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This may seem like a strange concept to some, but to others you’ll totally have an Ah- Ha! moment right after I explain these and you realize you need them!… Badly!

So these little darlings are what I call “Within The Ribbon” cards and they are such because they invite specific guests to sit in specific seats that are reserved for the most important people. Think of this ribbon as a velvet rope of sorts. The people who receive these cards not only get reserved seating inside the ribbon {velvet rope} but you can assign exactly where each person sits. I know what your’re thinking… Why on earth would you need to do that? I’ll tell you….

Conflict Resolution Strategies:

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Not all families get along, period. Sure, we’d love to think that the decade long family feud will just magically disappear on our wedding day but the reality is, it won’t. You may have people in your family who just simply CANNOT be within 10 feet of each other…. for some of us that might actually even be mom and dad…. or dad and stepdad, etc. You get it, but this is how you avoid any awkward crossing and help keep those people away from each other, subtly.

Large Families: I have been to COUNTLESS weddings where I arrive and the front two rows have cute little signs that say, “Reserved for Family” on them. 12 seats…. when 40% of your guest list probably fits this category. THEN, I see 17 year old cousins in a front row seat and grandma is stuck 8 rows back because the Family Section was full. This of course is not to the fault of the cousin, he’s family after all! And the sign did say family! But, alas, grandma is a slow mover and needed to hang out in the shade until right when you came down the aisle, so cousin jumped in the empty seat.

Aisle Faces: Yep, I’m going a little shallow and a little deep on this one…. Your walk up the aisle is incredibly brief and fleeting. You barely remember it but you actually DO remember are the people you walk by on the way up and out. The person sitting in the last row aisle seat is actually the FIRST person you’re going to see coming up the aisle. You might want that to be someone special and not the friend of your mom’s neighbor whom you had to invite. Or worse, your fiance’s buddy from college you could never stand the sight of…. of COURSE those people are always the ones who get the best seats. So yes, for the deep, emotional benefits of your memories coming and going through that aisle, you may want to choose who sits on it, or who doesn’t!

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How it works

These little beauties are the size of a business card and you can make them yourself or order them from Etsy. You probably only need 20 at most so if you’re feeling a DIY project, this could be it!


  1. Order them at the same time as your invitations. After deciding WHO is getting one, you include it in their formal invitation. 
  2. On the card it tells the guest that they have a special seat reserved just for them WITHIN THE RIBBON and that they need to bring this card with them. 
  3. At the wedding they had their card to an usher who has been fully informed of the system.
  4. Ushers should be given a list of each assigned guest including which side they are seated on. 
  5. The chairs should then be marked with each persons’ name specifically. Or, if you’re a little more flexible, they can select their own seat once inside the ribbon. 
  6. Ushers should scout the chairs and names before the wedding starts so that they can know in advance where some people might sit. 
  7. Ushers  then wait at the Welcome Table {Project Block 2} to receive guests with WTR Cards. You might want more than one usher if you have more than 10 people. 
  8. Ushers should also be WELL informed of any feuds so that they do not walk anyone by another if they are on the same side or if the ushers aren’t from the same relation side and have no clue the intensity of the situation. 
  9. Nobody random will sit in a seat with someone else’s name on it!

Keys to success: Print out a Within The Ribbon Roster and pack it along with your Project Block 2 

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