Best Tools for Planning your Wedding

Plan your Wedding like a Pro! I’ve collected all of my best Wedding Planning Resources and Wedding Planner Tips for you in one place. If you’re planning a Wedding on your own and on a budget, these tools will make your life so much easier and efficient. Wedding Planning with The Project Block System just got easier and more efficient.

Wedding Processionals. How to make a wedding Processional. Who Walks with who in a wedding. How to write a wedding ceremony.

Wedding Processionals | Everything you need to know

Wedding Processionals are the order by which your Officiant, Family, Honored Guests, Groom, Wedding Party and Bride enter the aisle and approach the altar.¬† The Wedding Processional is the order that your Wedding Coordinator will line you up in for rehearsal. Your¬†Wedding Recessional is then how everyone will leave after the ceremony. Wedding Processionals There…