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Spring Wedding Planning Assignments. Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks. Wedding Hacks. Wedding Sales. How to save money on a weddingIt is time for your Spring Wedding Planning Assignments! This is a
wonderful time of year to make a lot of progress on your summer and fall wedding dates. You are probably about 4 to 6 months away from the big day, or maybe even 3 to 5! Either way here is what your goals might be for March & April…

1- Capitalize on EASTER!

What a fantastic season to find amazing deals on wedding necessities that might be difficult (or more expensive to get in the later months)

Wedding Party Attire

April and Easter is the best season to find adorable white dresses for flower girls as well as shoes! Believe it or not, March and April are the ONLY months out of the year that major stores carry these many choices for white, ivory, bone and even pastel colored shoes, for women AND children. Check out these amazing Easter Sales
Payless Shoes: White Hot Sales! Pastel flats & peep toes…. Found some I liked!
Then shop beautiful Girl’s Dresses from Alexa & Alexa… think Flower Girls.

And of course, what would a kids clothing deals list be without a Zulily link? They have some amazing formal clothes in just now for both boys and girls!

Candy Buffet Stock

Candy! Having a candy buffet or an elaborate dessert bar? Good luck finding this much pastel-colored candy any other time of year! Halloween is all purples and oranges, Valentines is red and pink, but Easter…. Any and all colors can be found!

Pastel Wrapped HERSHEY KISSES great price and you don’t find these elsewhere. The best time to buy Easter candy is obviously AFTER Easter when it all goes on clearance. You can scour through Wal-Mart, Shopko, Target and of course WINCO Foods which is actually one of the absolute BEST resources for bulk candies, especially around holidays.

Shameless Alert….for my own wedding, I did on occasion duck Into Winco’s bulk bins and take small portions of candies in all one color for my candy buffet. Ours was green and yellow themed, so I scooped out only the green wrapped peanut butter cups and others from the bulk bins…. I’m sure my Karma will get me in the end… 😉 See the rest of my candy buffet here

2- Start your BEAUTY routines!

Not that you need it of course…. But what I mean is be mindful of your wedding day when…

Being out in the Sun

When that sun comes out, so does the skin! And if you are fair skinned at all, like me, you know that when that very FIRST sun exposure or dare I say burn happens, usually in early April, those are the lines you are stuck with until September…. If you are an amazing tanner, stop reading this part now… and I envy you…. For the rest of us who don’t tan that easy remember your wedding dress straps THE REST OF THE SPRING and every single time, you go outside wear sunscreen or a complimentary neckline to your wedding dress. No bride wants a farmer’s tan…. Also, from experience, I DO NOT recommend spray tanning for your wedding. Regrettable is the word I would use or ORANGE. I do, however, and this is a temporary recommendation, only for your wedding picture sake, suggest hitting the tanning bed prior to the wedding. My husband bought me a tanning package with ten tans as a “wedding gift” in the spring, which I just went for 10 minutes every few days to get a nice base and even tone. I was then very cautious in the actual sun. Of course, you know your skin better than I do so GOOD LUCK! I sincerely hope it looks beautiful on your big day!

Cutting your hair

You should actually begin your trial runs with your hair person about now. This will give you time to discuss with him/her if it should be a bit longer, shorter or layered. I actually had my hair “cut to fit” my wedding style, meaning she cut pieces of it as she was putting it up in the final test run to make sure all the pieces hung right. I learned that the front part of my hair (forehead) actually grows faster than the rest so she even had to cut it again the morning of the wedding… I don’t advise this. I think it ruined a few of my pictures with that stupid hair going crazy… ugh… oh well. Also, practice with coloring if you do it. You don’t want to grow out, but you also don’t want that fresh extreme color either. Have your wedding day color on when you have you make up trial too!

Whitening your Teeth

You’ll want to start doing this gradually soon. That way you don’t shock your teeth with a 10-day treatment. It might get whiter and brighter than you want! I suggest the Crest Whitestrips which you can buy almost anywhere.

3- INSURE your RING!

Most of your amazing men probably bought the jeweler’s insurance plan when they bought your ring but that insurance only covers cleaning and damages to the fault of the JEWELER, meaning if a jewel falls out or the setting loosens. It may not cover the ring if it is lost or stolen! You’ll want to call your homeowners’ insurance agent and have them add it on, or some companies offer a separate, less expensive rider policy. I am not an insurance agent, so I do not know all the details. When the sun comes out, again, so do you! That ring is new to you and may not be sized yet. Sunscreen, wake boarding, gardening, etc are all likely causes for that ring to slip off. I remember getting cold in the lake and my fingers shrunk up making my ring slide off easily! No returns from the bottom of a lake ladies!  Take a picture of your ring (if you don’t already have a ton) for your insurance provider. Record how much it is worth, how many stones are in it and what your jeweler’s policy covers. Put that info in a safety deposit box or safe or other safe place.

4- Plan your CEREMONY!

Yes, planning the reception is fun, and we all get a little crazy with our Pinterest Boards…. But remember that you are actually going to stand up there with the man of your dreams and have to SAY something to him. You two should begin penciling out what those words will be. You might be doing counseling right now which will be wonderfully helpful and hopefully your official will help you with the structure of the ceremony. But if you are not doing a traditional ceremony, or perhaps have a charismatic friend getting ordained for you who hasn’t performed a wedding before you might want to get together and go over a few things. I do have a simple and basic Ceremony Structure Worksheet available for a digital download if that seems helpful to you. I also offer a Delegation Worksheet for you to mete out all those fun tasks that should be getting done behind the scenes! Or see all of our worksheets like Wedding Roster and Who is Involved in the coordination section of our Etsy Store.
Best of luck to you all in your planning adventure and I sincerely hope that your days are just as you hoped and more! Until next time!
                        ~The Green-Eyed Girl

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