
The vows for each cord follow a style like this: 
Wendell, might you ever cause her pain?
I might…
Is that your intent?
Nancy, might you ever cause her pain?
I might…
Is that your intent?
[To Both] Will you share each other’s pain and seek to ease it?
And so the binding is made. (Toni drapes the fifth chord across the couple’s hands.)
The cords already hold so much meaning independently, but Nancy attached special charms and souvenirs of their relationship creating even deeper and powerful meaning to each one. They will cherish these cords together forever as a reminder of the literal bond they made today
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This tradition was later replaced by the wedding bands that we wear today…

…and finally, as guests made their way off the dance floor and back through the meadow we wanted them to stay safe with a little help from Project 29: Guest Exiting System. We also always frame a plaque for the closest taxi companies. πŸ˜‰

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Bonus Features:
My great friend Mark Stern with Carte Blanche Caterers


My Wedding Day hair done by Judy Seiffert with Wedding Hair by Judy

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