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There is an ancient tradition of Ceremony Tossers and throwing rice onto a couple as they make their way up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs., which many of you know I’m sure. The actual grain of rice is meant to be a symbol of fertility and is considered a “life-giving” seed.  It is thought that by throwing it on the couple they will be bestowed with fertility and have many children. [Source: Behind the Scenes Inc] It is also believed to symbolize prosperity in the form of producing such a large crop that provides the plentiful harvest.


Regardless, the tradition of a blessing or good fortune being passed on or bestowed upon the couple by their guests is beautiful. It means something. The bottom line is that symbolizes a new chapter and a new beginning together while ushering in new opportunities. I’m a sucker for symbolism and of course tradition, but more so, I’m a sucker for taking traditions and twisting them just enough to make them my own.


When it came time to decide on our wedding tossers and choosing the symbolic magic that we would be showered with to start our new married life I knew exactly where to look….


I mentioned above that I am a sucker for tradition… well, I also happen to be a hopeless romantic. {Makes my job super fun} When I first met my husband I knew I would marry this guy. The whole love at first “go out and solve the problem that nobody else is fixing, get off your butt and be that guy” impression. He was it. So since our very first date, I had kept every rose petal he ever gave me. I don’t really know why at all. Just a feeling I guess. I knew they meant something. The bouquet from our first date, the birthdays and good game and apology bouquets; All those petals told the story of us, and I held on to them. I’m also an obsessive shadow box maker, so maybe I was keeping them for that? These petals were the symbol of our past and the path we took to get to our wedding day. They were our relationship sitting there in one big box holding on to love, memories, fear, and forgiveness we had survived over the past 7 years together. They were our love story.


When it came time to choose something that we could “toss” and “let go” on our first trip up the aisle and welcome in the new love story ahead in marriage, these were that symbol. What better way to say goodbye to any past arguments, fears, doubts and childlike love than to watch them float by us in the air, freeing us of any and all insecurities?


Roses may not be a big deal to some people, but they mean a lot to me and are a constant theme in our life together. Our ceremony also included a Rose Ceremony to express our need for each other. Every year on our anniversary I fill a vase with water and Billy brings home a rose. You can read all about it HERE.
But the point is that we needed to make room for all these new “married” roses and with that sentiment, I came up with this idea for the tossers…


One of my favorite memories growing up was pressing flowers in a dictionary with my mother. I don’t know why I so distinctly remember that, but I do. She taught me how and ever since then I have been pressing flower petals in magazine stacks and big books. So that is what I did. You can investigate my house any day of the year and you’ll find a flower drying upside down or being pressed somewhere! So I guess we have a tribute to mom in there too. Bonus!

Photo Credit: Roman Studios

Using a butterfly punch {Martha Stewart} we punched by hand all the petals. Hand cramps galore! Special thanks to Hayley who did most of them at our Wedding Work Party!


I bought little vellum envelopes and filled them with a generous amount that could be flung. Our guest list was 350 so I made 200. I then printed little labels for each with instructions and made a sign to display with them at our Project Block 2 {Welcome Table} so that guests could grab them on their way to the ceremony.

This is absolutely one of my favorite pictures! Great job Richard!
Photo Credit: Roman Studios

The key to success was that our Officiant, Lucas, explained them again in our ceremony and told everyone to get them out and ready. When you put so much thought and effort into something you don’t want people to forget it! You also want to prepare the photographer for what is coming. This event is actually the one and only thing I told Richard I really wanted him to catch!


So there you have it. When deciding your symbolized message for guests to shower you with on your wedding day think outside the rice. I chose something that was deeply personal to us and intertwined with our future and ceremony. You don’t have to get so deep, especially if you haven’t been collecting things for 7 years!

Some other ideas for tying in symbolism other than just picking something that looks cute might include: He proposed, or your first date was with ice cream or on a birthday: throw sprinkles! You’re getting married on your college campus or met in college: throw confetti in your school colors!

You can find meaning and make ties to nearly everything. But that is my main advice and food for thought: When choosing, look for something that means something to you both. It is more than a picture opportunity, it is a gift that you can give to your first married walk together and a blessing to your future…. Maybe your biggest gift wish IS loads of babies? Then throw the rice!

Photo Credit: Roman Studios

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