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The marriage certificates are mailed in, the binders are recycled, the blog posts are posted. It is finally time to reflect on the 2014 Wedding Season from the Coordinator’s perspective. Hopefully you have read the posts for all of these amazing weddings already, but if not there is still time! Here is the post where I will distribute awards to each couple, including a fun “RAZZIE” award. The Razzie isn’t an award that makes fun of them but more so honors their good natures and ability to go with the flow and adjust to their wedding’s inevitable “un-perfect” moment. It is that highlight that everyone might talk about, but walks away laughing at the unique memory. Sometimes it is the thing that couldn’t be avoided or planned for, or just the “let’s move on” moment. All couples had one and ALL handled them so well, especially if they NEVER knew what it was! 
This post is also dedicated to my crew and the fellow vendors that we encountered along the way; Some classic Dream Team members and some new faces that we really enjoyed! In fact, some made their way on to the Dream Team roster this season!

Overall I
must admit that we made it through this wedding season pretty easily…. Final
end of the year inventory left us down only one steamer, one
tall Sheppard hook and a few missing pieces of lace, oh and about a
thousand command hooks, corsage pins and Bic lighters (used for Sparkler
exits). Not bad! (Couples- if you see anything floating around in your garage
with GEG on it, please return!)
 To my crew…
I must
first use this post to acknowledge and THANK my summer girls, Sam &
Natalie. I truly would not have made it through without them and their
dedication to following orders, no matter how ambiguous. Sam &
Natalie, two of my all time favorite volleyball players, so I knew their work
ethic, loyalty and ability to take direction, made for an exceptional team and pulled
out quite a few wins for the couples behind the scenes. Mostly they were seen
running around with their headsets, bouncing back and forth between me and our
Headquarters where we hide the set up tubs. I would radio “bobby
pin”, “double sided tape” “shout wipe,” etc and they
would magically appear with it. So couples who think I had all of that in my
pocket… thank them for their speedy retrieval! They also did all the
heavy lifting for me all summer (being pregnant) and unloaded/loaded all set up
tubs… for which I might have let them eat more than one cupcake… 😉 
I can’t
count how many times I must have barked at them: “walk faster”
“we only have 47 minutes left” or “that’s not good
enough” and they just kept on working harder without even batting an
eye. Sam with her interior design talent styled many project blocks, including
this amazing tree. Natalie being our former “team mom” reputation
holder, organized our tubs every wedding, made sure every little favor, escort
card and centerpiece was straight, but also took over any and all kid projects,
including the kids themselves at receptions! Their skills are wonderful and
their respect for helping our clients paramount. 
They too
had coordinating binders and knew every detail of your weddings, which we would then meet about. This way they truly knew how your wedding was supposed to begin and
end, including every single project block! Natalie set up our Sweetheart
Backdrop FOUR times this summer by herself! Sam set up probably over 100 chairs
by herself! Not to mention the countless details they helped make perfect! 

Thank you Vendors!….
It is always a bit nerve racking to be working such a suspenseful day with a team of professionals you have not met. There is a risk involved when hiring vendors too… will they all play nice together? I can pleasantly say that this was my first official season where EVERYONE got along! Not only that but we all really enjoyed each other! On several occasions, my girls and I had to band together with our fellow vendors and solve problems, adjust time lines and make everything  perfect without causing any concern to guests or the couple. Everyone was so accommodating it was like working in Disneyland! Lot’s going on, but everyone was on board to save the day and put on a show! That is the wedding community I love! People who are there for the couple, on their big day, no matter how high the water they’re going to come through and make this day special for their clients! I am so impressed by the people we met this year…. why has it taken us so long to work together? You are all amazing, friendly and dedicated. THANK YOU. 
