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Hooray! It’s time to buy a Wedding Dress! Soon you’ll be asking for recommendations, making calls and setting up interviews. But, how will you know all the important questions to ask your Wedding Dress IN the fitting? We’ve got you covered!

Buying your Wedding Dress is an important step in planning your wedding. In this Printable Wedding Worksheet, you’ll have all the questions you should ask your Wedding Dress Salon during an interview with them. Print the worksheets and insert them into your Wedding Planning Binder. When you go shopping for your Wedding Dress, the questions will be right there, easy to access.

The Vendor Interview Question Worksheet is formatted in a way so that you can write the responses on it during the interview. If you’re going on multiple interviews you can print all the exact same questions, so you know you’re comparing our options consistently. You’ll be able to determine the right Wedding Dress and Salon to buy it from for you.

This listing is for printable pages that you take with you to your Vendor Interviews so that you can keep track of all their answers in one place. This is also a great worksheet to keep in your binder for quick reference if the contract seems confusing.

THIS IS A PDF File download. After purchase, you will receive a file you will download from your own home computer and print.

*************************VENDOR INTERVIEW EBOOK*************************
If you’re looking for even more questions to ask your Wedding Dress Salon, we have an entire eBook on Interviews. Our eBook coaches you on how to prepare for Wedding Vendor Interviews and how to conduct them.

Read all about our eBook, How to Buy Your Wedding Vendor Dream Team Here

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