How to make your Wedding Day Timeline

One of the biggest pieces of your Wedding Day Puzzle is the overall Wedding Timeline. It does not have it’s own Project Block but it *includes* all of them. After building all of your Projects this is the order in which they occur. Think of it as a Broadway performance. Your Project Blocks are the characters that you have carefully developed and your Wedding Timeline is the script for how they all interact.

How to Have a Wedding Site Visit

Wedding Site Visits are crucial to overall Wedding Planning success. Often, as a Wedding Planner I find myself taking 2 or 3 Site Visits to one venue just to make sure everything will run smoothly on the big day. If you’re Planning a Wedding, schedule a trip out to your Wedding Venue and take a walk around with a few specific questions in mind.

Wedding Planning Workshop Schedule

Join Us on Facebook for a Free Wedding Planning Workshop! Green-Eyed Girl Productions is happy to host 6 Workshops that cover difficult areas of your wedding planning. All Workshops are free to attend and the more the merrier! Invite your Mother, Fiance, Maid of Honor and even your Venue Coordinator. Choose your Date All Workshops…