A few highlights… 
I do my vendor calls to introduce myself if we’ve never met or just to firm up details…. talked with Dino from Philyaw’s for NO LESS than 93 minutes… not about the wedding… about our kids and of course, being UO athletes… 
We had some time line adjustments needed to completely alter the order of events so we could get sunset pictures, Erin from Cornucopia, “Whatever you need Kandice, we’ll do it!” 
It was HOT, with the AC broken and Bryant from Market of Choice broke out ALL the towels and ice he had so we could soak them and use them as neck wraps for grandparents and babies. He spent more time helping us temperature control than catering. He wins the total Clutch Play award! 
Bottom Line: Great people, excited about what they do and eager to be a part of your Big Day!
Here is our comprehensive list of 2014 Vendors in case you missed them in each post:
My Wedding Day Hair- Wedding Hair by Judy
Alyssa Armstrong Photography
River Life
, Harrisburg, OR
Beautiful Embellishments
Now for the main event…
My award system is simple… you get two: One from the
heart, either what I loved most about your wedding or for how much I enjoyed
working with you. Two, a RAZZIE, a funny moment where we can look back and
laugh at an uncontrollable circumstance that you may or may not even know
Award: Best Teamwork– From the very first
day I met Nancy and Wendell, I could tell that they were a solid couple with an
intense dedication to teamwork. Obviously, having been together for over 20
years that is bound to develop in a relationship, not to mention their avid gym
training which also builds great teamwork. But for me, the entire planning
approach felt very team driven, which is AWESOME and right in my wheelhouse.
Communication between everyone was so positive, constructive and helpful. I
like to think that my job lends a unique perspective on couples from sort of a
“fly on the wall” angle because I am often sitting there between them for some
pretty intense decision making moments… You know two people are truly meant to
be together when you witness them speak to each other with such respect and
genuine compassion. Neither one ever voiced an opinion to me without, “I’m
happy so long as she is happy.” They both truly, deeply wanted their day
together to make the other feel special, loved and beautiful. Now that is
teamwork. Their team approach proved more evident at the reception (I never
really get to see couples interact in their normal lives, with all their
friends and family until the big day) during a speech made by Nancy’s niece…
she thanked everyone who was there for “taking them in” because she and the
rest of the family are out of state and can’t be here for them….that was the
part that made me tear up a bit, and just proves how Nancy & Wendell draw
in teammates….you just want to be around them! 
Razzie: “Where’d the balloons go?” Wendell’s sister Toni
came down the hill with a huge bouquet of helium balloons that she was going to
use to mark the driveway and parking areas, etc. We ALL (me, Mark, Josh,
Camille, everyone) saw her walk down the hill, tie them all to the balcony and
walk off to come back later… we apparently were too busy all doing our own set
up because when she came back and asked, “where did the balloons go?” NOBODY
had an answer… somehow we all must have missed them coming untied and floating
away! …Oops!
Award: Best DIY– Maria and I would meet half way
between our two locations on Sundays at Tolly’s in Oakland to discuss her
wedding planning. She was always ready to move forward, done with her week’s
assignment and listening intently for the next task. What impressed me most
about Maria was her organizing and attention to the details in my Project BlockSystem. I suppose if I were giving her another award it would be the Gold Star
Award! I run a system where the couples can earn points off their Style Kits by
getting their assignments done well and on time… Maria had a huge style kit
from us, which she practically received FOR FREE because she earned so many
Gold Stars! I always appreciate those brides who acknowledge a system and then
dive into it with a competitive approach. It may have to do with Maria being a
nurse, having a drive to succeed, or just a great competitive nature…
regardless. There were many great, creative details about their wedding which
you can tell were in the works for a long time. Many of Maria’s ideas required
long term planning on her part to collect, collaborate and then organize for
setup. That skill and dedication to her own wedding, not to mention the
amazingly well crafted “ingredients” she produced, which I then just had to buy
from her for my future weddings, are PART 1 of her award. PART 2 is the awesome
experience I had on the Big Day setting up with family! Maria, not only
perfectly executed my Project Block Cookbook format, but her communication to
those on her Delegation Worksheet made it all possible. This is the only
wedding I have ever experience where I had many people finding me to say,
“Hello, I’m (insert awesome person) and I 
have projects 1, 3, and 5, I need to get this (ingredient) from your kit
to finish setting up Project 7.” Or “Hi Kandice, I’m (another awesome person)
and I will be moving Project 4 into Project 24 after the ceremony, can I get
the candles for the jars from your kit?” It still blows my mind to think about
how well Maria must have communicated to everyone before the wedding to have
them all “speaking the GEG language” on the big day. It was a surreal and
humbling experience really that I will always remember and appreciate!  THANK YOU!
