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The Project Block System consists of 2 major pieces: The Teachable ECourse and The Project Block Workbook. The Two pieces work together to bring you a successful Wedding Planning Experience. The opposite of that horror story in the last post.

At the end of this Experience you can consider yourself a Wedding Planning “Graduate” because I choose to run this whole circus like it is a College Class; Remember I was an Educator after all.

Piece 1: The Teachable ECourse = Walks you through each Wedding Planning Lesson like a Wedding Professor giving an Educational Lecture.

Piece 2: The Project Block Workbook = Your ECourse Textbook AND Homework Worksheets where you apply your learning.

This Team Experience is a 3rd Piece to the Wedding Planning Experience that helps you put the first two together seamlessly = Think of it as my Professor Office Hours 😉

That said, for all College Course you’re usually given a Syllabus at the start. I’m giving you that now!

You’ll want to BOOKMARK THIS POST on your desktop or laptop for the next 40 weeks. This post is meant to be your fastest reference for Project Block Content you want to read. Throughout the 40 Weeks I’ll add link AFTER we cover them so that you do not feel tempted to read ahead and risk overwhelm.

This is our Action Plan so to speak and how we’re going to conquer your Wedding Planning step by step, getting us Behind the Pretty.

Team Experience Action Plan Checklists

Week 1 Progress Check | Intro Week
Week 2 Progress Check | Jump Start Week 
Week 3 Progress Check | Vendor Week
Week 4 Progress Check | Bridal Week
Week 5 Progress Check | Invitations Week 
Week 6 Progress Check | Welcome Week
Week 7 Progress Check | Registry Week
Week 8 Progress Check | Ceremony Structure Week
Week 9 Progress Check | Ceremony Script Week
Week 10 Progress Check | Favors Week
Week 11 Progress Check | Transition Week
Week 12 Progress Check | Cocktail Hour Week
Week 13 Progress Check | Reception Week
Week 14 Progress Check | Keepsake Week
Week 15 Progress Check | Dinner Week
Week 16 Progress Check | Cake Week
Week 17 Progress Check | Dance Week
Week 18 Progress Check | Speech Week
Week 19 Progress Check | Tribute Week
Week 20 Progress Check | Fun Week
Week 21 Progress Check | Signage Week
Week 22 Progress Check | Lighting Week
Week 23 Progress Check | Rental Week
Week 24 Progress Check | Floral Week
Week 25 Progress Check | Send-Off Week
Week 26 Progress Check | Facilities Week
Week 27 Progress Check | Suite Week
Week 28 Progress Check | Family Week
Week 29 Progress Check | Music Week

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