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It's time to get that Wedding Beauty Routine in order and make a Beauty Checklist! There are so many great Beauty Products to recommend for your Wedding Day Beauty Prep, but I wanted to give you my personal experience and opinion on a few that go beyond Wedding Makeup. Some are even available for your Groom's Wedding Beauty Plan!

Hello there Bride to Be and welcome to a round-up of my favorite Beauty Products for your Wedding Morning. I must first express that all of these amazing products and companies are affiliates of mine. But, not because they hired me, but because I reached out to them! I wanted to recommend some amazing products to you so I went out and found them, then applied for their affiliate program and here we are 🙂 I also USE all of these products myself, or have tried them, so my opinions are all my own.

Best Wedding Beauty Products

I say wedding morning because that is where we talk about Project Block Zero in The Project Block System and everything that has to do with “Getting Pretty” on your wedding day. All of the beautifying happens here, although some of the products might come into play much earlier in your wedding planning. We’ll start with the furthest and work to the actual morning.


Candid is the one and only product on this list I have not tried, only because it is very new, and my teeth are already straight. But, if you’re wanting to have your smile evaluated, and maybe make that life change you’ve been wanting, perhaps a system of invisible braces is for you! Candid is a unique dental system that gradually adjusts the alignment of your teeth. You might need to start this beauty routine for many months or even a year before your big day:

Save 50% off the purchase of your Candid Starter Kit with code ATHOME

Glossy Box

Glossy Box isn’t just A beauty product, it is a whole bunch of them! Glossy Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes and it is perfect for Brides. I love that you can get full size products to test out instead of the sample size for such a great deal. I found my forever fragrance in my Mother’s Day Glossy Box that I NEVER would have found shopping. You get $200+ worth of product for only $50.00. If anything it’s just a super fun engagement gift or Bride Gift for the month’s leading up to your wedding:

Try Glossy Box Today


The same can be said for Fab/fit/FUN as for Glossy Box, it’s really exciting to get *Happy Mail* every month leading up to your big day. If you have fitness goals for your pre-wedding routine, this might be the subscription box for you! Not only do you get a few beauty products, but you get health and wellness products too. Some of my favorite products I’ve received include a women’s gummy vitamin and this hair serum that smells incredible! Maybe schedule your boxes for every other month with this and Glossy Box? 😉

Get your First Fab/fit/FUN Box

Bootay Bag

This one I confess got a bit away from me. I bought the year subscription three years after our wedding and let me tell you, it would have been a lot more useful 4 years ago! These dainty beauties that arrive in your little brown bag are gorgeous and much more suiting for a bride to be than a toddler mom… But if you’re planning a wedding with toddlers at home maybe these are the PERFECT surprise for your engagement planning?! {wink, wink} I see you girl 😉 Try at least a few before you subscribe. They’re worth it.

Two handpicked pairs of panties for $13 at BootayBag!

Dollar Shave Club

This one I have to confess… I bought originally for my husband as a father’s day gift, yet it never made it to him… I kept it! And I’m so glad I did! I LOVE the prep-scrub. We both have a subscription now and maybe you can surprise your fiance with a pre-wedding beauty routine gift:

Get your Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit


Yet another product you can use all through your engagement but also on your wedding day. Vanilla Rose is a favorite as is the charcoal! Not only is this natural deodorant so much healthier for you, but it smells amazing and works. My clothes no longer get that yellow stain which is super important when thinking about your wedding dress {despite the one day of wear} on those delicate fabrics. Read all about the health benefits of switching to a natural deodorant on their website and check out all of their other products from toothpaste to shampoo:

Shop Native Cosmetics

True & Co.

For these last three, we’re going to work from the top down for when it comes to your actual wedding day. Shape-wear. You want everything to fit and lift and be comfortable all day long. I have a really wide rib cage, so I had to look for support outside of the box, or mall store… I found True & Co. Their bras are soft and stretchy but also don’t have the sewn closures as most bras, so there aren’t as many lines. Hooray! See for yourself:

Get the bra that lifts up to 1″ from True&Co.


We ALL know about the glory that is, SPANX. Your specific wedding dress may need a special style of shapewear and I’m sure you’ll find something at Spanx. My wedding dress had a tighter waist that leads into a mermaid dress, so I needed to get rid of a lot of the hip lines. I was able to find a great, affordable and comfortable piece that did the job! It also didn’t cut off my circulation! See what you can find:

Shop Spanx Wedding Styles


And finally, all the way down to your heels… Quick shoe check for your wedding day: Are you going to walk with a spike heel on grass? Are your bridesmaids or mother(s)? You might want to do a fast headcount for women in your wedding who need a little Solemate! These aren’t really a beauty product so much as they help you be more graceful on your big day!

Find your Solemates here!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’re already feeling beautiful heading into your wedding planning and of course on your big day! Maybe you’ll find that little extra something here 😉 Always remember, #GEGBridesRock

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