Razzie: “Where is the Groom?” The party was
getting rowdy, the dance floor was full and we still hadn’t done the bouquet or
garter…. We got Maria out on the floor, stopped the music, were announcing the
upcoming event and couldn’t find the groom ANYWHERE. We tossed the bouquet to
the ladies to buy us some time while the groomsmen, Natalie and I all ran
around the entire property looking for him… couldn’t find him. DJ was making
announcements, “Rob to the dance floor” “Rob we need you” the guests around the
dance floor started chanting his name, louder and louder, groomsmen are calling
him… nothing. Finally a truck comes back up the driveway… Rob had to run back
to their house to grab the final payment for the caterers! Everything was just
fine after his return and we all got a bit of a panicked laugh and sigh of
relief! Lesson learned; don’t stop the dancing until you know where the groom
Award: Most Genuine– I could tell right
away after meeting this couple that they were really excited about their
wedding. One, Dallas came to every meeting (minus his bachelor party weekend), which
says a lot about a groom! Mostly I am working only the bride, so it was very
fun to see both of them together. They are incredibly outspoken, fun and we’ll
say….boisterous 😉 There were a few times, in early meetings, where they would
joke with each other about a decision that might have turned into an argument,
both knowing VERY well how to push the other’s buttons…. But it always turned
into this adorable little connection that I could see “using my
fly-on-the-wall” advantage. You know two people are good together when they can
pester each other just enough to still be lovable. It’s endearing to watch once
you know what it’s about. I enjoyed meeting with them very much mostly because
I wanted to hear the crazy story about why Dallas was now on crutches, or to
witness the purely unfiltered, honest “call-out” on the other which works for
them. They are both open, honest and true people who say what they think and
don’t hide anything. I suppose that leads me to my award…. Dallas, is a big,
intimidating dude… for lack of better words. But, on his wedding day, which I
will remember forever as he has been the best so far, is that ear to ear grin
that he wore ALL DAY. It is still my favorite “groom” memory. Every time I
spoke with him or saw him across the room he was just like a kid in a candy
store surrounded by all his favorite people. But most importantly, I could see,
written all over his face how truly and blissfully excited he was that he just
married Skyla… and he was not holding it in or holding it back! So sweet and so
honest, coming from that big, tough guy. Awesome!
Razzie: The HEAT– Despite much planning and
communication with the venue, which went into major construction mode right
before their wedding, that construction unfortunately interfered with the
building’s air conditioning system… it didn’t work. So that led us to a lot of
problem solving which included moving several large fans around the banquet
room to circulate air. Fortunately, having been a Volleyball coach at Sheldon
for 8 years I was quite accustomed to using industrial fans to cool down rooms
much bigger and hotter than this one! Legally we had to meet an Oregon mandated
heat-index to practice…Once the fans quit mysteriously moving/pointing toward a
single guest table and let the system work everyone was much more comfortable!
Award: Most Family Love– More than just two
people coming together, this wedding was about bonding a whole beautiful
family. Kat and her girls were officially welcoming in Jesse, whom who wouldn’t
love this guy? The wedding plan was small but incredibly personal and intimate
with a reception right at home in their backyard, so when I say “close to home”
I mean it. It really did affect the whole family while planning. The girls got
their own homework too, like, choose a dress, help hang the lights over the
porch and clear out the garage. EVERYONE helped to plan this wedding, because
everyone was coming together. The girls were the bridal party, Jesse’s dad his
best man, Ron a close friend officiated and friends all stepped up to give them
an amazing day. My award comes in at the reception where I will confess, I
teared up a bit…. We all know the 
traditional dances at a reception, being all about the couple, but no,
not this one… We did do a couple’s dance, but also, Kat and her girls danced a
“Happy” dance because they just WERE, Kat danced with Jesse’s dad and then the
kicker, Jesse danced with ALL the girls, which was just so awesome to see. He
truly fits in to their family he loves each one of them and they have accepted
him with such loving arms. Really, after meeting him you will too! Never have I
met a more sincerely caring person as Jesse (AND Kat!). Throughout his
reception he would ask me if I were okay or needed anything… really? Go talk to
your guests and enjoy yourself! Pretend I’m not here! But no, he’s too kind
hearted for that. He’s the perfect family man for his new household of women!
Razzie: The WIND– We were out at Dorris Ranch
which is a beautiful

open lawn, but with really nowhere to “hide” the bride for
her grand entrance up the aisle. So we had this brilliant plan to set up a
dressing tent for her (we were also there only a limited amount of hours) to
change in before aisle time. Then we had planned to set up a backdrop of burlap
curtains for her to emerge from…. Well, Jesse was assigned to tent setting up
prior to him getting ready. Those tent walls blew over the fence, across the
orchard and into the trees! Not something a groom should have to mess with
hours before his wedding. And knowing it was an important item, he was stressed
out about it. We excused him, sent him off to change while Sam and I attempted
to wrangle this thing, finally moving it to a less windy location and tying it
to trees! Our burlap curtains never made it up either due to the wind knocking
them down, and we didn’t want them to fall right as she walked through! So we
scrapped those entirely which both Kat & Jesse understood J Those few details
certainly didn’t damage the day and we can laugh about it now!

Award: Most Creativity– When I think of a
way to describe my planning experience with these two, I lean towards the
analogy of an elaborate, festival of music… when looking back over the months
spent and “listening” again I hear it play with constant energy, but with some
unexpected changes that play out well and then some surprise additions that
throw you for a loop and make the whole thing come together. You know that
you’re listening (planning) to a concert (wedding) you’ve never heard before  and
the crescendos keep you on the edge of your seat, excited for what happens
next! And in the end, EVERYONE stands up applauding! A few of the many special
things about Tiffany and Corey is their style, composure and personal
connections to those around them. Tiffany & Corey actually collect a few
awards from me, which all tie together… Style: My one bride to utilize the
Pinterest Board exchanges the most and best. Tiffany’s board, which is really
something to marvel, began with such distinct themes and then would change, creating
this masterful work of art and personally unique style that communicated what she was envisioning. Composure:
After communicating the ideas, it came down to incorporating them all together…
I suppose this award should truly be “Most Trusting” because even though
Tiffany calmly and meticulously drew out each vision for each Project Block the
fact was: They were NEVER going to see it until I set it all up! They were
getting married in Eugene, and I was out setting up the reception, never seeing
them until AFTER they were newlyweds. Totally nerve racking for my crew! But
Tiffany & Corey trusted us to get everything arranged accordingly to their
expectations and from what I gathered, were happy! Personal Connections:
Back to that concert with the great surprises thrown in that make everything a
delight…. Being amazing people, naturally they would accumulate several quality
friends; friends who are willing to step up and contribute to the couple’s big
day in big ways. Perhaps this award actually goes to their friends, but it says
something about your social group when at every meeting I hear that; My friend
is letting me wear her dress, my friend is doing centerpieces, my friend is
going to run the photo booth, my friend made ALL these chalkboards!!!! And so
on! These contributions add up and really prove the power of weddings by
showcasing how people LOVE you. So maybe, truly, Tiffany & Corey win the
award for “Most Loveable” instead 😉
Razzie: Surprise guest– Tiffany is up on
stage, DJ is getting the microphone to introduce the first dance… He is asking
Corey to come up to the dance floor, he says, “Better hurry Corey before
someone else jumps in” RIGHT as he says this, we hear a dog bark… This cuddly
surprise guest had wondered into the reception (really his domain since he
lives at the vineyard) and apparently wanted a dance with the bride! Super
fitting and hysterical if you know how much of an animal lover Tiffany is!
Later on she obliged and even got a few pictures with the wedding crasher!
Award: Most Efficient- One of the exciting
things about working with Salena, her mom Heidi and Randall was that we
actually shared something in common that I never have with any other couple… We
had all been former UO Athletes. That being said, and perhaps only other
college athletes will understand this, we had a unique understanding for
“systems.” Most couples I work with I relate everything to “homework” and a
drama play that requires certain props, scenes built and lines rehearsed. With
these two it was so much fun to wrap all of my analogies around it being their
“championship game day” with practice plans, huddles, drills and reps. Which,
they jumped right on board! We could speak the same language and exchange both
ways the player/coach relationship. Every experience was so well organized with
an exact list of questions and concerns, in order of when they needed to be
addressed and who they needed to talk to for the answers. A favorite memory and
example of just how “into” the systems of efficiency these two were: I take the
couples on “table tours” during the reception so they can see and greet each
guest personally before the dance floor opens and the night slips away. The
rule is you get approximately 2 minutes per table to greet everyone. (Depending
on how many guests, etc) First, when I explained this system to them before we
started, Randall clapped his hands together and goes, “Oh I got this!” Then during
this time, Randall might have been a little competitive… They were doing great,
half way through and Randall was constantly moving on before Salena…. He leans
over to me and says, “I’m totally winning this aren’t I?” Hilarious perspective
on this whole thing! I have never had a groom take it this way but it shows me
how fun and exciting their marriage will be! What a perfect pair! Everything
about this wedding was on time or early. Even the things people at the time
thought were “late” were ACTUALLY still on time because everyone had been there
early. Never have I had the wedding party BEAT me to the waiting area and
already BE lined up IN ORDER! Parents included! Groomsmen were tapping their
watches at ME asking what the holdup was…. To which I had to say, well
technically we still have 10 more minutes!
Razzie: Is this a Receiving line?- With the whole
wedding party being so efficient and ALREADY where they needed to be (which did
I mention never happens) we had them all lined up pretty close to where the
guest book table was… In the 10 minutes that we were there early, Wedding
started at 5:30, so at 5:20, we were STILL waiting on guests to arrive! I would
have to say about 35 people showed up in those last 10 minutes while we were
all standing there to go down the aisle, however they didn’t go right to their
seats, realizing we were waiting on them… instead they all wanted to come up
and talk to the groom or the families! So we finally had to start telling
people that we had to have them sit down so we could start, and still about 20
people showed up right at 5:30 J
Award: Most Original– Every detail about this wedding was given great attention.
Katie, you could tell, had been organizing her ideas for a long time, or if
not, knew exactly how to make everything come together seamlessly. I was simply
there to run the time line and oversee a few vendor details. We met three times
in total, Katie and her friends handled all project blocks and set up of them.
I hadn’t actually seen any of the details until I arrived for rehearsal, which
blew me away! Katie effortlessly blended together romantic themes of color in
soft peaches and lace but then somehow masterfully incorporated this great edge
of rocker wild child 😉 It was so perfect to reflect their personalities, love
of music and each other, but not be a clash of two very different themes. I’m
not sure I could have done it any better than her own visions, it was perfect.
Continuing to be original, breaking the wedding molds left and right, they
chose a great soundtrack with bands like CAKE, while cutting their
cake…classic. Katie wanted specific songs played at certain times to properly
transition everyone between events… precious. And they served WAFFLES for
dinner!… AMAZING idea! If that isn’t original?…. Plus, the speeches were my
favorite from the whole summer! I still have, “We can cook!…. da-da, da-dah…
Buy the Book!” ringing in my head!
Razzie: The Sun- It is such a stretch to find this Razzie because their wedding
was quite relaxed, and nothing really “happened” that was out of the ordinary…
Along with their amazing personality and ideas, they had planned for another
guest activity that involved guests signing these cool things (which I won’t
reveal because perhaps they will still do it later in life), but when they were
set out the day before they melted in the sun L It was an
incredibly hot September weekend! Thankfully the day before was much warmer
than the actual wedding day!
Award: Most Sentimental– I remember leaving a meeting with Amanda a little watery eyed
because we were discussing some pretty beautiful and emotional details about
her big day. From beginning to end of her massive Project Block ‘Cookbook’ I
call it, every project was given a uniquely personal and special twist, made just a little more romantic, or a tribute to someone else. They
made special efforts to accommodate everyone, make everyone feel welcomed, and
loved by them as a couple. It was always a great concern for them to think
through every possible guest’s need and make sure that everyone felt comfortable
on their wedding day. I remember Amanda being very concerned about the whole
seating chart and where to put people so that they would be happy. We made
meticulous plans and then backed off the idea, then went back to it, then just reserved
tables, and couldn’t decide how to make everyone happy on paper, so we let them
do it themselves… But that showcases her compassion and sentiment for the
people around her, caring very much how her actions affect them in the end, and
how she makes other around her feel appreciated. Amanda also snagged the
secondary award for most impressive, comprehensive and thorough Project Block
Cookbook! I thought I had already organized it well but she even further color
coded it and added text boxes to better explain set up and details… yes, we got
along GREAT! We would meet and share a project idea, but then get caught up in
how we could make it even better… Yes, let’s have Jake wear a boutonniere, but
we’re going to put something special on it and then SURPRISE present it to him!…
All because Amanda wanted him to have everyone he loves close to his heart that
day… oh my gosh, I’m tearing up again just remembering! Yes, let’s do the first
look, but let’s do a private love letter reading first… so you know what to
expect at the altar… SURPRISE it’s your vows! Beautiful moment of the day!
Let’s do a unity ceremony, but let’s plant a tree to symbolize how strong our
roots are together… magical. I loved everything about this big day and it made
for the perfect grand finale to an amazing wedding season!

Razzie: A Few Wrinkles… While researching linen rentals we ultimately decided that
buying would be more affordable than renting. So we did that, but then the
Friday before the wedding when everyone was setting up it was taking quite a
long time to iron and steam them all. The logical thought is to take them all
up to a dryer and run them through to de-wrinkle them….  Lesson learned: With these linens high heat
only sets in a lot MORE wrinkles, and worse than folded seams! So we decided to
add on a few hours to the GEG day of plan, I brought both girls (Sam &
Natalie) out there with me early with every steamer and ironing board we had,
plus a few linens I had left from my rental company inventory to swap out and
we were steaming up that barn all morning before setting up anything else! The
razzie might also be how many times we flipped that breaker 😉 

A Final Farewell to 2014
As you can see we closed out an amazing 2014 wedding season. I am now settled down into my maternity leave for 2015. I will be doing a few weddings next year, but not until August 1st, giving myself plenty of time to adjust to another year of motherhood. If you are still interested in 1-hour consultations, I’m here, eager to help! 🙂 Please follow this blog and now my Mom Blog, which I manage between wedding seasons. I look forward to meeting the next group of amazing couples!
View our main website, Green-Eyed Girl Productions and keep up with our weddings on Pinterest too! 
We also do SO MUCH MORE than just weddings including Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Showers, Fundraisers and more! Perhaps we’ll see you outside the wedding season!

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